26 Sep 15

Gor Mahia continued their irrepressible march towards a quadruple title season when they dispatched Muhoroni Youth in clinical fashion.  Gor Mahia came into this match expecting strong resistance from a Muhoroni Youth side that had not lost in their last 12 games. Some pundits even called this match “the clash of the unbeatens”.

In the first 10 minutes it really did look like the Kisumu county lads were going to give as good as they received. Wycliffe Ochomo, a former Gor Mahia player who prides himself in scoring against his old teams was marked out of the game. His attempt at a free-kick fell way short.

But after the first 10 minutes, Gor Mahia gained the upper hand. Innocent Wafula had two attempts blocked by Shikhalo . Meddie Kagere, Michael Olunga and Ali Abondo all had well taken attempts at goal. Muhoroni Youth will thank their goalkeeper Farouk Shikhalo as he made several excellent saves in the first half.

In the second half, Gor Mahia put further pressure on the accelerator pedal as they pushed for a goal. Innocent Wafula almost put Gor Mahia ahead in the 55th minute. But his attempt went inches wide. Meddie Kagere finally broke the deadlock when he beat two Muhoroni defenders before placing the ball beyond Shikhalo in the Muhoroni goal.

Tenn minutes later, Michael Olunga put Gor Mahia further ahead when he picked up the ball on the left flank after being put through by Ernest Wendo then calmly beat Farouk Shikhalo.  In the 78th minute, Muhoroni Youth were awarded a penalty after Eric Ochieng was adjudged to have handled the ball in the penalty box. But veteran Franklin Osama’s attempt was saved by Boniface Oluoch.

In the 89th minute, substitute George Odhiambo “Blackberry” sealed the score with a goal the reminded many of his glory years in 2010. He dribbled past several Muhoroni Youth players before finishing with powerful shot.

The win against what was anticipated to be strong opposition shows that the Gor Mahia core of players are still hungry even after having won the league. It also shows that KPL teams simply have no answer for what is a very clinical Gor Mahia side.


Gor Mahia : 23. Bonface Oluoch -GK, 5. Musa Mohamed (cpt), 14. Karim Nizigiyimana, 20. Ernest Wendo, 29. Innocent Wafula, 17. Eric Ochieng, 18. Harun Shakava, 22. Meddie Kagere, 30. Ali Abondo, 19. Michael Olunga, 10. Khalid Aucho.

Subs : 1. Jerim Onyango -GK, 15. Bernard Odhiambo, 24. Enock Agwanda, 9. Timothy Otieno, 25. George Odhiambo

Muhoroni Youth : 39. Farouk Shikhalo, 7. Yusuf Mohammed, 23. Wycliffe Nyangechi, 24. Franklyne Osama, 14.Paul Michuka, 2. Paul Mboya, 10. Abbas Akinyemi (Cpt), 26. George Mandela, 29. Francis Ochola, 30. Mike Khaduli, 12. Wycliffe Ochomo.

Subs: 1. Daniel Kiptoo, 15. Peter Okore, 4. Wellington Ochieng, 8. Kennedy Rono, 28. Abdalla Hamisi, 16. Oscar Oketch, 32. Edmond Murai

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  • oga on top says:

    We are now heading to CAF knockout stages next year as our targets so everyone in gormahia should prove themselves we don’t want players filling the bench they should be loaned to assist other teams to evade relegation if they can’t prove themselves at gor we want instant goals like the way agwanda does it. Blackberry n timothy you have to prove yourself . Berry and timo are talented players but they ve failed to follow coaches instructions to play good balls unless they change their attitudes they continue to play ackward football.

    • Dan Original says:

      @Oga, how do you know the coach’s instructions to these players? Are you one of the TB or playing unit members? Guys, let’s keep our emotions to ourselves. We all want Gor to do better

  • jathur gi ji says:

    Where is the Muho threat? Now they know people, they know and must respect their big brother

  • oga on top says:

    My hero Boniface oluoch I urge u to continue maintaining unbeaten run in this gotv n top 8 things then u urgently leave to Simba sc when they open short transfer window in November 2015 from there u can navigate your ways to Tp Mazembe this is my targets for you. Tz n dr Congo are neighbors and they can notice your talents. Above all continue working hard hard hard

  • Erico Jarae says:

    We thank GOD 4 the win,but am surprised some people don’t see anything good so long as you have been leveled a non performer ,yaani we cant even see how blackberry played after coming in as a sub leave a lone the goal he scored anyway mano e GOR MAHONO 4 you,am not surprised.

  • Sylvester says:

    Ati oga on top, Nooo Oga retro,
    anyway congrats boys

  • moses says:

    @Oga on tops at CAF more team work will be needed not instant pie in the sky goals you talk about.

