Gor Mahia to play Big Bullets in preliminary round

Gor Mahia will face off with Malawi representatives, Big Bullets in the opening round of the 2018-2019 Africa champions league. The first match is to be played during the week of November 27 2018. The return leg will be a week later.

Big Bullets werethe runners up of the Malawi league in 2017. The 2018 season is not complete yet. Their arch rivals, Wanderers were selected to enter the champions league. Wanderers declined the offer and Big Bullets took the opportunity.

Should Gor Mahia win, they will next face the winner of the encounter pitting UMS de Loum of Cameroun and Lobi Stars of Nigeria. The first round matches will be played during the week of December 14.



31 thoughts on “Gor Mahia to play Big Bullets in preliminary round

  1. Where is the much awaited AGM ? Am getting conflicting information, Can somebody call the AGM as soon as possible, there are some burning issues that need to be addressed before the CAF kick off .

    1. Jakoyo, we have now power to call for AGM and if you are a legitimate member, you have the right to engage the office. What are these serious matters? I hope these are not Nyangi’s matter for missing the trip to UK.

      What types of bhangi and marijuana are Jakoyo, Nyangi and SG smoking?

  2. Which burning issues, this is football not politics. Let us all support the GC and the team. This Malawian team is a very good team av seen it play.

  3. Big Bullets were formerly called Bata Bullets. It is an old team formed in 1967, it used to participate in East and Central Africa club championship. Gor Mahia has to prepare well.

  4. Everton tour was steep learning curve for Gor

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    “Overall, it turned out to be a good learning experience for the lads though many people wanted me to field my strong team the whole game. I am happy to have given each player a chance to play. We look forward to take this experience to the next stage of the (Caf) Champions League.”

    The above statement by Gor Mahia coach Dylan Kerr sums up the ‘Everton experience’ for the 17-time Kenyan Premier League champions. After much hype in the days preceding the historic match, K’Ogalo suffered stage fright and as Kerr observed, Gor Mahia players gave too much respect, nay feared, the Toffees at Goodison Park on Tuesday.

    I have been watching with a lot of amusement raging debates on social media where many are castigating Gor Mahia for losing to Everton. Seriously? Even extreme optimism must be tempered with reality check and the reasonable among us never expected Gor Mahia to beat Everton. The structures, quality of players and everything else general favoured the Englishmen.

    As Kerr noted, this was a steep learning curve and the lessons learnt will help the club – and the players – for years to come. To his credit, Kerr gave every player who travelled the chance to have a feel of the game.

    History books will record that Gor Mahia was the first Kenyan club to play an English Premiership side on their home soil. Maybe other teams will follow but the record will remain that K’Ogalo were the pioneers.

    One thing that came out clearly on that gloomy Tuesday night is that Gor is in dire need of a striker or strikers. Looks like the void Meddie Kagere left is still haunting the team. Coupled with the absence of hitman Jacques Tuyisenge due to a visa hitch and Gor were left clutching at straws as Everton ran rings around them.

    As Gor Mahia embark on a continental campaign later this month, the team needs to batten the hatches and go on the rampage with a squad of hitmen who neither fear nor favour any opponent. Our aim should be to go past the group stages.

    On the whole, betting firm SportPesa came out as a very strong brand. I stand corrected but I want to believe that this is the first time ever that an African corporate has organised and funded a tournament in England.

    The organisation, right from the leg held in Nakuru was superb with everything working like a clockwork. Which brings me to what could be a controversial recommendation. I would want to put it to chairman Ambrose Rachier that it is time we ceded part of the club’s ownership to SportPesa.

    If Gor were to offer the betting firm say 30 per cent, our financial woes would be over once and for all. This would be a marriage of two strong brands for the benefit of both parties. If we allow SportPesa on board, then we will be sure of one thing – the endless allegations of fraud especially in gate collection will come to an end. Now in my trade I deal with the currency of facts and I cannot stand in the agora and claim that there are people stealing money from the club.

    However, anecdotal evidence would point to that. Sometimes you assess the crowd present and the figures touted by the officials and you realise that there was some Chinese accounting in place. Lastly, the management is top-heavy and I honestly don’t think it augurs well for the club to have officials rivalling the fans in numbers.

    Okay not exactly, but you get my drift. All Gor needs is the chairman, a CEO and someone to take care of the finances. You don’t have to be an official to support the club.

    I know many will cite the laws governing a club like Gor, but as the famous Nazarene taught us, the law was made for man and not man for the law.

  5. I usually do not support Jakoyo, but I agree that an AGM needs to be called. His views should not be deflected coz Gor has an “important” match around the corner. So which match does Gor play that is not important! The EC corrupt practices are primarily to blame for knocking the club out of Caf championships. These matters need to be arrested now!! I hope Jakoyo is not calling for AGM just coz his cronies have left him out on the cold. His tune did suddenly change, but if it is out of the welfare of the club then I support him.

