Gor Mahia to play Administration Police

Kagere scored against AP in 2015

Gor Mahia will play lower tier side Administration Police in a friendly match. According to goal.com, the friendly will kick off  at Camp Toyoyo on Thursday at 2pm.

A friendly against a lower tier team is perhaps what Ze Maria needs to reduce the pressure on his shoulders and boost the team’s confidence. He has been under pressure because Kogalo have lost three friendly matches against Al Hilal, Thika United and Onduparaka.

The last time Kogalo played the APs was in 2015 in a GoTV shield match. Gor Mahia won 3-1 with goals from George Odhiambo “Blackberry” (2) and Meddie Kagere.

According to goal.com, a friendly against Coast-based Mwatate United FC is also planned

Stewards cause mayhem at club meeting

A group of former Gor Mahia stewards stormed a meeting of officials and newly appointed stewards and physically accosted the Gor Mahia officials. According to the report that appeared in the Standard, one official is said to have fired a group of stewards who have been serving the club for the past three seasons, and consequently hired a new group. When the meeting between the new stewards and the select group of officials was taking place, the other group stormed the offices to cause mayhem,” the source said.

“It is about control of the gate collections. Stewards manage the gates and at times control who enters the stadium. Any Gor Mahia game realizes atleast Sh1 million from the game. Do the maths,” the source added.

The stewards numbering about six, stormed the meeting and rained slaps, kicks and blows on officials. But apparently no one was seriously hurt.

Afterwards, Judith Nyangi posted this message in her social media pages:

Stewards fall under my docket and it was disbanded on Saturday during the branch officials meeting.Gor belongs to fans and branches not a group of people. There has been two factions of stewards who have been fighting for power and that’s why I took the action of disbanding. Every branch was to forward two names each to me for new stewards.You cannot stop change and that’s the bitter truth.

33 thoughts on “Gor Mahia to play Administration Police

  1. Get the complete story from goal.com.It is just about fighting to control gate collections which never benefits the players/club. GMFC is but just a cash cow for vested interests,football has become a secondary objective.For the first time a “contrasting” comment from the elected S.G,a someone Omondi,saying that no steward has been replaced.The ladies Bollo & Nyangi(ako kila mahali) seem to be pulling on different directions/postering for cat fights. So soon and already EC seems divided, Mugabe must be smiling. Meanwhile and of more importance i hope we register our first win of 2017 even if its against AP.

  2. Who know if the next “idoit” who disrupts a GMFC match will not be a steward aligned to our very own EC officials sabotaging each other.Only solution is for GMFC to do away with stewards and hire the police who are neutral, properly trained and seen to be beyond reproach. Food for thought for advocates of “docking of points for match disruptions which are contained”. That is a most stupid regulation.

  3. Stewards? Are these the “jodala” that we hear must always be near the club? And what would they be fighting over? Bure kabisa. Shenzi.

    1. Ja thur gi ji the answer as to what they are fighting over is rather very clearly illustrated above…Gor realizes 1 Million in gate collections at the least in every match which as we all know is unaccounted for by club mgt.What else motivation would ‘jodala’ require to rain Armageddon on a meeting that seeks to dethrone them of this incentive?

  4. My friends this is the war bwn Sally and Nyangi about who should be in charge of the gate duiring GM hme games, even at camp toyoyo against Thika they almost fought, there’s total division among the two and its those camp’s that were fighting on Tuesday,once Nyangi realised that Sally was chairing amtn with a group of stewards and Nyangi being a lady of mtaani that she’s stomed the mtn from there Tienda gimane achamo atuoni.

    1. Vincent omera iwacho adier…Kara mon gii osechako laro mana pesa in a contest reminiscent of political party infighting during nomination primaries?

  5. These so called stewards should know that one cannot hold an office forever.Let them give Nyangi Peace to exercise her powers they behave like pigs scrambling for leftovers in a filthy
    dustbin.On today’s friendly match I can hear the heartbeat of Ze maria all the way from Homabay coz he is aware of the repurcasions of another loss to a small team. No more lame excuse you must win,otherwise best of luck boys, prove us wrong today.

    1. @odhis muga, am on my way to Toyoyo. We have to thrash this team to gain the confidence we need for the strikers. Will give analysis at full time. Shikilia hapo hapo!!!

  6. STOP IT, STOP IT !! For as long as am blogging, Jodala have, shall and will never be branded as savages. First it was ‘mugabe chants’ now it is ‘Jodala chants’. Nonsense !

