Gor Mahia Youth team gets sponsorship from Sonko

Image courtesy of Judith Nyangi

The Gor Mahia youth team that is currently playing in a lower tier league has been facing acute financial difficulties. The team was founded by the Gor Mahia fans foundation. But starting in 2016, the club assumed control.

In 2016, the club was often late in disbursing funds. Today in 2017, the club has basically stopped funding the club which is now dependent on the goodwill of certain fans who have been contributing their hard earned money on a weekly basis.

Enter Nairobi gubernatorial candidate Mike Mbuvi ‘Sonko’  who has offered their youth team a sponsorship package which will push them until the end of the season.

Secretary general Ben Omondi and Organizing secretary Judith Nyangi both confirmed that Sonko would be funding the team and also paying for an ambulance at each match.


4 thoughts on “Gor Mahia Youth team gets sponsorship from Sonko

  1. Wuod Asego kanyada, i hope you have also not taken a BREAK. I BEG YOU TO INFORM ME ON ONE NAGGING ISSUE. Why has Kenya become a breeding ground for Ugandan footballers? Are Kenyans nonperforming? TZ? Even UG coaches are excelling in Kenya,. no Kenya coach is in Ug? This reflects a lot.

    1. Am still around Jamriambo though i don’t know where you hail from or is it kanyamwa Homabay dala Mahia?Ugandan footballers are very hardworking and disciplined in terms of lifestyle and going the extra mile like personal training and gyming without accompanying starehe like white cap.Take walusimbi for example and kagere who should ideally be in the twilight of their careers but are still enjoying playing due to discipline.On coaches well i don’t think they are particularly better than us tactically or technically just that the are very much into ”special programmes” which seems to be working for them. Kimanzi…Abdalla Juma…Pamzo…Zico…William Muluya…Francis Baraza are just as good as them without additives…On Tz those guys are just disinterested in anything Kenyan due to stereotypes of olden days hence our minimal presence or there’s in our league

  2. Admin, am perplexed ati when bloated Mugabe led EC took over running of the youth wing that was the begining of the end? That EC has basically stopped fund its own youth club, how now?

  3. I am surprised that even the kingdom guards are not celebrating this new development! They will say this is one of the greatest achievements of ” The Almighty Mugabe” Mimi kura yangu Ni ya KIDERO na Sifuna na sio tafadhali.


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