Gor Mahia win 2017 Supercup

Gor Mahia appear to be back on track after a dismal pre-season that saw them lose four matches. This time it was a second half goal by Jacque Tuyisenge enabled Gor Mahia to beat Tusker 1-0 and lift the 2017 Supercup at Afraha on Sunday.
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Coach Ze Maria lifted his first trophy with Gor Mahia after beating Tusker on Sunday

Gor Mahia beat Tusker 1-0 on Sunday at Afraha Stadium to lift the 2017 KPL Super Cup trophy.

Rwandan striker Jaques Tuyisenge converted home from the spot in the 60th minute to hand K’Ogalo the first silverware in 2017.

Tusker emerged KPL champions in 2016 when Gor Mahia finished second and both teams went into this match with a mindset of proving their quality.

They played with caution in the first-half going to the breather without a goal though Cercidy Okeyo and Moses Ndawula were instrumental for Tusker.

On return, Gor Mahia won a penalty in the 59th minute and Tuyisenge arose to put it past Tusker keeper; a goal which eventually handed the Green Army the title.

With Supersport having withdrawn sponsorship, this year’s edition of the match was not broadcasted on television and no prize money is given to winners.

Therefore, the only thing Gor Mahia take home is the trophy, winners’ medals and 60% of gate collections. The remaining percentage goes to losers Tusker FC.

Fans were allowed to watch the match after either paying Sh500 for a VIP seat or Sh200 for a seat at the terraces.

Tusker: Duncan Ochieng(GK), Marlon Tangauzi, Samuel Olwande, Lloyd Wahome, Eugene Asike, Hashim Sempala, Noah Wafula, Cercidy Lumumba, Humphrey Mieno, Moses Ndawula, Clifford Alwanga.

Subs: David Okello(GK),Martin Kizza, James Situma, Sydney Ochieng, Jackson Macharia, Victor Ndinya, Abdul Hassan.

Gor Mahia: Boniface Oluoch, Karim Nizigiyimana, Haron Shakava, Joash Onyango, Musa Mohamed, Ernest Wendo, Jean-Baptiste Mugiraneza, Kenneth Muguna, Godfrey Walusimbi, Timothy Otieno,Jacques Tuyisenge.

Subs: Peter Odhiambo, Wellington Ochieng’, Philemon Otieno, Oliver Maloba, George Odhiambo, Edwin Wafula, Antony Mbugua, Amos Nondi.

29 thoughts on “Gor Mahia win 2017 Supercup

  1. Kudos. A much improved perfomance. Miguna Miguna is the real conductor. Wendo struggled, poor positioning and losing possession needlessly. Had mentioned Philemon could replace Gatusso in the longterm and had only about 10 minutes on the pitch but did more then Wendo did in 90. Was unlucky not to get on the scoresheet with a screamer at the end that had the house stomping on its feet. Timothy has great movement and kept a cool head to win the penalty from a sublime Nizigiyimana pass. Kahata, Kagere and Gatusso missing in action. With the coach preferring Wendo, Migi, Miguna and Timothy they may as well be ready for an extended period on the bench as Jakoyo had predicted.

    1. @Musymo tell me about the defense. Did we play a 3-man central defense with Walusimbi playing fullback 3 or was it a 2-man central defense with Musa at 3? I am trying to figure it out.

      Brewkenge’s work is to be beaten. Gor Mahia’s work is to win matches. My work as a fan is to cheer and support Gor Mahia. Today I shout loud cheering the team for beating Brewkenge. However, should GM fail to win, they shall have denied me a chance to do my work and I should not be expected to keep quiet.

      1. @BB, it was a 3 man defence of Shakava, Musa and Joash. Karim played more as a winger but tracked back to defend. Walusimbi played exclusively in offensive left and was brilliant!!!

  2. Admin, get your facts right.It was towards 60th minute.Great,Great, Great congratulations boys for beating and ashaming the brewkenge.A good start for ze maria,this win has restored confidence in players. Just keep the fire burning osemoke.Next patient…… Kariobangi sharks.

  3. Here comes a chance to congratulate Gor Mahia for doing something applaudable. I didn’t watch the match but I feel that beating Tusker offers me enough reason to wag my tail. However, we won’t rest on our laurels until all the infections in this club are quarantined. We won’t enjoy the Nyangi vs Ottamax politics because we have better political games to listen to this year.
    We will need regular updates of the club finances, not the news that Crown beverages withdrew some sponsorship.
    Go go go Gor Mahia and be a club of your right calibre.

    1. A win is a win. Supercup down, 5 league games to go. We need to know the gate collections to pay “HUGE DEBTS” lest by the time some officials leave GMFC will be bankrupt owing KRA, Nyayo stadium management, Toyoyo grounds management and don’t know who else hundreds of millions. Focus is both on the pitch and office.

  4. Idont think it was 80th thou ididnt check my watch. If that’s how Tursker want to defend kpl then they r out for a surprise no 5 if am not wrong. Wuluwalu is in aform of his life time. Job weldone boys.

  5. @musymo, there is only one person to thank for this victory, AR. Offcourse, credit also goes to the players, the EC and the fans for being forever oprmistic.

    After the poor pre-season vibes , AR sat down and listened to every piece of advice that some bloggers had recommended including bringing Jodala back to the foe and relocating homes matches to camp Jodala – kisumu stadium .

    Now the results in the last 3 matches have shown and we can now match forward with confidence wth the new EC.

    AR indeed for 10 more years!

