Gor Mahia trounce AFC Leopards 3-1

In what is probably the most convicing win over their arch rivals in 36 years, Gor Mahia beat AFC Leopards 3-1 in a league match played at the Nyayo national stadium on Sunday. The goals came via new signings Wycliffe Ochomo, Demonde Selenga and regular right winger Dan Makori.

Both teams started brightly with Bernard Mangoli coming close for AFC when he hit the post with a well taken shot. Ochomo hitting replied in kind, hitting the cross bar on 12 minutes. But it was Wycliffe Ochomo who was a cosntant thorn in the side of AFC defenders who scored the opener after comobining well with Edwin Lavatsa and Kevin Omondi. On 34 minutes, Collins Gattuso left the game injured to be replaced by Anthony Akumu. Gor Mahia went into half time leading 1-0.

Leopards started the second half brightly again but Jerim Onyango stood tall in the Kogalo goal. Demonde Selenga made an entry in the 60th minute to loud cheers from the Kogalo faithful. He returned to torment his former team-mates with a well taken headerfrom a rebound from a Lavatsa shot to put Gor Mahia two goals up. And the Gor Mahia faithful erupted.

Gor Mahia fans found themselves in dreamland when Dan Makori scored the 3rd goal from a Lavatsa pass in the 81st minute to put Kogalo 3-0 up. The enterprising youngstar Lavatsa had a hand in all 3 goals. 3 minutes later , Mike Baraza pulled one back for AFC.

It was Gor Mahia’s most convincing win of the season. Most fans today cannot remember the last time Gor Mahia put 3 past AFC. The last time was probably 1980 when Gor Mahia beat AFC 3-2 in the CECAFA cup final in Blantyre Malawi. And in what is the most emphatic win by either team, Gor Mahia beat AFC 5-1 in the first game of the 1975 KFA league.

This win will assuage many fans who have decried the lack of goals. Prior to this , Gor Mahia was averaging less than a goal per game. Kogalo are now in 3rd place with 30 points.

56 thoughts on “Gor Mahia trounce AFC Leopards 3-1

  1. What a game What a score.we av started indicating the right direction.hope Pamzo boyz r ready he prayed 4 us to be defeated hope nxt sunday your jinx work coz we r closing up take care.


    Kudos to the boys for doing us proud!

    The atmosphere was escatic. The sounds of isukuti, drums and vuvuzelas deafening. The sky was azure. In Chinua Achebe’s book, Things Fall Apart, each person has a god ( chi). Our gods brought good omen to us. Kogalo this afternoon proved they are seriously in the title contention.

    I wish to sincerely thank SuperSport for beaming this match live across Africa. The KPL officials too deserve a pat on their shoulders for going overdrive to ensure the derby, now known as the Nairobi derby is a resounding success. I think today we have ashamed our detractors.

    Both AFC and Kogalo officials also deserve mention. Starting from yesterday when they join fans from both clubs to collect stones and other metals. I have also seen the two gentlemen, ole Magelo and Rachier calling for peace during their pre match interviews.

    Finally, to our kogalo boys, you have done us proud. Congratulations. However, let us not sleep on our laurels. The league is not yet over. The remaining matches are equally crucial. I wish you goodluck in the remaining fixtures.


  3. Great effort and result by team 4 a derby against team on the btm half,next we await tusker,kudos 12man that was simply an awesome turnout-officers give us the gate collection please

  4. Congrats to all players; fans that were escastic, and all stakeholders that attended the match. The match attendance was fabulous and fantastic. In the recent past, I have never seen the match attendance involving Gor/AFC to such magnitude. Boys keep it up.

  5. Congrats K’ogalo.You made us proud.Continue with the spirit by not losing vital points to teams such as Mathare.And for Pamzo and “Jokongo”…we are coming for you.You took us to Mumias but this time round “wadinonu”.

