Gor Mahia vs AFC leopards match abandoned

The match between Gor was been stopped at minute 65 due to fan trouble. AFC Leopards fans began to throw objects onto the field when Gor Mahia were awarded a penalty after Jackson Saleh handled the ball in the penalty box. After a prolonged wait, security officials determined that continuing the match was not feasible on security grounds.

Matchwise, Gor Mahia thoroughly dominated this encounter often pinning AFC leopards into their own half as Ingwe offered nothing in retaliation. By Minute 60, Logarusic had exhausted all his sunstitutions while Nuttall had not utilized on sub.

AFC fans sensing defeat, decided to bring the match to a premature end. Gor Mahia will be awarded all three points. If KPL is objective, they should met out a form of punishment against AFC. THis is the second time this season they have caused abandonment of a match upon sensing defeat.

24 thoughts on “Gor Mahia vs AFC leopards match abandoned

  1. Afc leopards vs sony sugar 2nd leg match last season was never played…….so efusi ended the season playing a total of 29 matches.

    This stupid kff/fkf will do exactly that this season…..wait till kogallo are declared champions and then go quiet on this match. No punishment…nothing!

  2. That ka section of fans were bankrolled to cause trouble by sugar barons even they were wearing brand new jerseys so me dont blame entire afc fans this was expected no matter the outcome of match thanx match commissioner for abondoning the match. It is a pity how as fans we ve lost morals to be used by politicians to harm one another coz of their selfish means. Thanx gor fans today u behaved maturely n please lets not wish afc players pointed to be deducted on flimsy grounds in any case the match can be replayed without fans. The same people who have been wishing gor n afc dead were at it again today. As fans lets be wary of this baboons in the name of politicians who want to kill gor n afc. So bloggers punishing afc leopards will make the baboons to achieve there objective of killing afc further

    1. Replay for what?

      The result should be awarded nay IT WILL BE AWARDED to MIGHTY K’GALO on a 2-0 basis.
      Gor Mahia will be crowned 2015 champions.
      I disagree with the match commissioner who erred in anticipating the aftermath of the penalty, that there would be trouble if it was scored and the same would occur if it was missed. Such rubbish in my view was premeditated.
      Mind you Gor Mahia is not Sony there will be no repay and the match will be awarded to Gor Mahia,
      Camera footage does not lie and cannot be twisted. It shows who is responsible for the refusing the match to continue=AFC (Always Foolishly Complaining) fans.
      If AFC doesn’t like it waende FKF

      1. No replay, no pity on AFC if their fans want to sacrifice their club at the altar of the so called sugar barons or even the rulers of Pluto and Venus / blah blah then so be it,
        Match will be awarded to Gor Mahia and hefty penalty for AFC which remember is deducted by KPL from sponsorship grant so AFC can’t “refuse” to pay.

      2. Based on the match commissioner report, the match must be replayed. Shemeji, think about it this way, you pocketed the money from this game right, if we replay the game, we can split the money right in the middle, 50-50. How does 2million in your account look? What do you say shemeji?

      3. Is like u dont value life u only care for wins only. The match was attended by kids,mothers,fathers n others who most of them are vulnerable to chaos so if i may ask u suppose the match was okayed to go on and this fans injured by this so called agents of doom what could we be saying now. There is always next time the same fans can attend other remaining gor matches coz they were able to go to there respective homes peacefully. Thanks match commissioner kaunda come n run for secretary general post at gor

        1. So this Kaunda guy is campaigning for a Gor Mahia post??
          Na wewe ni agent wake??
          Poor show coz K’galo don’t nid his help this season.
          Now I get a clearer picture of things.
          Shida ni yenu na ya AFC. 3 points will be awarded to Gor Mahia.
          In fact the way Indeche was behaving showed that he had no intention of letting that penalty be taken.
          All this was premeditated by an Already Fully Caged Leopard.

  3. It looks like the Home Team did not provide enough security…..Oguda for how long will Gor continue to be awarded dubious penalties?

