5 Feb 17

Following the less than stellar display in the 2017 pre-season matches, Gor Mahia are set to assess the technical bench with a view towards possibly making changes. According to a report on goal.com, Chairman Ambrose Rachier is a concerned man.

“We are going to plan on how to participate in the season. We’ll have a committee meeting next week to finalize on everything including changes in the technical bench (if there will be any).” said Rachier to goal.com

Gor Mahia have lost every pre-season game. Granted that they have been playing against difficult opposition. Onduparaka are in the middle of their season and Al Hilal are preparing for the champions league. But the loss to Thika United is difficult to explain.

Many Kogalo fans are not convinced by Ze Maria. Rachier himself stated last season that the team lost the league due to too many draws. This is the longest that Ze Maria has lasted in any team as a coach. He coached teams in the Italian third tier but those gigs lasted less than a year as did his stint with a top Romanian side.

In addition to Ze Maria, the Kogalo technical bench has other foreigners namely assistant coach Marco Aurellio from Brazil and trainer Sandro Fantoni who is Italian.

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  • Jamriambo. says:

    Lets vote just incase we have to get a local coach who do we get?
    I vouch for BOB OYUGI and you?

    • Marto Original says:

      If it comes to that, I would go for Omino of Western Stima. I am his big admirer. What he does with a team with below average players and almost a low budget is just commendable.

      Otherwise I still don’t think changing the couch now is the solution.

  • odhis muga says:

    Time has come for heads to roll starting with ze maria.He is a clueless,tactless and non aggressive coach who is not hungry for a win.If FN is free let him come and take us back to where we belong in the continental scene.

  • vincent owino says:


  • William Apida says:

    Unfortunately for now Ze Maria will not go, however, the purge will fall on two or three locals. Why? Firing Ze Maria is a vey expensive affair for GOR MAHIA and the aguement that pre-season friendly cannoot be used a measure of a team’s performance. My bet is that the EC will just read the Riot Act to the TB sack two or three guys who are considered not to be team players. Five or six matches with no serious improvement in performance, the chorus calling for Ze Maria will gather steam and he may be forced to resign, on the converse, three wins and two draws, Ze Maria will keep his job. That is the politics in GOR MAHIA.

  • Jasego says:

    Ze Maria’s CV being anything but glittering means AR took him in based on his perceived constant Ftank Nuttal induced migraines.That he is polite and bends to mugabe’s will of not rattling the office cannot be a panacea for accepting poor results.Gor has always been a demanding quick resilts oriented team.Tge late Sianga already built the core of our success and it has not worn out for another rebuilding under Ze Maria to take place

  • Jasego says:

    Coaches use players according to their strengths not what you perceive they should be.I have witnessed more that once Ze Maria lecture senior players based on mistakes he believes they made and what they ought to have done.Baron Oketch,Innocent Wafula,Agwanda are Kagere even Waza at somr point are just few victims.He has this rider of saying I played with be Cafu,Ronaldo,Roberto Carlos etc in the Brazilian national team so I know what am saying….But what about the fact that worldwide, the best coaches were never successful footballers and vise versa?Add his unfriendly demeanor and dislike of anything local like coaches and you have a failed career in the making.Deploy players according to their strengths and adaptations on the field and don’t try teach old dogs new tricks.Senior team cannot be an Academy to learn tiki taka basic principles.Find a mix that works sooner than later or ship out

  • musymo says:

    Gor will not win anything with Ze Maria. The EC will not sack him. So it will either be no trophies with him at the helm or peoples power. Time will tell!!

  • bob says:

    Based on what I have read on here from comrades, some bloggers are soon going to suffer from cardiac failure. Hold your horses brothers and cheer the team both in good and bad times. GM is like a machine on trial, that each and every part of the new product is being tried and tested and to be approved if worth being fitted. Personally I don’t think Jabrazil is the problem, only that he is trying to sculpture a system and identify strong and weak side of the new players of which will take a bit of time before it will seamlessly fit in. @Jasego I think you are very much a ware what it takes for a whole lot of new players to technically and tactically to adapt to a new system…. I humbly beg, let us give the coach our full support.