  6. An AGM is ill-advised at this point for we know for a fact that certain elements within the club who are disgruntled want to use it to cause chaos and mayhem thereby throwing GM into a crisis. We have our small challenges that we handle on a need to basis but at the same time must focus on future constitutional changes and structural adjustments to achieve what we all wish for GM. Now is time to focus on getting more players especially strikers and Goalkeepers plus one or two midfielders and a centre back in readiness for CAF assignment but not call meetings that Nyangi and Ben Omondi shall use for addressing grievances related to “Njaa Kali” that they are experiencing in regards to looting of club finances…

    1. @Jasego, AGM will not sort out problems at the club but it can be used as an avenue to tream down the EC and peaceful removal of Nyangi, Ben Omondi as well as other inept officials.

      We need to comply with Sports Act and FIFA/CAF requirements regarding governance and management of the club. We need to come up with the best sustainable methods of managing this great club and we have the solutions that can help us take this great club to another level.

  7. Ladies and gentleman of this blog, am calling on all members to push for a quickfire AGM as quickly as possible….everytime i get empty promises but here are my concerns of which the office is fully aware of and will come to pass albeit painfully…..

    1. Just been informed this morning that Kerr has threatened to resigned once again. He did that in August, again three weeks ago and now, just yesterday he issued another hint that should be seriously discussed at the highest level.Which raises the question what is our succession plan and why cant we elate and confirm zico as the interim boss ?
    2. Our transfer kitty. how much is it, who is in control and how should it be spent ?
    3. Non performing players.Who is busy extending contracts of players who are clearly non performing, what should be procedure and who should sanction such approvals in future?
    4. What is our target for 2019 now that we appear to have an easy sail into CAF group stages ?
    5. Leadership squabbles. EC is still split into two and making strategic decisions in this environment is counter productive to the club, the players and the EC. Can the chairman step down and allow for an impromptu elections or should we quickly adopt the new EC structure temporarily until the next elections ?
    6. Sponsorship money and sportpesa. The CAF champions league starts in two weeks time, meaning all funancial arrangements should have been done and dusted by now. are we even in a position to honour our CAF matches and the league matches and also pay salaries in december now that everything has come a month earlier?
    7. Players and size of squad. last year we had a squad depth of 30 players and still complaint about fatigue. this year more or less the same players are still with the club, if we dont need them, then why are we retaining such a big squad and only utilising 70% of it. what are we doing about the other 30% passengers list in 2019 ?

    I wish for once we could put our individual differences apart and address this burning issues for the better good of this club. Lets all meet at the AGM

    1. Your parroting for Zico spoils your argument. As much as Gor issues need to be resolved let them be done in the interest of the club and not becoz ‘relatives’ have to be appointed. If Zico was that good he would be winning the league with anyother team. His ‘role’ at Gor is very well known and it’s very unfortunate that he finds comfort in it. The fact that Zico has deputised good coaches at Gor but cannot dare create his legacy elsewhere should tell you something.

      On issues raised by Jasego;
      On my opinion, Gor Mahia will always have arguments so there never will be a ‘good’ time for an AGM.
      Second, that the club has no money to buy exceptional players is no secret. Gor at best will only go for free agents. The EC trying to convince anyone that it’s out to buy great players is part of the conmanship this club does not need anymore. Inotherwords squandering of club money has to stop.
      Retaining players simply coz they need employment is another blunder. The argument mentioned about 30 ‘unfit’ players must be looked into.
      That’s why I support an AGM like yesterday.

  8. @Jakoyo, let us not cheat ourselves that Gor Mahia has an easy sail into the CAF club champions group stages. Teams Gor Mahia will meet are premier League champions in their own countries. Malawi’s Big Bullets, formerly Bata Bullets, is an established good team. Should Gor Mahia eliminate them as that is our prayer, Gor Mahia will face USM de Loum from Cameroon or Lobi Stars from Nigeria. These are teams from countries which rank higher than Kenya in the FIFA rankings. Those teams can be beaten but they are not walkover as Mr.Jakoyo want us to believe.

  9. Jasego, Is It That Coach Dyllan Kerr’s future at the club Is Uncertain And The Management Have Already Looked For His Replecement? can we kickoff our championsleague without a couch?

  10. Dlyan Kerr leaves Gor Mania after guiding them to the CAF CC group stage and back o back KPL title

    Who could be is perfect replacement ?

  11. Dlyan Kerr leaves Gor Mahiaia after guiding them to the CAF CC group stage and back o back KPL title

    Who could be is perfect replacement ?

  12. Doctors’ opinion will determine Dylan Kerr’s future with Gor Mahia

    Elvince Joshua
    Last updated 4 hours ago
    Goal Kenya.