    You people MUST learn to respect what others have achieved in the past and present before you open your mouth to spit venomous rubbish. Never ! Never , I will not allow that to happen. We have already suffered enough by being accused of frustrating Ze Maria even to an extent of being called names…

    So please stop this nonsense of insinuating that the stewards are any way affiliated to Jodala….bearing in mind hooliganism is a global challenge, what makes you think that hooliganism is only an act associated with Jodala ? sickheads ! Please note that what you post is a reflection of what goes through your mind, Were Jodala white skin, would you have equated them with such bulls***. Inglorious Bastards !

    Let us collectively focus on results at hand starting with the match against AP this afternoon. We still have unresolved on the field issues so spares us the sideshows ! Before you castigate Jodala as useless for nothing, this is my quote before the season begins” My Kichapo my choice”.

    Change is coming and it will come painfully hard to some brain dead people…..

  7. I don’t care about who becomes a steward but if it is all about unaccounted for gate collections, then let them fight for their fare share of the loot. If Mugabe is not keen to let others take over the management of the club, why then is he keen on replacing stewards. Chapa mtu sawa sawa. Even the Bible acknowledges that since the time of John the Baptist the kingdom s belong to the violent. If people cannot reason with you, just apply hooliganism. Sasa hata Huyo nyangi achapwe kabisa. It is about leisefaire style of management with regards to gate collections. Let’s expand avenues for looting gor collections. Hata mimi when the goons forcefully open the gates, I will walk in . Na nikipata fake receipts, I will buy at 100bob.

  8. Line up: Bonny, Nzigiyimana, Musa ,Joash, High Waist, Migi, Gatusso, Muguna, Walu, Berry, Tuyisenge.

    Walusimbi is here and am being told was here for training yesterday as we fought and argued.

  9. Ze has deployed a 4-4-2 system.

    The midfield has Walu on the left, Gatusso and Muguna in the centre and Migi on the right wing.
    Still no shot on target but our passing is top notch.
    15:00 Gor 1 AP 0.Walusimbi via deflection

    1. Damn. Maa tek manade ni. Please give as a post match analysis once you have cooled off from the stress. Any positives?

    2. So the story continues…This time since you were there musymo tell us what is wrong,we were 2-0 up in the early second half surely as a team our tactics can’t be to lose by all means regardless of how well we start.Changing the entire team through substitution is coach’s own doing and I would think those coming in would be under Instruction to protect the lead or extend it not squander and allow AP to come from 2 goals down to win it 3-2.No bwana what is wrong with out formation and tactics musymo?

      1. @Marto Original there are a lot of positives. Muguna is a star. Calm on the ball and a joy to watch. Philemon may just be the long term Gatusso replacement if he is not released in June. Calabar Junior is tops but the second AP goal was his blunder. Timothy shows a genuine hunger and may hit double digits if fielded regularly. Gatusso, Kahata, Musa, Nizigi and Walu all exciting as usual. Migi played out of position and did not have much of an impact. Wafula fielded but looks rusty and needs a dose of confidence. Kagere came in as a sub and was then hauled off again with some players who had started the game still on the pitch. That is how much the coach values him. Individually most of our players are better than most in the KPL but collectively we are done. No chemistry at all. And seems we are still experimenting because we started with a 4-4-2 then switched to a 3-5-2 and finished without a plan at all. @jasego,That is our problem. Strategy!!!

  10. Just waiting to hear the excuse of this myopic,vision less,clueless and tactless Brazilian.So sad that Gor Kogalo has to stoop so low coz of this tourist who muscarades as a couch but has no idea on how to protect a lead.The tourist is gradually draining confidence out of Gor players. You can’t lose 4 matches in a row and pretend that you still have the confidence and courage to face the next opponents who just beat Bandari recently. Huge salary with nothing to show for it.I suggest that we play a friendly against Harambee startlets,maybe that is when the tourist can manage a narrow win or a draw.

  11. I said in my earlier posts that the magnitude of power travelling to nyangi’s head is directly proportion all to the money going into her pockets. Now I believe that the know it all holier than thou bloggers know where hooligansm is entrenched. It is right within the officials so give us a break. Meanwhile afrosinema of the “genius what a coach” continues shortly.

      1. Sure @ Jacity and losing to teams such as Thika and AP is even more humiliating. I can see that the drums of “the coach should be left to do his work” have gone silent. By the way now that Ottomax who was one of the saboteurs is gone, who will they blame? Perhaps Fontino for the players’ lack of fitness.

        1. Even more worrying is the calibre of opponents. The management should be proactive.
          Gor are champions with high calibre player’s. What is missing is just the right tactician. What is the management still waiting to happen in order to act decisively? Help me on this if you truly love our great team fellow fans.

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