Gor Mahia to hold elections on August 8

Gor Mahia will hold elections in just over a month. Given the short notice and given that club has only 400 members, Rachier is highly likely to defend his seat.

Additional reporting from the Nation

Kenyan Premier League champions Gor Mahia will hold their elections on August 8.

The date was agreed on after a virtual Executive Committee meeting held on Tuesday and chaired by long-serving Chairman Ambrose Rachier.

“Following the Executive Committee meeting today it has been decided that the club’s elections will take place on August 8, an Electoral Board will be put in place to oversee the polls which will be conducted under the new constitution,” part of the resolutions of the meeting read.

According to Gor’s constitution the positions to be contested are the chairman’s, the secretary general-cum-Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the treasurer and organising secretary.

That means that CEO’s post currently held by Lordvick Aduda would become null and avoid after the elections.

Other posts which will no longer exist are senior vice chairman, first vice chairman, second vice chairman, deputy secretary general, assistant deputy secretary general, assistant organising secretary and assistant treasurer.

Rachier, who took over from his predecessor Erastus Okul in 2009, will defend his seat. Other interested aspirants are expected to announce their candidature.


6 thoughts on “Gor Mahia to hold elections on August 8

  1. Congrats Mzee ADOR that’s the way to go. Now those who were making noise you have something to think about.

  2. To the “Millions of Gor Mahia fans” who have uselessly been eloquent on social media on how Rachier Must Go , from the article above , only 400 from amongst those “millions ” -400 , are eligible to Vote , the rest of the “Millions” will continue doing what they do best and eloquently so and that is to Complain , Lament , Scream , Wail , Gnash their teeth , Call Rachier a Mugabe but to what effect ?
    Secondly , the elections are going to be through electronic voting , this means that one of the Social media “warriors” excuse of oh this is a Nairobi thing has been resolved .
    Thirdly , the ferrying of Hooligans to intimidate has been resolved , another excuse resolved .
    Now what remains is this excuse of “transparency and accountability ” and it is what the users should educate as in how it can be resolved , because realistically the way to do this would be by voting out the perpetrators , but how do you do that if you cant vote and that is why I normally term a lot of the lamentations on social media as Childish , spewed by men who are by all intents and purposes , Impotent-Like Arsenal Fc , eloquent displays BUT zero results .
    Lastly , this election is going to be the most crucial event in the adult history of Gor Mahia and if we dont get it write , then I guarantee that this blog is gonna run out of space for comments , because our Millions of fans have one very weird trait and which should be of interest to researchers and that is how mobilised we are when something negative happens e.g when Gor Loses a game or when somebody dies or how efficient we are at throwing stones at those who out of their own volition , try to remedy a situation e.g throwing stones at Augmentin while u sit behind your cheap chinese smart phone /5bob worth of bundles doing nothing .
    NB:- Am not wearing a Helmet .

    1. Iwacho koso okiwacho? Owinjoree kose okowinjoree? Bet kid rach? Thing two. Register. Rachier has bowed to your will.
      Teddy rwak Helmet . I am taking sabbatical to campaign

  3. This club doesn’t need elections. The club needs to chart the way forward so as to avoid the issues that have been plaguing in the past year

  4. 1) With sponsorship Gor no longer needs members that why elections are being rushed. It ain’t rocket science.
    2) Why join a branch or GMAF when it’s more expensive and STILL DOES NOT MAKE YOU A REGISTERED MEMBER. A registered member will still be voiceless since their contribution, financial or otherwise, is inconsequential.
    3)Gor needs to make at least the group stages of CAF CL or CC and win a regional title instead of stagnating in KPL.
    Those were the titles/achievements that define K’galo’s greatness not bus repairs, youth teams or election of imaginary “right” people.

  5. The speedy elections must be a precondition of the sponsors Betsafe.
    Remember the term of the current officials has expired and needs to be regularised.
    Eloquence must also matched with the same degree of reasoning.


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