20 Dec 12

Courtesy of futaa.com

Tusker Premier League [TPL] giants Gor Mahia are close to finalizing a move for KCB playmaker Paul Kiongera and former Tusker striker Obadiah Ndege.

Kiongera has been a target for K’ogalo since June and according to Gor’s deputy Secretary-General Ronald Ngala, the midfielder deal is almost done.

Almost done

-We have agreed with the players and their mother clubs. I am 90% certain that Kiongera and Ndege will join us.

-We might finalize the deals today, said Ngala to futaa.com.

Ndege was dropped on Monday 17 December by the TPL champions.


Elsewhere Gor Mahia have confirmed that they agreed a deal with Ugandan Super League side Kira Young for the transfer of defender Israel Emuge.

The former URA defender is expected to link-up with K’ogalo before January 2 2013-when the team resumes training.

CAF submission

In an interview with futaa.com, Gor’s deputy Secretary-General Ronald Ngala admitted that they have slowed down the recruitment process after CAF extended the deadline for submitting the players’ list.

-CAF has extended deadline for submission to December 31st. That is to our advantage. It is true we have slowed down the recruitment process because we want to sign the best.

-We have already agreed with Kira and Emuge will be joining us before we resume training, said Ngala.

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  • jakoyo says:

    panic buying. omera this is classic ko
    gallo technical bench

  • Kamau wa Njoroge says:

    There is room for only 5 foreign players per TPL team – yet you hear of a Brazilian striker, Nigerian striker, two more Ugandan players, etc, etc, being signed by GOR ….we should treat most of this as hype by the EC… there is no way the club can afford ALL of these players.

  • jakababa says:

    A lot is being said by the Ec be it good or bad on players transfer but jan is here i think think this is what the coach wanted we dont what happened last year.

  • jakababa says:

    if Tpl allow only 5 foreign and we have three why lie to fans.

  • Barefoot Bandit says:

    Thank you K’Ogalo administration for signing Obadiah Ndege. It is also good to note that you are talking with Paul Mungai. True to prediction Efusi is now also interested in the same player. I know that Efusi is already back in the drawing board plotting how to sign Giovanni Rodrigues from K’Ogalo during the transfer window in May 2013. At this rate even if GM would sign Clarence Seedorf then come the transfer window Efusi will surely be making advances!

    Perhaps someone should shed light on what K’Ogalo administration is thinking about Dennis Odhiambo Omino and Pinches? As observed by bloggers in previous articles, our midfield needs an additional fully fit player. I don’t believe Crispin Olando would fit that bill since he too has a nagging knee injury just like Pablo. If we fail to get one then K14 should just drop the cigarettes habit and he will find himself lasting 120 minutes of the entire 90!

  • fred odhiambo says:

    Lets be a bit realistic here….Tusker dropped Midenyo after he was their top scorer and shafted him to Gor,they let go off Olando and now Ndege…need i go on??for a team like Tusker to let go of such players surely there must be something we dont know!!!!

  • jb says:

    kiogera would be good addition

  • If Gor seriously wants to beat Tusker to the title in 2013, then why should the EC keep on taking rejects from Tusker?.It’s time we style up and go for the best that the market can offer.

  • Dan says:

    Victor was dropped from Tusker and is now one of our best players. So it doesn’t always follow. What we need to do is to intelligently recruit. We need to identify the gaps we have then fill then will either mature players or potentially good players. It’s good to rehabilitate a player like BB but it remains a risk in that we might overlook a better player just because he was our previous best player. With Gor we have realised that what matters is attitude and all players can be good. Look at our squad this year vis-a-vis AFC, Tusker and Sofapaka squads

  • Mcosweto says:

    @dan, I agree with you 99+1%

  • ojera janyawara says:

    hope all these player can run and think at the same time and loga is being consulted

  • Dan says:

    This hide and seek on Loga is distracting us from having our strategy in place. Why insist that he is coming back when his heart is everywhere? We need a coach whose heart and soul will be at Gor and not in looking for opportunities outside. Loga has already enhanced his CV with the gor run last season. He now wants to step up the ‘ladder’ and will only be available for gor next year on condition that he doesn’t land a better deal elsewhere. So guys we better manage our expectations or we will be disappointed. On the recruitment I still believe we are intelligent enough to have learnt from last year/early this year signings fiasco. We just need one or two midfielders of the Pinches/Mangoli/Mieno/Olando calibre to assist Viera and someone to assist Rama/Danny upfront like Mugalia (though he has been down of late though that’s something common in soccer)or Ouma of Sony/Mathare
    On coaching I still believe we can do it without Loga though I would have loved him to stay but it should not just be about finances. Personally I have seen people leave for low paying jobs due to some other considerations.