  6. when these boys walked from the dressing room, they looked sharp

    jerry; nasio; collins; musa; masika (heard he is called OCS); gatuso (pole for the injury); lavatsa; Moses Otieno; Ochomo; Hadji; and kevin omondi

    on the bench Bilenge Selenga; moses odhiambo lucky dube; makori assured us that we had a good backup


  7. Gate collection was another milestone kshs.5.9 million small discrepancy though attendance 23k lakini wewe uliona watu ngapi ama 23K were GM fans only

  8. Thanks Gor mahia.keep on with the same spirit.in fact at some point I thought i was watching a champions league match piting Barcelona and man u.Of course gor being barcelona with their sneak passes which could not allow me enjoy the comfort of my seat but keep on standing.As for AFC I can only pity them since they went looking for stones yet they had diamond in the form of selenga.Gor AFRICA is waiting for us.In fact is the moses of kenyan football.They will take us to the promised land…..,

  9. great game. please lets have faith with the Technical bench. the support was great!!!!! so great that the boys could not have let you down. so commendable that even after the match, the players could pray together, fans could have a beer at kuche together, it was a real change of attitude. remember, it always starts with you and me, we choose what we want!
    I am proud of being a Gor life Member.

  10. Fantastic game yesterday, great atmosphere. Kudos to the the boys, this is the kind of game we crave for. We did a much better job in the midfield. If we sustain this tempo, who will stop us from lifting the title? We must not lower our performance anymore, keep it there boys.

  11. I salute both GOR MAHIA n AFC LEOPARDS fans.We both respected other as true ‘Shemeji’ n even both before n after the match,we could still sing,dance,drink n share jokes together.The club officials n both players also deserve a pat n thumbs up.While we r sure of winning KPL this season,lets win it in style by pumping many goals.

  12. I salute both GOR MAHIA n AFC LEOPARDS fans.We both respected other as true ‘Shemeji’ n even both before n after the match,we could still sing,dance,drink n share jokes together.The club officials n both players also deserve a pat n thumbs up.While we r sure of winning KPL this season,lets win it in style by pumping many goals..

  13. Great performance by the boys. Fans, let keep encouraging the boys. Lets forget about the Kitawi’s, we are so fond of mentioning whenever we lose points. We have very able replacements as exhibited yesterday. I have total confidence in the technical bench, support yenu tu ndiyo inatakikana. For God and my club – Kogallo

  14. Atleast the nyam nyam is back. Now we can count the teams ma gor osenyamo including the ingwe. Well done Kogallo and keep it up especially against the smaller teams. We need to back in the continental contention next year. Mahia mahono ja Khartoum nyam timbe

  15. WOW. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Great game, fantastic support. This will, however, count for nothing if we don’t beat Tusker next weekend. Winning this one is a must. Isn’ it?

  16. We need such spirit in victory and defeat (God forbid). I am an amateur soccer scout and after having watched him on several occassions, I have seen monumental potential in Kevin Omondi. Can someone please tell him that he is able to play like Thierry Henry; dribbling and scoring at will if only he could fully concentrate?

  17. Malo malo kogalo malo,kumbe mutu anaweza kufurahi mpaka anasindwa kukula, i heared players were training twice a day plse keep that tempo zico this cup is urs

  18. Firstly, congratulations on the win yesterday in the 69th League clash between our teams. Your team took the chances they got whilst mine wasted its chances. Great game and very great behaviour by fans of both teams.

    Just a few corrections. The Ingwe Fanzine has listed all the scores between Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards since 1968 (pages 25 to 28). The magazine also lists all the goal scorers including those who scored for Gor. So a statement such as ‘Most fans today cannot remember the last time Gor Mahia put 3 past AFC’ is false since just two years ago, in the 65th clash, Gor won 3-2 against Leopards at Kasarani! Leopards also beat Gor 3-1 on 20 October 1999 in the 55th match between the teams.

    Let us keep the history of our teams alive and not be like those people who talk about things that are not facts. If you want to know the leading goal scorer between the teams in the league, again it is all there. And it is a Gor Mahia player! Those who wish to get a copy of the magazine that only retails for 300 bob can get in touch on 0700126608. But if you are not interested in facts, well… hear it from others.

  19. For the first time I can say I saw what I have always wanted to see. Scintillating, captivating, enthralling and what else can you call it? Excellent. With Kevin Ochieng back things will be even better.Selenga on his day can destroy, Ochomo is the big attacking guy we yearned for. But lets not overcelebrate, some brewer with one pamzooo is lurking at the corner.Get past this then we can see celerations truly in the making, but thanks boys and keep it up.