    • musymo says:

      @bob, while I respect your opinion, other local teams have also bought new players whose coaches also need to ‘sculpture a system and identify strong and weak side of the new players of which will take time before it will seamlessly fit in’ as you say. These teams with those new players have been winning matches so it cant be only Gor not winning because of new players. If having new players is the problem all these other teams should be losing too!!!

      • jamriAmbo says:

        We don’t have to fire Ze Maria. We just relegate him to the junior team, like ogwang did to Koops. And then hire Bob Oyugi to do the needful with the senior team

  • bob says:

    @Musymo, did those teams fielded most of their new recruits as did GM. And again GM started their training late, so the fitness level is low, But it depends on at what angle some of us are looking at it, but all i know is that we have a big number of new players who have come in so integrating all of them is not easy

  • Kazzarah says:

    My Fellow Bloggers It Is Too Early To Judge The Team,the Roles Of Management Is To Set The Goal For The Team And It Is The Duty Of Technical Bench To Device A Strategy Of A Chieving The Goal Set By The Management Or Entire Shareholders,for Now Let Ze Maria Come Up With Different Approaches Which Will Finally Takes Us To Where We Belong.Winning Or Losing Friendly Matches Should Not Form The Basis Fir Judging Team Perfomance Because Most Couches Use It Gauge The Strengths And Weaknesses Of An Individual Player.Let Zemaria Plays Five Games Then We Start Our Role Praising And Cryticising The Tb And Management.For Now ,To Me Its Too Early Jothurwa.

    • Dan Original says:

      @Kazzarah, the problem is that you are assuming that everyone reasons like you. To some Gor should win each and every match else the EC, TB or players must go. I remember Olunga playing lousily and even loosing a penalty when we played the Zim team at Nyayo for a friendly and Gor lost 3-0. .The shouts were that huyo hatoshi Gor,,Moreover, that year we won the league unbeaten The Nuttal we are singing praises was labeled a PE teacher who had never managed a club. Even Jerry after helping us several years was asked to retire yet the Egypt Goalie is 44 years.
      So that is Gor for you. If I was EC I would give Ze Maria like 5 games to prove himself. Afterall when he joined we had not won any match of the five we had played and the coach was Nuttal.

  • A person says:

    The “gods”of FN will haunt Mugabe mpaka ashangae. There was absolutely no reason for him to frustrate the man who did us proud. By the way how come that the drums of the pro “genius” coach have gone silent? Some of us even insinuated that it was the “Luos” who were frustrating maria mama’s effort. Mugabe should know that this is not his house. We want results. Am soon going to be levelled a hooligan by those who benefit from selling cheap gor merchandise! Before you castigate me, this is my quote before the season begins” My hooliganism my choice”.

  • Jb says:

    Ze Maria ze Maria is not good enough actually he is a class D coach

    If we stick with ze Maria we shall finish fifth

  • Barefoot Bandit says:

    There is nothing to defend in Ze Maria because he is tactically and technically arid and professionally semi-arid.


    I have taken a very low profile on this blog-site since the end of 2016 season. After a lot of soul searching and internalizing what my comrades have been posting during the recent transfer period and now with the so called pre-season Afro-cinema; am sorry to say that i will no longer play PROTECTIONIST role for Ze Maria and his Jo-Brazil bandwagon.

    Last season i gave him the benefit of doubt given that he inherited a team in the midst of FN cat and mouse games with the EC and the so called senior players; but he took GM from bottom quarter of table to the current season he has no excuse or scapegoat to hang on. This “Kichapo” trend is intolerable and the only way out of this quagmire is either he styles-up and prove himself or else……………………….

    • musymo says:

      @OT, you have been one of the most levelheaded bloggers on this post and what you say carry a lot of weight. There are those who continue defending this coach among them Comrades bob, Dan Original, Kazzarah, joods, the two Martos among others. We have consistently asked them to tell us the one thing why they think he is the right coach for Gor Mahia and they always never answer that question. This is a coach who has never won anything always being sacked wherever he goes so one more time I will ask his defenders…..WHAT HAS ZE MARIA DONE AT HIS PREVIOUS STATIONS OR AT GOR MAHIA TO CONTINUE HAVING HIM AS COACH?