    If the surgery is successful, Kerr will need at least two months to recover before he could link up with Gor Mahia

    A medical report from a UK Doctor is what will determine the future of Dylan Kerr as Gor Mahia coach.

    K’Ogalo are set to begin the quest for the Kenyan Premier League title defense on December 8 against Bandari, but there are growing fears that they might kick off the season without Kerr, a darling of many fans.

    Media speculations are rife in Kenya that Kerr is on his way out after he hinted that his future with the club could as well be over in a post on Twitter. This is further fueled by the fact that he failed to travel back with the team from their tour of the UK.

    In his one-and-a-half years stay in Kenya, Kerr has endeared himself as one of K’Ogalo’s fan favorite tactician, even as success continues to fallow him with each passing season, a period in which he has won two league titles besides steering the team to a historic Caf Confederation Cup Group stages.

    But that relationship and his emotional attachment to the club he loved so much that he has inked a permanent tattoo on his leg, could soon come to an end should the Doctors advise him against traveling back to Kenya.

    In an exclusive interview with Goal.com, Kerr, explained that he is still with the team, though the decision on his future will to a big extent, will be determined by his Doctors.

    The two-time KPL winning coach has a medical appointment with a surgeon between November 15 and 16 and it is from this that his future in Kenya and perhaps Africa will be determined.

    Kerr is set to undergo a neurological surgery to remove a mass on the back side of his neck. “My chairman (Ambrose Rachier) will be first to know if I make a decision, but I need to get my MRI results to know I’m all ok,” Kerr told Goal.

    If the surgery is successful, Kerr will need at least two months to recover before he could link up with Gor Mahia.

  13. Bloggers Kerr has has a benign mass or tumour on the side of his neck that presses on some nerves thereby making him lose partial sensation on his left leg. He has ignored it for quite sometime but Doctors advise from UK is that he should have it sorted before risking his life should it turn malignant. Now the issue is if MRI Scans show it needs a neurological surgery then he has to take a 3 Month Sabbatical hoping that he doesn’t develop post-surgery complications. It is this sad development that puts uncertainty over one of the most affable and good hearted gaffers we have had in a long time. Should it be so then i am against Zico taking charge for those 3 to 6 Months as that will be the beginning of another round of Comedy and Cryonism in GM where EC decides who plays plus relatives are signed in the guise of being good players like Jerry Santos and Others in 2015. I pray it works out well for Kerr and if not we get another foreign good Coach for a 6 Month contract pending possibility of him working with Kerr should he make it back for the 2nd leg. Let us all pray for our Beloved Coach…

  14. Assuming Kerr has the operation, the guy will only be away for 4months or less. Why appoint a new coach? Let Zico handle the team meanwhile. Bringing in another coach will mean learning a new pattern. We waited for Karim for one year. Give Kerr the same ‘credit’ facilities.

  15. @Dinga we waited for Karim for one year only for the Karim we knew as an excellent overlapping wingback never to comeback so i think as with any surgery, post-operation complications can never be completely ruled out so Kerr might be gone all of first leg or more. Question then becomes are we ready to let a known Quack in the name of Zico take charge of the team and allow EC to completely meddle in the running of the playing unit and re-introduce favoritism politics and jodala Nonsense in GM?

    1. Unfortunately Zico does not want to prove himself ‘outside there’ but would rather play the permanent and pensionable ‘deputy’ role at Gor. Zico needs to win fans and players confidence before he gets the Gor mantle.
      EC should quickly assess the Kerr situation. But I quickly add that I want the best for Kerr and know he will sort out this small issue well.
      Mr Kerr I wish and pray for the best in your life. Get well and comeback to Gor so that one day you be fired in the ‘normal’ Gor mahia way… while strong and healthy.

  16. We’ve a CAF game this month on the 27 Nov,we are currently on a worrying “losing & learning” streak,any new signings now will not be eligible for the CAF matches, our h/coach is now discovered sick yet we focussed all our energies on a mere friendly.

  17. So where were we supposed to focus our energies on if not on that mere friendly?that friendly had its significance hence the reason why focus was on it.

  18. Players benefited from the Everton friendly, technically and in building on their confidence levels. Coach Dylan Kerr had those two reasons in mind while giving every player a chance to play in that friendly.

  19. Yawa jadala to ooooyo. Source for someone even for a half year contract. There was a lot of division in the playing unit when Zico was in charge. Lets not experiment again now. Gattuso quit when at his best during his tenure never to recover again. Hapana. Jasego source for a short term contract coach.

  20. Ati Okumbi someone says, which Okumbi? In less than two weeks we are playing against the Malawian team. Why do we always find ourselves in such crises at the beginning of each season? Do we ever learn from the past? Meanwhile I pray for Kerr’s quick recovery


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