  20. With Gor and a strong Ingwe the future of Kenyan soccer can only go up. Keep it up mafans and let’s build on the positives. Imagine Gor and Ingwe fans having a beer and sharing jokes after such a match outcome. Something for all soccer lovers to applaud. Those who feared to come for the match but were in Nairobi later on regreted having missed such an atmosphere. Kudos to Ingwe fans for the behaviour after/during the game. That’s something for us as GM fans to emulate.

    G-O-R GO WIN KPL SEASON THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Great Game! Great support and constant waves and cheering. The boys did us proud. We need to continue raising at least 2m for all home matches. Sofaset branch, please spare some 200 for our young men. Supersport welcome back.

  23. That’s from Gorfc.com Site- Just thought the 12th man might want to know how he/she shone on 24/07/2011-
    “Out of the 3,000 VIP tickets on sale, 2997 were sold, the other 3 were spoilt effectively making the VIP area a sell out at the match. Of the 24,000 terrace tickets on sale, 20,487 were sold.
    The VIP sales grossed Kshs 1,498,500 and the Terraces grossed Kshs 4,097,400. About 8,243 tickets were sold on Friday, 10,973 on Saturday and 4,268 on Sunday.
    This is the highest ever amount raised from gate collections in a Kenya Premier League match eclipsing the Kshs2.59 million raised in the same fixture in October last year.”
    Asante sana K’galo fraternity

    Before Sunday’s game, the highest gate collection this year was 989 000 raised during the Gor vs Thika United clash at Cityu Stadium three weeks ago.

  24. Lavatsa did what he needs to be doing always, I hope to see a much more running twisting and turning from u. Good performance yesterday more so in the second half. The Sunday match against Tusker has been moved to 3rd of august…..so mark that on ur diaries!

  25. can I get some people to help me buy a car for the coach? We can start with a simple Toyota ( wish, NZE etc) some 200 of us donating 10,000/= each can get 2 cars for the technical bench.who is ready?
    its so annoying seeing our coach treck.

  26. I can imagine the coach walking to Kibera,Jericho, Kariobangi or wherever he lives after guiding the team to victory over Ingwe. What a pitifull sight!! Papamiky, you are right since if we were to get a more professional coach as some people have been advocating then we would give him a car, a house in some cool neighbourhood, fully-paid holiday etc. Let us start by treating our own well (the players included) and you will be surprised by the results. Now that the sofaset branch are also ready to chip in someting we should see an improvement in the players/tech team welfare

  27. Guys I want to join you on this site for always posting constructively and being loyal to the realms of football, . .. . .secondly, our performance yesterday was breathtaking and was worth the celebration we witnessed countrywide . . . ..finally, Gor Mahia plays Tusker on August 3rd/ floodlight coz we are travelling to Mombasa to play Congo this Wednesday . .. . .long live the Mighty Mahia

  28. a big thank you k’ogallo family for what we did on sunday.am lost for words, i can’t find the perfect words to describe what i felt on sunday.let’s keep it up,for sure i can now smell the title.

    management,please where’s the bus, and please get a car for the coaching staff,spare some money from this 5.5 milli and buy an average car for our coaching staff.

    our staff should be treated with dignity,let’s show the rest that we’re in a different class of our own.

  29. I love lavatsa he was instrumental to our win! Zico for the first time was spot on with the line up! He should make the sunday line up as our first eleven!

  30. What i loved most was the presence of the fans-the atmosphere was electric, i wish it was like this with all other matches.

  31. what a superfluous dispaly from K’Ogalo…nothing more to say…Splendid Gor!i have quit A.F.C Leopards that play boring game,no wonder the stands allocated to us in the terraces,looked lirking in the dark!!K’Ogalo any time..

  32. Now that the Tusker match has been switched to 3rd August, does any one know when the Sony Fixture is?

  33. @Ricko, welcome to Gor Mahia. We look forward to welcoming you to Kogalo. Gor Mahia is a big brand that eill continue to attract more fans and sponsors. I give Almighty God all the glory and honour for giving us sweet vicory.

  34. @ Ricko Welcome to the family….Now Wewe Pia ni member….GOr Kogalo to DI World……How I wish Pepsi can sponsor Gor and Help Buil Our Stadium or Buy City From NCC and Rebuild it to International Standards and Reap Fully from Gor Mahia Brand…..Bwana Asifiwe and The March is On…

  35. Kudos goes to both the AFC and Gor fans – no stone or object throwings after a win/loss, or disputing the referee’s decision….. I think the fans are finally showing the maturity and respect that the game deserves … keep it up both Ingwe and Kogallo fans.