    1. Jakoyo owadwa you dare take Ze Maria’s hard fought win and attribute it to AR while you know the coach labours with the playing unit all week in preparation for such?lol…Am happy so this is on a very light note don’t take it otherwise but I believe we will only congratulate EC once all Debts and Arrears are settled in full and audited books of accounts published.In the meantime it is congratulations to Players and TB for a first step in the right direction.It is special as it is Ze Maria’s first ever cup win in his coaching career. Savour it coach

      1. reminds of me of one person in the 90’s who was with a harrambee stars as a KFF official , when the team had gone for a an outside match, immediately the team set foot at JKIA, he screamed loudly to all the media outlets, ” This win is for Moi, we won for Moi”. Anybody remember that?

  6. Tibim, I want to go on record that we will soon win over all the naysayers. Wajiunge tu na sisi kwa kusabikia Gor Mahia.

  7. Ze Maria Gatusso covers Bony don’t keep a grudge in a family not all kids are the same just mentor him I beg u.
    Wendo concedes crucial fouls.
    Give gattuso a chance

    1. What is this craze about Gatusso. If the lad does not want to be a team player, he cannot be forced. We are not privy to why he did not appear on the team list. May be he has a knock, may be he has not trained the whole week, may be his current form is wanting etc. The coach can only work with the squad at hand.

      Siasa nimewachia Jubilee na NASA. Never worried about nothing in Kogallo. For God and my beloved club – Kogallo

  8. @ Jasego, you are damn right on your reaction to @Jakoyo. When the team looses, the coach is the one who takes the harshest of the criticism. And now when the team wins we give credit to another entity? That’s not fair man.

  9. @ Jasego, nothing personal and NO disrespect to Ze Maria but I dont think we would have won the trophy without AR implementing the recent changes in the TB – We pleaded for them.

    Unfortunately, that is how the game is all over the world …… When the club wins, EC, players and the TB take credit and when the club looses – only TB’s head is on the chopping line.

  10. Kudos to the Team. Just to digress a bit, I think that closing Gor Out of camp Toyoyo may just be a blessing in disguise. Reflecting back to some of our contributions as bloggers, it was like we were with this team every day watching them in their practices. We became familiar and that sort of made it difficult to see the progression. In fact some people became part of the Technical Bench at the periphery. Being a way from the some times not so friendly helps the players to build their own confidence and not fall into the temptations of playing for the spectators with the hope of making it into the first Team. Even though the context of being thrown out of Camp Toyoyo is not good, but it may just change things for us. Tusker is always a hard nut for us to crack but we did it.

  11. Am happy to read @Musymo’s indepth analysis.Its sad that with all the politics we have not done player analysis here.I don’t even know who Philemon is.I saw the game for 2 seconds on KTN sports news and I admit when I saw Miguna with the ball I saw Mariga.

    1. @moses, Philemon Otieno is a defensive midfielder signed from relegated Ushuru. At one point he was captain before the armband got to Rodgers Ochieng in Kenyatta’s totalitarian game of musical/football chairs. He plays aggresively, covers a lot of ground, is not afraid to get into the tackle and has good positional awareness. One advantage he has over Wendo is that while defensively disciplined, he has an eye for the forward pass an attribute today’s defensive mid should have i.e he initiates attacks when prudent but can also hold the ball and slow the tempo should the occasion demand. Wendo is relatively solid defensively and that is where it ends. Most of his passes are either sideways or backwards. Philemon defends superb but complements attacks as he showed against Thika and yesterday where he almost scored a belter.

  12. Since coming from Afcon Walu seems to have heels in his step. We expect fireworks from him.I think the(incredible/genius/super tactician/king of naysayers) coach is or has prepared a team that will survive any departure of key player in Dec.

  13. Reports from elsewhere indicate that we could have won by a bigger margin had we utilized the chances we created. Though a win is a win, even if its from a penalty, it would have been sweeter if the goal had been scored in open play. This makes me a little uncomfortable. @Musyimo, @Jasego, do we still have a finishing problem from what you saw? Also, how was our play?….tiki taka, jodala style …..or a hybrid?

    1. @Marto Original, the finishing is not that bad, but must sharpen and be more clinical. You read of how we missed many scoring chances. Timothy is a handful for defenders and can be the perfect fit for Tuyisenge. He can play the complementary role Kagere played for Olunga. If they click, as I said before they will both hit double targets.

    2. Marto a good attacking pair or lone striker is simply one that scores many goals and frequently from open combination play for that matter not occasionally.Scoring once in a while and on a good day is what midfielders should do.Therefore the calibre of our attacking pair (whichever coach will choose)will be judged on goals and I am hopeful they shall click and pump them in.Rem when Olunga was around all of us would simply go to the stadium singing and motivated bullishly for a win against whichever opponent why?Olunga was almost certain to score no matter what and for that matter we had a lethal striking force unforseen in recent times at Mayienga.Even Yanga SC lifted their hands for him at Cecafa

  14. Congrats to the team. Looks like for a long time most bloggers found themselves on the same side. We still have the issue of 5 matches-probation. My worry is what happens if ZM passes that with flying colours and then drops? I think we have a team to manage the opposition.
    Can’t wait for Sharks of kina Kitawi. the problem is where is the venue?

  15. Muguna’s passes are on point. He will be an asset to this team. But I still think that mid needs one more creative player. Bring Dube back in June. That man can still play

  16. Someone raised the Gatusso debate and am saying I don’t know why he wasn’t fielded and missed on the travelling squad and can’t fault the coach who knows his players more and the tactics he intends to use them for.That said though I must point out that a fit Gatusso is 10 times better than Wendo any day any time and at Ceteris Paribas there can be no justification to bench Gatusso and play a mispassing and blundering alternative if winning is the main agenda.I respect all players but this is a No Brainer. No offence intended

  17. my fellow bloggers,lets be patient with our team because i know we will be able to perfom much better than last season.I know other teams are also prepared to win the league but i am positive we will go all the way to lift the trophy.

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