  4. AFC conned it’s fans or whaterver such ppl call themselves. If that was leopards at it’s best then AFC kweli wako down. In the second half by the 65th minute B.Oluoch had only handled the ball twice. The match was being played only at the leopards half. Gor was going to score n Afc fans were left wondering how many goals wud go in. To cover the shame …stop the match n the penalty was the gud excuse. I said b4 this Saleh guy is not national team material. These leopards players simply have no energy. There was no challenge for Gor from this match. But thanx for the 3 easy points. What matters to me most is how Gor will prepare for Africa. Gor has a gud first eleven but a weak bench. We should now focus on how Gor can become a permanent feature in the Africa scene. Let it never b a 10yr wating period.

    1. By clearing Tb n players salary n other dues fully n also give them contract extension n not waiting last minute rush when they ve left. If we retain this squad am sure we can reach CAF knockout stage am seeing most of them want to stay at gor n lets maintain them kagere is engine of kogallo. We can sell abondo,gattuso,shakava,eric ochieng, musa,jerry,oluoch to sudanese n tanzania clubs wameiva sana n get some boys from gor junior n some coast players

      1. Oga on top: Ur ilk think that by hating Gor, leopards will do better. The only way u can help ur afc team is by tackling ur problems head on.
        So u think that by stopping an imminent Afc defeat would punish Gor!
        Thats just 3 easy points in the bag. Remember the macho ya chura sayn…Gor r former African champions so reaching the finals would not be a new thing to us. We will repeat this achievment, not by kicking leopards who r already on the floor, but by preparing ourselves well. Leopards were never a threat to Gor. My fear for this team however is the calibre of ppl who manage n support it. I do not think u guyz will take this team anywhere, this team is heading towards the bottom of the league n will b out of kpl in nxt 3 years. But we pray for u.

  5. ( done with ingo)… I travelled home , I have just two days I attended the match …. To my disappointment .. They cause abandonment …. Let us work hard to keep Gor clean
    Nice seeing you lads Jana

  6. I saw it coming, there is no question but three points in the bag for us.Shemeji are a league below us,wamearibu.

  7. @Ingo and @ oga on top. CAMERAS DON’T LIE, Condemn hooliganism and SUPPORT AFC, mambo ya siasa mingi ya chuki dhidi ya K’OGALO haitawasaidia, YOU ONLY SPOIL YOUR CLUBS REPUTATION remember AFC VS. THIKA

  8. AFC issue aside;I feel our game plan is so predictable.It became like Azam match of lumping balls forward.Nobody plays short passes close to the D area

  9. Let us call a Spade a Spade not a big Spoon, AFC, Fans cauesed the abandonment of Match if both Fans were fighting while the Games was on you can claim that Match was called off because of Insecurity. The Stadium calm for 20 minute the was played after a half time, for somebody use lame excuse that there was insecurity while Fans of AFC, were hurling Objects in the Field so that penalty should not be taken.Now I read here that they were Sugar Barons, what apity for the Soccer Lover in Kenya.

  10. I did watch Bandari FC, playing against Mathere United, they use Body charge alot and twin attack, speedy so our dearest TB, should take note of this before we take on Bandari FC, on our next game in Mombasa, safe jouney for the entire K’Ogalo fraternity to Mombasani and good Game too.

  11. Why should somebody in the of calibar Mr. SALIM,can hate Clud in such manner? I think Chiko Lawi should look for somebody who can analize how the Games was played not people like Mr. Salim with fixed minded . Though I know that Gilbert Selebwa is strong supporter of AFC, but he was giving facts about the Game, first Salim did predict that AFC, is going to beat Gor Mahia, only the first 10 minutes they tried to shoot outside 18 yards, in fact it was Mangoli shoot can be consided as kick can go passed Goal-keeper like Boni?.Please Mr. Salim give us break as supporters of Gor Mahia, be like Mr. Ghost and Mr. Selebwa?

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