Gor Mahia to play Chemelil at Afraha

Gor Mahia have moved their match against Chemelil Sugar from Kisumu to Nakuru. This according Organizing secretary Judith Nyangi.

“Our match against Chemo on Thursday in Nakuru will kick off at 2 pm live K24” said Nyangi.

The reason is to reduce the amount of travel for the club before they play against Rayon Sports in a crucial CAF Confederations cup match on Sunday. However note that Afraha is one of the surfaces that coacg Dylan Kerr has often complained about, saying that the uneven surface is not conducive to good football and makes players prone to injury.

This comes after KPL declined an appeal by coach Kerr to postpone the Chemelil game.

“We are carrying Kenyan football for all of Africa to see but the importance of the game v Rayon and USM are paramount and yet we have 5 important games; 3 exceptionally important games in 14 days.” said Kerr.

But KPL CEO Jack Oguda says it will not be possible to act now with any changes.

“We cannot alter fixtures now because we also have a tight schedule. Furthermore, Gor Mahia have not written to us to complain. They have asked to play Chemelil in Kisumu and we cannot change the fixture now because of the rules.” Oguda said.

It is not clear why KPL is in such a hurry to decide the league in August. Nor is it clear whether the club EC ever appealed to KPL over fixture congestion.

Kerr vows action against Walusimbi’s agent

Coach Dylan Kerr is fed up with Godfrey Walusimbi’s agent and has vowed to make him lose his license.

“My chairman and CEO are not to blame nor myself because Walusimbi acted immorally probably on advice of his agent, who I will personally act on and make sure that his license is revoked.”

“Both Walusimbi and his agent have let my team and staff down not once but twice now because they did the same when we played against Esperance and we lost the match because he was not available.” Kerr said to goal.com

Kerr went on to specify which FIFA rule Walusimbi had contravened.

“His agent acted for financial greed and Kaizer Chiefs think they can get him for pennies but worst of all acted illegally against Caf and Fifa rules. Rule 18 clearly states that a club intending to conclude with a professional player must inform the players club in writing before entering into negotiations.

“Walusimbi is contracted to Gor Mahia until 2020 and Chiefs have not written.” he concluded.

Indeed if Kogalo don’t take action, this behaviour could become the new normal.

Kaizer Chiefs deny tapping Walusimbi

Additional reporting from Independent online
JOHANNESBURG – Kaizer Chiefs football manager Bobby Motaung has confirmed that Godfrey Walusimbi, the subject of accusations that Amakhosi are guilty of player tapping, is indeed in Naturena to negotiate a deal to join the Glamour Boys.

But Motaung was quick to refute reports that the South African giants are trying to lure the Ugandan defender away from his Kenyan club Gor Mahia without their permission.

Tapping is illegal according to Fifa rules.
The Gor Mahia chairman even claimed in a statement that his Amakhosi counterpart had phoned him to apologise for getting off on the wrong foot.

“It’s unfortunate that a player can just decide on his own to travel to engage another club without our knowledge.

“I got an alert from someone that he was travelling, and the next thing was a call from the Kaizer Chiefs chairman apologising for that step, and requesting if we could talk on a possible move,” the statement from two days ago read.

“I declined to discuss anything and told Chiefs’ chairman I will hold a meeting with my EC (executive committee). Then we will know what step to take.”

Breaking Chiefs’ silence on the matter, Motaung said the Amakhosi were following protocol in trying to sign Walusimbi.

“He is here at the village (club headquarters), and we are going about things the right way. We will make further announcements when we have agreed a deal with his club.

“But the player has not gone missing from his club. Maybe there was some confusion as the coach (Dylan Kerr) obviously wants to keep the player,” Motaung explained.

Walusimbi still has at least a year remaining on his contract with Gor Mahia, according to reports in Kenya, and has been valued at R3 million.

Chiefs were last month accused of signing a player that is still under contract by Fosa Juniors, a club from Madagascar.

Andriamirado “Dax” Andrianarimanana denied being their player, while Fosa were adamant he was contracted until 2020.

36 thoughts on “Gor Mahia to play Chemelil at Afraha

  1. oh my… how the honorable carry out business.
    ” But the player has not gone missing….” – KC
    “It’s unfortunate that a player can just decide on his own to travel to engage another club without our knowledge.” – Gor
    “He is here at the village (club headquarters), and we are going about things the right way. We will make further announcements when we have agreed a deal with his club ” – KC
    “I declined to discuss anything and told Chiefs’ chairman I will hold a meeting with my EC (executive committee). Then we will know what step to take.” – Gor
    But Motaung was quick to refute reports that the South African giants are trying to lure the Ugandan defender away from his Kenyan club Gor Mahia without their permission. – KC

    And that gentlemen is how sugar ships itself from Brazil to Kenya.