  36. Dan, thanks, so can I count on you as the second member for this CAR FOR COACH PROJECT? If we get 200 followers, we can get 2 cars for the bench and who knows may be another small van for the field ambulance. remember the small van that’s normally used instead of a strecher in the field in developed countries?we need to be a club of substance. the Van can be used for hire by the stadia management when we are not playing. what do you think?
    our physician can not respond to emergency cases, he is old to run fast, lets assist him. anyway just a thought.

  37. To chairman plse tell us how far is the bus we want start collecting fund for our coach car which i know we can do in two months time , i will be happy we put small a mount like between 200-500 every Gor fan can participate ,plse chairman i keto wa emutho wa kiya kata ni wach bus ni ogik kanye osipe na mane omiya gimoro matin pod penja wach bus but ive no word to tell them anyone in the office can update if Rachier is busy . any comment ?

  38. Kumbe we can behave! Man the cash collected shows that we can do better if only the loop holes can be sealed!
    Good work men! Though AFC was beaten we will show you in the return match.

  39. Oti,kindly write yur number,so that i can send u the photo of the bus.
    I understand the only reason we ar not using the bus is b’cause it was not branded with Tuzo.Gari hiko shida ni branding.

  40. Ricky wellcome to K’ogalo movement you’ll never be bored..Fans kudos for the good behaviour and calm during the match and after..
    so long

  41. By flying the team to Msa for tomorrow’s clash it means our efforts as fans is bearing fruits. Now we need the club bus to surface. If there is no enough funds let the office let us know. By donating something as small as 100/= by M-pesa we can be able to foot the difference. Then we embark on getting the coach some vehicle for his use. A Vitz or Probox or any other affordable (in terms of operating/ maintainance) would do. I know the GM followers once convinced that a project is viable can do it.

  42. well done gormahia for almost skinning that big cat. Now I wanted to raise the issue of a club house. Our club does not have a headquarters base! We are still renting premises 43 years after it was formed and clubs like Simba & Yanga have left us behind. Cant the management give us an m-pesa number or even an account number in one of the banks so that we can send money for buying land and building a club house? Gormahia fans some of whom are professional stratergic planners can ensure that we get a club house within 3 to 5yrs from now; that is in a medium to long term stratergic planning. congrats 2 you all

  43. Jangere, can the bus be put on the website?is it tuzo who bought it or through the clubs collections? whichever way, Im not seeing why the club should not be using it.

  44. sasa shemeji we thaNK THEM sana jee next round iko kasarani what next kogallo fans we must be ready fr challenges ,tuko na walevi halfu watu wa stima we need alot of energy to players time like this ,if u see game za majuu u can know what am talking about .game iko hightempo sasa zedy must not take anychance mbaya mbaya last year we mis it coz of three points sasa zedy plse dnt lets us down open the gap if wr sure to be champion of this year clean deal .fans let just give our team kila kitu wasitilaumu .

  45. Gor Mahia is doin miracles n moving mountains; now its tym we Gor fans start thnkin about bldng our own play field lyk da western clubz hav! Gor shld b a living legend n role model taking Kenyan footbal 2 a whol new horizon!

  46. @ Bernard Ochieng (24) we are seeking more information about the deaf fans from Kisumu and are willing to sponsor some of you to come to Nairobi to watch the next Gor Mahia match. Kindly get in touch with me on 0721707118 or omondiomollo@gmail.com a.s.a.p.

  47. our AFC friends behaved well in the loss.it was a case of tumeshindwa halali.no complaints.mechi ilichezwa na ikashindwa na kupotezwa kiwanjani.the stakeholders can decide to not let referees spoil Gor Mahia matches and allow GM to be beaten on fairplay.buying a car and clubhouse is a genuine concern whose time has come for clubs of the magnitude of Gor.Africa must show they can do it themselves.we can pay players well and bid for better players from other countries to play pro soccer here but only with a good bank balance and sound asset base.evrythin is possible in unity.we welcome Ricko Mato to GM & others.May God guide us to league & FKL Cup victory.

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