2 Aug 11

After a week off, Gor Mahia will face second placed Tusker in match whose winner could go to the top of the table depending on the score. The importance of this game cannot be underscored for both teams. The winner will have a leg up in the KPL title sweepstakes. A win over their primary challengers will also serve as a psychological boost for Gor Mahia or Tusker. It is amazing that Kogalo are this close to going tops. Only a few months back it seemed like Tusker was quickly running away from the pack as Ulinzi did last year.

So intimidated were Tusker by Gor Mahia fans that they opted to play the first leg match in Mumias. Little did they know that not only do Gor Mahia fans travel but many actually live in Mumias and its environs. Trying to tame the Gor Mahia 12th man is an exercise in futility. Anyone who doubts it should ask Tusker.  Gor Mahia players will be hoping that the fans turn up in droves and get behind the team.

The Kogalo movement can now count several Odieros amongst its followers in addition to Kenyans of all backgrounds.

The equivalent fixture last year ended with Gor Mahia winning 2-0 capped by a dazzling display by George Odhiambo “Blackberry”. The goal he scored that day with a mazy dribble past several hapless Tusker defenders will be remembered for many years by those who watched it live. Tusker players are probably still scratching their heads wondering how Blackberry bemused and befuddled them with a run reminiscent of Maradona vs England in 1986 or Leonel Messi vs Man U recently. Tall man Shikokoti could not unwind his long legs quickly enough to counteract Blackberry. He probably still sees Blackberry in his nightmares.

Reports suggest that Collins Okoth “Gattuso” and Edwin Lavatsa will be missed due to injuries. But the likes of Akumu,  Kevin Ochieng, Selenga, Odera etc are capable of filling those boots and Lavatsa has earned some rest after his stellar display against Ingwe 10 days ago where he played a crucial role in all 3 goals. Well done Lavatsa  ! and quick recovery.

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  • Ja Ngere says:

    The bus will be in use starting today(michezoafrika.com) .si i told u that patience pays.

  • jakojera 9 says:

    If the technical bench is reading this….Please work on the mental strength of the players and take this game very seriously…..GOD loves KO’galo mayienga!

  • General Arodi says:

    Kogalo ketho wia… Can’t even work today

  • omondiomollo says:

    We should beware of Ibrahim Kitawi, he could give a “Demonde Selenga treatment.” Mambo kwenu Collins Omondi and Solomon Nasio, we dont want a highway kwa flanks like we did against Congo in the KPL in May.

  • . . . .The charges are very favourable: Ksh.500/ 100 . . . .3,000 vip/ 16000 terraces . . . . the clunb needs that kind of money for sustainability . . . .yesterday I met Collins Okoth in Hurlingham where he went for traetment, . . .will miss even the W.Stima match, pray for his recovery . . . .today’s game is very tricky, . . .No Lavatsa and Gattuso . . . .but Kevin Ochieng is fully back . . .. .so we hope Zico gets it right, like he did it in Ingwe game . . . .viva Gor Mahia

  • ODUOR12 says:

    With Collo n Lavasta MIA let Zico and the teamup their game.Today’s game is crucial since win for K’galo means we top the league. As per the trend we shld win, Hope to see the bus its been long long overdue,is this only coz AR wants to avoid questions as he goes for KFF chairmanship but who cares as long as the bus is there. Just a bit of advice to editors when writing such articles include standard info such as: Where to get tickets, what time the match in starting and who is the home team

  • Joe Riaga says:

    LOL ! Were those Odieroz really singing in dholuo ? I have met Wahindi who speak fluent dholuo. But have never met an Odiero who can.

  • omondiomollo says:

    @ Joe Riaga, in my local parish in Macalder, there is a curious case of the parish priest who is Italian and can only speak Italian and Dholuo!!

  • Ouma says:

    Go Tuzo,gooo!! unstoppable.Lazima tumalize watu leo..

  • . . . .that much was so tricky as many of you had predicted, . . ..


    am normaly happy seeing more n more Odieros’ attend our matches…even Abonyos will begin streeming in..

  • Zack wuod Adongo machogo says:

    Mayie sirikal!! Go kogalo go