      • Dan Original says:

        @musymo, we really feel the same about the team but we only differ in approach. What if Ze Maria disapproves us? The truth is that Gor can and should do better. When we say that Ze MAria has never won anything what will we say of FN? We have both the heart and brain to ‘help’ us make choices. Our love for Gor is based on the heart (that’s why we say from the bottom of the heart) but at times logic should prevail over the heart. Obviously at one time or the other Ze Maria will leave it’s only the circumstances and time which we don’t know.The league is starting on the 11th/12th we therefore eed to manage any transition , if any, in an organized way.
        By the way who is the right coach for Gor? Not sure anybody can answer that. Even Bob Oyugi , if he were to come and lose to Vihiga or K. Sharks the same guys will be on his neck

  • ODUOR12 says:

    Give Ze Maria 5 games and we loss them, then the league is gone?
    What exactly do you want to guage in those 5 games that you can’t see from the whole of last year upto now?

    Why isn’t Bob Oyugi involved actively in coaching like Omino? What has he achieved / won?

    For me its either Sam Timbe or FN but I prefer ST since he has no baggage/

    To me this maneno of local input by coaches does not hold water.
    A good coach will deliver be he Brazilian, Uganda, Kenyan or Scottish or even an alien from mars.
    The likes of Ogwenos have been caretaker coaches but results have not been encouraging.
    I leave you with the CV extract of Sam Timbe. Time is of the essence here.

    Curriculum vitae:
    NAME (Surname): TIMBE
    PHONE CONTACT: +256752658776; +256752306304
    EMAIL: sam.timbe@yahoo.com; dhakaba@yahoo.com


    -Kagame Cecafa club championship trophies with four different clubs
    -Vodacom league trophy, Tanzania
    -Peace Cup, Rwanda
    -Gotv Shield Cup, Kenya
    -Uganda national league, Kampala
    – Basic Football coaching Certificate, Brazil, 1987
    – Advanced football coaching course, Brazil, 1989
    -Certificate of International Football Coaching Course –FA Coaching Scheme, UK, 1989

    -Holder of a Caf ‘A’ coaching licence, Kenya, 2014
    -Holder of a Diploma in coaching from Brazil, 1990

  • seville says:

    Ze is like moyes who comes to a club that is on a high and has a background to a style of play changing that is a trial n error approach basically his dimmed to have great success or failure eg conte n pep …..Take it or leave it he has not yet mastered the league andpretty sure this tym round teams are out to clinch this one

  • obra says:

    thiz time round ni relligation zone if we will still have him az acoach we want FN back, Champions knows where they shuld belong Zemaria akanyage frame this iz GM the most ssuccessfull club in east and central africa. u dint come here 2 try ua proffetion

  • Jaupanda says:

    If Coach is to go, then I seek to differ. I think that the loss to Onduparaka was inevitable. This is a team that has is their mid season which means that they have jelled together. The league in Kenya has not even started. People are still struggling with physical fitness issues. All those players are still way back to even engage their mental strength. This same thing has been our main undoing even in the National Team. Our league is not aligned to what the rest are doing. I am yet to be convinced that playing a few friendlies should be anything to go by as an interpretation of what the future will be like. In fact you will see it when our league begins. Lackluster playing will be the order of the day. This is not in anyway defending poor performance but my thought is the Technical bench ought not to be interfered with except remind them of them of what is expected. Should it come to that however, with the kind of players we have, I think it is time Omino took a short at it. Like someone says he does his best with the teams he works with. Though some body may also suggest that Gor is a different ball game. I think he can handle the pressure

    • Dan Original says:

      @Jaupanda, at least you are a voice of reason. At times I think we have a lynch mob, Nairobi style. At times it helps to step back and see what could be wrong. Using a hammer for each and every problem has never been helpful.

  • Nus Pesa says:

    I think that the coach should resign , atactician from eastern europe is a better replacement