Gor Mahia Transfers news: Adios Gattuso

As has been predicted for a long time now, long serving midfielder Collins Okoth Gattuso is on his way out of the club, having been released after his contract ended.

“We have released Collins Okoth. His contract with the club has ended and the club is not keen to renew it. We want to wish him all the best on his next move.” said CEO Ludovick Aduda to goal.com

Gattuso has not played much this season. He fell out of favor with coach Ze Maria last season and missed several matches. This season he tried to make amends with the coach but the Brazilian tactician was not keen on mending fences since he had other options at the position.

The fact that coach , with whom Gattuso had several run ins in 2012 had returned to the technical bench, did not bode well for Gattuso.

Gattuso first joined Kogalo in 2012. His first stint was peppered with numerous episodes of ill-discipline. But his play on the field was solid, earning him a place in the national team. He left in 2014 saying he was quitting football to return to school full time. But his early retirement last for a brief period. He would play for Tusker then Sofapaka before rejoining Kogalo in 2014.

Promising defensive midfielder Teddy Osok will be loaned out to KCB.

“We have loaned out Teddy (Osok) because we believe that the youngster needs playing time to build himself. It has proved difficult for him to break into the first team hence the decision to loan him out.” Aduda said to goal.com

Osok was signed at the behest of fans because he was one of the best players at the 2017 KPL U-19 tournament after having been released by Gor Mahia Youth.


16 thoughts on “Gor Mahia Transfers news: Adios Gattuso

  1. The King is dead, long live the King. Adiós General Gatusso. We loved you but you loved yourself most. A promising footballing career has surely been brought to a sudden end. Having played for all the best football teams in the country, Tusker, Gor Mahia, Sofapaka and Mathare, will Gatusso be able to resurrect his footballing career outside any of these clubs?? I highly doubt it. To Philemon Otieno and Earnest Wendo, the onous to fill the Gatusso shaped shoes in Gor Mahia’s midfield falls squarely on your broad shoulders. Grab the challenge and opportunity and earn your colours. The just ended SportPesa Super Cup has just unearthed the hidden talents awash in Gor Mahia. I am excited for Ze Maria, and I await to see his football management and staying skills and power over to you have Brazil.

  2. It is very sad for Gattusso to exit Gor mahia under the circumstances that seem to recur and just refuse to go away. Under the banner of Gor Family, can someone walk walk with him away from the footballing glare. i think this will help him to see that his contribution is not only appreciated as a footballer but that the family is interested in him as a person and family. It is always heart wrecking when a star looses ground just like that. my appeal again is, please those that are close to him, show true friendship and guide Gattusso to the star he is supposed to be.

  3. Ze Maria resigns. KenyaStar had run the story yesterday and futaa reports. Still developing.I am happy and sad at the same time. Happy because he was not one of my favourites and sad because it exposes the incompetence in our EC. Now Gatusso can come back(joking)!!!

    1. From other sources, it is being claimed that the coach had made some ridiculous demands that the EC turned down and hence the reason for resigning. So until I get to know the nature of these demands, I will refrain from blaming either side

  4. Ze Maria reminds me of a song which was sung by the Israelites when David killed Gothiath…In this case Zico is David and Ze Maria is Saul ……
    Ze Maria has realized that Zico can do better than him and best is to leave…..
    Aende kabisa.
    My advice to the EC is to either bring Loga or Nuttal back …

    1. @Wuod Suba, it will NOT be long before you will started shouting in the rooftop how Gor Mahia needs a new foreign coach. Zeddy should be prepared to be called all sorts of name or even be physically assaulted like it happened 5 years ago when he was at the helm. So don’t be so over excited.
      I still believe that Gor has lost one of the best coaches it has ever had in its ranks. The team is playing good entertaining football courtesy of Ze Maria. Whether that will be maintained only time will tell. But it is a very sad day for me.

      For God and my beloved club – Kogallo

      1. True…Gors football has been class above the rest…may God help us..he will..that resignation really hurts…caught flat footed in celebrations!!

  5. “Dear Mr President, I hereby submit my resignation request to terminate my contract from the position of the head coach I have held since March 2016 to date. Thank you for the consideration and trust given to me by the club throughout my working period here. I must also mention the great pride I had in training this giant club, the biggest in Kenya, where I had the privilege of winning some trophies, losing others, seeing many talents grow and see them playing for the National Team. Thank you very much, I will always be a fan of you,”

    Ze Maria’s letter of resignation

    Copied from Soka.co.ke

  6. What are these rediculous? new demands! If they were in the original contract then as a seasoned lawyer, AR knows what the law says. I hope we are on the right side of the law so as to avoid heavy fines by FIFA.

  7. @ Kampala…my dear k’ogalo friend if you read my my post, I have not said that zico becomes the head coach…..kindly read it and comment osiepa…Arito.

  8. Gor takes a step foreword, begrudgingly takes two backwards. Sofapaka is waiting with its claws open, SSimbwa is going for the kill. I thought AR was building a continental side, kumbe he is building a jodala inter clan machinery. Zico was here, he failed, war guarantees his success now? Jadala of course. Gige jodalawa mana kamano, nothing moves well oied for two consecutive years, we pullit tear it down ourselves as soon as success beckons. That is our fate anyway, over to you Zico, dhi ideri kendi.

  9. To those who have casually been treating the highly complicated issue of a Gor Mahia Coach , Well your prayers pitifully have been answered , but if for any reasons you may naively assume your reasons for wanting Ze gone are the same as Rachiers then u r in for some very painful surprises.
    When we decide that Zeddy is equal to the task of leading Gor to anywhere above where they are currently courtesy of the team winning Sport Pesa after him being with the team for 4days in Dar then I repeat that football is more complicated than that , but if at all u wanted Ze gone to satisfy some misplaced ego trip then enjoy the moment bcoz very soon u will be on another trip.
    The Problem as anybody who calmly follows Gor Issues from Nattal to Ze has never been the problem , what we have in Gor is a structural problem , deliberately sustained and nourished by not a bloated Ec but an incompetent chairman who to his benefit encourages the mediocrity we witness in the EC where a semi illiterate nondescript official can go to the airwaves to threaten the coach without any worry of repercussion.
    We are at serious crossroads as a club and emotional short term egocentric outbursts….Sadly some will cheer this retrogression

  10. Its very sad for Gor to lose the coach. Under Ze, Gor was pregnant with success and it was only a matter of time before this team broke into the continental ranks. Ze Maria got our players playing some of the best football I have on kenyan soil. Players were beaming with confidence and if you watched the AFC thrashing at Nyayo you would have realised that this team was going places.

    As regards Zico, he was here before and he split the team and the fanbase straight down the middle. My only question is, what has changed now for him to be appointed headcoach. We are now going to see “ubeste kwa team” and this will have a negative impact on the team. I am very sure of this.

    Finally there are fans on this forum who have been baying for Ze maria’s blood, I hope you are happy now. For those who have been dictating tactics to the TB and which players to chose, this is a perfect opportunity for you to apply for the Job and apply your tactics. Otherwise, zip it when the new TB starts work

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