    Rachier and EC just go ahead and perform the act. – “… do what you came for”

  2. Walusimbi’s move should be rejected by EC outrightly so he can come honour his existing contract. This is someone who ditched camp at a crucial Caf CL stage and nobody than i Jasego fought EC tooth and nail till he was paid the remainder of his sign on fees. Now again at a crucial hour he wants to jump ship not caring of our continental ambitions at stake. Wesley Onguso i said before numerously that try as he may cannot replace Walusimbi’s role in that left fullback position nor can he match Abouba Sibomana or Eric Marcelo. Guys in every team there exists silent “Goodluck Charm” positions always occupied by outstanding characters and for GM it is the leftback and rightback positions that have been core to our resurgence and dominance ever since we broke our 18 year wait to reclaim the KPL gong in 2013. Karim fortunately is back and Walusimbi has until June 2020 by which time i will have brought another Maestro to take over that number he leaves in peace complete with our blessings…

    1. Jasego, where does Sibomana play these days. is he still good enough for Wuon Timbe, could he make a comeback to the squad. Which players do you have in mind for that position

      1. @ Joshua… Sibomana went to APR of Rwanda where he had an injury plagued season mostly on the bench and subsequently took a sabbatical leave from football. Am thinking in Dec of going for Shaffik Batambuze currently in Singida United TZ and formerly of Tusker FC and Western Stima. That is a boy wonder and deadball specialist who will within no time of Mayienga exposure become the next hot topic in African Football in that leftback position…

      2. @Joshua about Sibomana he went back home and joined APR but had an injury plagued season leading to him taking a sabbatical from football hence not active currently…So sad considering how talented he was…Replacements are there with good potentials whom i will disclose once the Walusimbi issue becomes clearer…

  3. woud Asego, once a mistake, twice nooo! hiyo ni madharau, let him feel the pain, but trust me he will regret this, chien ok yan, you may need it later, respect is Paramount walu walu was my favourite, but his actions God forbid, tho oola.

    1. Jasego , if this walu issue is not dealt with correctly, many more will keep sneaking out. I hole some next weeks games will be postponed.

  4. Common sense would reason that since the CAF matches against Rayon and USMA are very crucial, everyone in the national football administration would prioritize them. That is the best practice everywhere around us. I believe that KPL are among the beneficiaries of any financial fruits that K’Ogalo’s CAF campaign yields. Some Jack Oguda and his ilk who therefore become impervious to reason must just be doing so out of some evil motive.

    Perhaps Gor Mahia EC and Tech Bench could sacrifice the league matches that Oguda has adamantly refused to reschedule. We should train our sights on the CAF games and give walk-overs to Sofapaka and Efusi since these are inconsequential matches, that if anything will just compromise our output in the CAF matches.

    Kaizer Chiefs apparently are not committing this offense for the first time. They have a history to suggest that they are a wily, sly and dirty player. Apparently their modus operandi is to identify the weakness of an official of their target club and then blackmail that official to force the club to come to the negotiating table. The confidence and arrogance that they are displaying now is a pointer that KC has a firm grip on Rachier’s kanyandguogi and therefore, however much noise Rachier may make, eventually he will have to drag Gor Mahia to the table to negotiate over Walusimbi. Should Rachier fail to play ball, then KC will open Rachier’s closet and skeletons will fly all over the place. Which leader in his right senses would allow that?

  5. Am initiating contact with Shaffik Batambuze currently in Singida United FC of TZ and formerly of Tusker and Western Stima FC. He is a boy wonder in that leftback position waiting to explode. A deadball specialist and overlapping genius i believe with K’Ogalo exposure the lad will be the next big revelation in African Football

  6. Dylan Kerr: Gor Mahia style of play should be likened to Manchester City and Arsenal
    Seth Willis
    Goal Kenya.

    After taking on Chemelil Sugar on Thursday, K’Ogalo will tackle Rayon Sports in a Caf Confederation Cup match on Sunday

    Gor Mahia head coach Dylan Kerr says his team’s style of play can be likened to that if Arsenal and Manchester City.

    K’Ogalo has been excellent in most of the aspects this season, hand are on the verge of qualifying for the quarter-finals of Caf Confederation Cup. The tactician is however, cautious with his charges, who he feels have played many games in a very short time.

    “Watching Man City v Arsenal on Sunday, I saw a likeness to how we play but recently the toil of games and extensive travel means we are not the same but I give credit to my players, they have desire passion to always give their best.

    “We have not had time to play friendly games or get the match sharpness because of our congested fixtures unlike our competitors. It is hurting all of us but we must be proud to be Gor Mahia for what we have done. We haven’t achieved anything yet so we will keep doing what we can,” Kerr told Goal.

    Gor Mahia will next face Chemelil Sugar on Thursday, its third game in a week, before facing Rayon Sports on Sunday in the Caf Confederation Cup.

  7. Bloggers the Kenyan International called Wafula who has joined Vipers SC of Uganda is none other than Naoh Wafula of Kakamega Homeboys. It was Never our utility man Innocent Wafula who is very stably grounded at Mayienga waiting to slot into the full leftback duties should Walusimbi bolt out. Wafula held his own in that role under Nuttall when Sibomana was injured and would be better than Wesley Onguso any day who is decent defensively but provides totally zero options going forward in terms of build up…

    1. I hope I am wrong, but I think the Wesley Onguso in K’Ogalo is a far cry from the Onguso that played in South Sudan in 2014 – 2016. He is one player who is capable and should give more.

