Gor Mahia transfer news June-12-2019

Gor Mahia organizing secretary Ronald Ngala has refuted claims that Gor Mahia have already signed SoNy Sugar striker Derek Otanga, an action which would be illegal since the transfer season has not started.

“We haven’t signed Otanga neither have we completed the signing of any new player. Treat it as rumours. The window is yet to open but we are in negotiations with a number of players who we intend to sign. We can’t reveal their names right now as the majority have running contracts with their clubs. We will, however, unveil them once we agree with their current clubs and when the window is open.” he said to the Star newspaper.

Otanga was the 5th leading scorer in the recently concluded campaign with 13 goals. He is also being pursued by Wazito FC, the new moneybags of the Kenya Premier League as well as by AFC Leopards.

The other players that Gor Mahia are pursuing may include the Camerounian Charles Edoa Nga. This according to reporter Bonface Osano. Edoa currently players in eSwatini. Osano reports that Gor Mahia have already signed him. Which is unlikely given that Ngala has made it clear that no player will be signed before the start of the transfer period.

11 thoughts on “Gor Mahia transfer news June-12-2019

  1. Today is June 12th. Has the GM general meeting ratified the new constitution? Mano emawarito Jasego Wuod Kanyada. Miwa duoko.

    1. @Jamriambo, Mind you Gor has only 400 registered members. This means that the meeting can even be done in AR’s office since the quorum for a 400-membership can be as low as 50. At times 50 people can make more informed decisions than 5,000 would make by applauding (kura ya makelele).
      I wish the wise-men all the best.
      By the way why isour transfer window dragging yet the league was completed in May. At least June, July and half of August should be the transfer period

      1. Who should be rely as yesterday okeyo cecidy I’m I wrong?.plz inform fans of intended signing so that they in put

      2. Who should be released as yesterday okeyo cecidy I’m I wrong?.plz inform fans of intended signing so that they in put

  2. Eti CHARLES EDO NGA,I hope he may not be another GUIKAN OR MUSTAPHY .Is that player a top botch finisher.JASEGO wewe ndiyo umejua mambo ya players transfer across Africa.

  3. We have ratified the draft constitution unanimously by acclamation without a single dissenting voice. We have a new constitution guys. It is a happy day indeed…

  4. Transfer window officially opens on 17th at which point I will do the necessary transfer dealings to make Gor a Continental Force. The TB gave us a report that I will use to recruit players that fit into our system. I always say the TB can recommend but NOT sign players for GM as they are temporary at the club and can move anytime. Suppose Zico recommended a player and we signed what now since he has left? I always put GM first and as such Gor Mahia will always be strong because Jasego heads the TB…

  5. @Jasego,we are waiting for the best signings who will hit the trail running not players for thy sake.Let the signings be players who give us joy in Africa and will easily fit in Gor’s plan.

  6. Derrick Otanga is good but more research is needed about Charles Edoa Ngaa from Cameroon. A foreign player need to be exceptionally good, a player with qualities we cannot get locally. The likes of Guikan and Sssekisambu did not measure up to my expectations, being foreign players.

  7. Jasego confirm otanga’s move to Gor, It would be disheartening to lose a good player to a rival…. if it be so then ensure javihiga Cha obiro juu from the look of things shakes might be headed to Zambia soooon besides Kuna winger huko bandari ajiiita abdala na huyo Duke incase we miss on nyakeya…. anyway TB kazi kwenu msiegemeee Sanaa on your might nasi wafuasi mtupee nafsi tujadiliane on the potential recruits …. for those who shall move on Best of luck in your endeavors… Likewise for the incoming lads make sure you live to the standards by upping your games, msije mkawa mzigo kwetu…..

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