  • ODUOR12 says:

    As I take this opportunity to wishes fellow bloggers a Merry Xmass and a happy new year let me close with the following observations.
    1. I was damn sure Logarusic was coming back until I have seen the number of strikers we have recruited/ are targetting.Remember Loga’s comment when he came to Gor commented about the club being overloaded with strikers!!!. This isn’t Log’s style.
    2. I agree with bloggers’ that its better to rehabilitate BlackBerry rather than go for these untested Bralizians and Niga stars. Remember these are are known as much for soap operas though they are footballing powershouses. Also are the deals sealed or are they coming for trails. Another worry about Logarusic’s coming since he had as a matter of policy insisted that Blackberry undergo trials.This isn’t Log’s style.
    3.I renew my call that K’galo be run by a non-executive board.This officials “thing” is total choas.What are the duties of say Sec.Gen and Organizing.Sec. 3 Vice Chairmen etc. I propose that elections elect 7 officials whose must vie for known roles e.g.
    a)Boardmember/Director- Sponsorhip and Fundraising
    b)Boardmember/Director-Technical affairs bench/ players
    c)Boardmember/Director-Club membership/Security matters
    d)Boardmember/Director-Finance and Admininstration

    In fact I can’t even get to justify 7 members yet we now have 12.Oh no.6 can be a CEO but this should be a recruited position. The 5 then elect their chairman. Persons VIE FOR PARTICULAR POSITIONS SO THAT IF AN AREA IS WANTING THEN EVERY BODY KNOWS WHOSE LETTING THE THE CLUB. WOULDN’T IT BE GOOD TO GO FOR AN ELECTION WITH SEVERAL CANDIDATES TEMPTING MEMBERS WITH CONCRETE SPONSORSHIP DEALS.

    5) Finally we need branches/members that make monthly contributions. I had illustrated how K’galo can easily mobilize more than Ksh.4M per year for each member giving only KSHS.5 per day or KSHS.150 per month. But of course only with of more transparent and leaner EC. With the current bloated and opaque EC fans/ members can only contribute to fundraising schemes at their own risk.

  • George says:

    I fully agree with everyone’s assessment that Log is a great man/coach who instils personality on the team. But at the same time, a team is more important that an individual. Soccer is a players league. Right now, the coaches demands is far beyond the team’s resources even though we have a sponsor. The coach himself would agree that he has had a comfortable lifestyle with Gor Mahia than all the player who made him great. Yes, some coaches are accidental winners thanks to the talents around them. A decent coach can make a huge difference, depending on the talent on his roster. But it’s not necessarily about a “good” coach but more about the “right” coach. Let us think of a more sustainable way of supporting equally both the technical bench and the playing unit. If he cannot lower his demands for the sake of the whole team, let him go and soon he will be complaining that he has not been paid six months worth of salary by his new club and will look back at GM with nostalgia.
    I agree with who wrote that Loga has become a distraction. He should have been around doing what he is paid to do, instead he chose to leave his duty to Bobby the great. If he comes back on the same old terms then we can consider him. His contract still runs until April, why is acting as if he finished his contract?

  • vincent owino says:

    @13.ODUOR12.Uhve got whats ailing GM overcrouded office with some of them came 2make money,with 80percent jobless EC what do expect non perfomance.By end of last seasson GM was the best n with no changes in our first eleven we only needed 2replace 5guys by bringing the like of DAVY,KIOGERA,ABBEY,GIOVINNO N UPCOMING GOALKEEPER,otherwise if we do the way we did last time with the likes of HUGO N CO coz others r using recrutment 2 earn there leaving then will b in 4r asurprise.LONG LEAVE GM LONG LEAVE BLOGGERSM,MERRYXMASS N HAPPY NEW YR 2013.

  • Walter Alando Bwoga says:

    I like these players from Tusker eg Obadia Ndege because they are good mid-fielders and very good in dead balls eg corners, free-kicks. Take examples of Collins Okoth(Gattuso), Moses Otieno & Victor Abondo (teargas). All these players were dropped by Tusker. What Am not so sure is if Kiongera (from KCB) will be capable of maintaining momentum.

  • Douglas says:

    George who has written comment 14 is either a member of Gor’s EC or he simply doesn’t know what he is talking about. Football is business and progress should be made. Kogalo shall not die poor if managed properly. George, who told you that Gor cannot afford to pay the amount Loga whants? Do you know why the EC cannot come out openly and declare that they can’t afford Loga or even organize an harambee to help raise the sign up fee? It’s because they cannot also declare the current statement of accounts. Do you know that if the No of fans that were attending Kogalo’s matches towards the end of last season are maintained, Gor can do even with out the current sponsor? Don’t be like the present EC who cannot think beyond TUZO. During this period that Gor has had a sponsor, the EC should have worked on ways of becoming financially reliant. I don’t even want to imagine what will happen if Tuzo withdraws it’s sponsorship. If you followed Gor lately, you can’t compare the quality of football they played last year to the one they played during Zico’s time when they also finished No 2. It is this quality that has brought fans back to the stadium. And I have every reason to believe that if Loga is maintained at all cost, by mid next year Gor fans alone will be able to fill Nyayo stadium and this should naturally translate to more money to the club, and sponsors will be begging to associate with Gor. Not like the present situation where Tuzo even threatened to withdraw when hooligans, who Gor does not have control over decided to riot. Maintaining Loga or bringing a better coach than him at any cost will improve Gor’s finances. Unfortunately, no local coach can lift Gor from where it is now. In businness you have to get and maintain the best.

  • Martin Obama says:

    Omera K’ogalo will even sign Neymar from Brazil

  • Anthony says:

    Ko’galo this time around you have to make us proud Omera, we need this league cup to fly high on mount Ramogi, uwinjo jakababa.