  • Ababa says:

    Kudos boys. I enjoyed watching the second half of the match. Beautiful, top class goals. Those were goals that any goalkeeper, however good he is, can concede. Glory Be to God

  • abok nyamwanda says:

    Beatiful game, i loved every minute, 1st half Wafula played defensive and 2nd half offensive, next season if he maintains his form he will be very very lethal, for Prof. Nutal he reminds me of Len Juliens he changes the game when he wants and how he wants, my prayer is we keep this team and technical bench for the next three seasons, and Africa will know Gor is unbwogable.

  • maurie says:

    Some comments here ……Who is Tp Mazembe?

  • jathur gi ji says:

    Nkata pia ameanza kukata corner? Eti the referees assisted Gor? Please, please. …spare us that! !!

  • William Apida says:

    Good play lads, reminds me of GOR MAHIA of the 80s. Free flowing football, neat passes, defernd in numbers and attack is lethal. 18 shots goal, 10 on target, 3 goals compared to Muhoroni’s 8 shots on goal 4 target no goal then some coach opens his mouth to say GOR was favoured by the referee, it ridiculious! Did you people realise GOR played without a left full back, with Wafula falling back occassionally? That shows the quality of the coach and pedigree of players GOR has. This me reminds of 1987/8 when Jackson at times would kill off the left wing and the attacks from the right wing. Beautiful game by Blackberry, I think the guy is on way up, I wish him well. Well done team.

  • moses says:

    Will Innocent Wafula be able to play for Harambee stress since he might be Ugandan;anyway he has a great future ahead.He always gives 100% in all matches;a true believer in Kogalo

  • Dan Original says:

    Watched Ingwe game yesterday against Tusker and realized that fans don’t know how much damage they do to their teams. Being impatient and throwing missiles to the field is not cool anymore and you could see the pain on the players faces as they wanted to continue with the match.

    Our fans are not immune to this. Our Youth final game against the Terror squad was disrupted for the same reason. Impatient fans storming the field before the penalty kicks were over to mess the youth team chance to complete the game either or heroes and runners up.

    I hope we don’t see the same during the senior team matches for the tough remaining games in gotv , SPL LEAGUE AND Top 8. We should let the players also have the time to savour their sweat by parading with the trophies instead of having goons running helter skelter in the field

  • Am not for selling any Gor Mahia Players, see what has happened to SOPA PAKA, they did sell Abdul Rasak and make a good money, but now see what is going on in the Club. For somebody to come up with an idea of selling Boni, that person is not Gor Mahai DAMU, more so Tazanian’s money is valueless, our beloved Boni will not have time to carry money with Box, we better sell any other Goal-keeper but not Olouch, any person who wants Boni to be sold, are the People who sold our 2012 Champoinship to Matano.

    • Dan Original says:

      @Achacha, remember that football is business. Danny, Akumu, Rama et al all went for free but the team still did better. if you do good business you gain but like all businesses you can lose

  • Let me ask this quetion, why Players of Gor Mahia who are on Loan to Sony Sugar were allowed to play against GM or they are already sold to SONY? And here are my choices Players that I wish could join K’Ogalo 1) Danson Kago 2) Boniface Akenga and Stephen Wahaya. These trio can boost K’Ogalo next seanson, just imagine that Kago changing position with Innocent Wafula, if one is on the Left and the other on the Right, “THAT’S FIRE WORK” Steve is avery promising Player in the Mid-field while Akenga Boni is a goal-poacher.Thanks my follew Bloggers, and remember my BREAD IS ELLIOTE, and yours?

  • Agrippa says:

    Sometimes we use terms wrongly. How can someone be a goal poacher and yet the goals tally of the said individual is woeful to say the least. How many goals does the poacher have.

    • Agrippa, how I use the word doesn’t matter, what matter’s is that Akenga with Ball infront Goal, I am tellng you for sure, that’s agoal. By the way who among Gor Mahai Players has scored HAT-RICK,in one apart from Olunga Mike. My fellow Bloggers let us watch other Games and compare the Notes?

  • collins lala says:

    i think the KPL should start protecting its referees from such unnecessary and baseless attacks by coaches. how can someone refuse to play football including scoring a penalty only to start criticizing the ref? if the ref was bias, how comes he awarded you a penalty and if that is immaterial, did he stop you from scoring the penalty? i loved this Nkata guy but i think he has lost the direction. sorry Mr. Nkata because there is only one team licensed by FIFA to remain unbeatable until 2030 in Kenya. maybe you can start strategizing for the same in 2031………

  • moses says:

    There’s a sense of ‘yes we can’ attitude on Gor players; even sub’s like Timothy displayed good ball control while Berry was excellent. This team will take us to many African cities