      1. Wafula going nowhere, Kerr asserts
        Gor Mahia Head Coach Dylan Kerr has reitarrated that the team’s winger Innocent Wafula will not leave the club to join Ugandan side Vipers SC.

        Media Reports in Uganda indicate Vipers is close to signing the player having agreed terms but Kerr says the player is still contracted to Gor and will not leave.

        No official approach
        “I haven’t heard about any approach for him and I am surprised to hear they are about to sign him. If they have approached him then they have done it illegally. There hasn’t been anything official as far as I know,” Kerr told Futaa,

        “Wafula is contracted to Gor Mahia and he is our player. He is an important member of the squad and going nowhere.” He concluded.

        Wafula’s contract with the reigning Kenyan Premier League (KPL) champions lapses in January 2019.

      2. Reading the article , I see that Walusimbi is valued at 3million rand=ksh 21m which is closer to my personal estimate and hence I was flabbergasted by a suspicious breaking news
        of ksh 10m by an ‘insider” , and I repeat what I said then , that there are people who are strategically placed in various social media sites to test the waters for an impending scandal.
        Gor Mahia have the kc balls on this issue and to imagine that they may squander this leverage by going on the cheap for 10m for a player worth over 20m when they can use this tapping leverage to even get 30m is very suspicious to the extreme and we have to be alert on this .
        Personally am not in agreement with this idea of Walusimbi coming back to the team , enough of those Judas kisses from him , let him go but let KC pay through the nose for their disrespect , its either that or severe sanctions from fifa.
        @BB, I agree with you on Onguso , the onguso we knew before will eventually turn around with time , just like K14

        1. It is not advisable that Walusimbi stays at Gor, but the correct thing must be done. I believe that this was a ‘magendo’ move gone bad… someone in Gor was part of this scam. Gor EC must correct this wrong. The deal must be rejected by the EC. KC must be forced to face Fifa disciplinary. Walusimbi is a favourite player in Gor but he must be taught what the word professional means.
          1. Walusimbi can come back, apologize and finish his term.
          2. He can decide to remain big headed, I too would support Gor going hard on him, sit on the bench for the rest of your term if need be.
          3. KC MUST be taken to the Fifa court-house.
          This so called forceful quitting by players has been encouraged corrupt and inept EC.
          Get rid of these “warm up” contracts! Gor must set an example or forget calling itself a big club. KC would not have done this with Esperance or Wydad Casablanca. These are big clubs. They do not handle matters Jua kali style. KC did this to Gor out of contempt. Why should Gor settle for kshs 10mill (Koinange street deal) if it is a big club.

  8. A player an only go if the contract has runitd course or if the buying club pays the agreed transfer fee, period. In the Absence of any of the two above then the Club holds the right to discipline the player for abandoning duty. Martial of Man Untd despite all the push and shove had to come back to Man Utd. and pay the fine. Walusimbi has a running contract and it’s Gor Mahia to negotiate with Kaizer Chiefs (they must be willing to sell) before Walusimbi can negotiate with the Southern Africa Club. A player cannot force a Club to negotiate, just the same way, a Club can not sell a player with s running contract against his will. Read Adebayor’s case at Tottenham and Malouda’s case at Chelsea!!!!!!

  9. @ joshua…..breakdown of the monday evening deal that was submitted as follows…..

    Buy out clause…..kshs 7,00,000.00
    Illegally initiatiang a move (penalty)…..kshs 3,000,000
    Total…………..kshs 10,000,000.00

    However,amakhosi are yet to respond so we await breaking news !

    1. Jackie please tell Gor Mahia EC to stop ‘cheapening’ the club. Word from South Africa has it that Walusimbi is valued at 3 million Rand which is an equivalent of KES 21 million. EC should therefore not negotiate anything below KES 21 million. Kindly tell them that that is the position of Gor Mahia Bloggers’ Branch.

      1. This was a process based on theft, you cannot get the correct price. The value you quote is when if the deal would have been done correctly. Exactly what KC were avoiding.
        This was theft from the word go.
        KC has stolen but the pain is that Gor as a club has been raped by it’s own sons

    2. Thanks Jakoyo…the buyout clause was just 7 million yet we paid him sign on fee of 3 million for a two year contract. Anyway we live and we learn

  10. Walusimbi deal is done.
    So now Gor Mahia can impose a ‘fine’. Corruption has away of coming up with all sort of excuses. But all the same corruption has won. Why should KC pay this fine(bribe)? What is the amount the thief stationed at Gor going paying?
    If I was KC I wouldn’t give more than 2mill.
    To EC and your homeguards… congrats.

    1. Game now open. Chemelil out to get draw.
      Accuracy poor from both sides. Gor has the better possession.
      Chemelil in rush open for counter.

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