Hard fought tie in Awendo

GOR Mahia’s youthful outfit settled for a 1-1 draw. Despite beeing cheered in by the large crowd, Kogalo failed to break the Awendo jinx that is now running for 6 years.

After a barren first half, Kogalo started the second half brightly and Francis Ocholla opened the scoring in the 50th minute but it was cancelled by Fred Onyango in the 71st minute.

Sony pinned the visitors in their half for long periods but the Gor Mahia defence marshalled by veteran Julius Owino stood firm.

9 thoughts on “Hard fought tie in Awendo

  1. GM manzee you need to pull up your socks. 3 points out of a possible 12 points ? Forwardline is blunt hebu baldwin akae kwa bench kidogo tujaribu Owiti ama Makori.

  2. This line up was bad. How can you play with 3 offensive strikers and one attacking midfielder in this day and age ?
    In the 1st half you had Blackberry, Kitawi, Ocholla and Baldwin all playing at the same time. None of these players are capable of supporting defense when Sony counter attacks.

    Such a scenario leaves the defense under pressure because there arent enough players to cover counter attacks.

    This line up had no balance. In this day and age you play with 2 strikers and one playmaker and 2 holding midfielders.

    The line up was:

    1.Fredrrick Onyango: 4 Julius “Awillo” Owino (captain), 3. Christopher Wekesa, 28. Nicholas Otieno, 2.Francis Akang’o, 6. Anthony Akumu, 22. Brian Osumba, 25. George Odhiambo (John Kiplagat 82’), 9. Baldwin Ngwa (17. Dan Makoni, 52’), 10. Zablon Otieno (24. Ibrahim Kitawi), 7. Francis Ocholla

    Zico needs to pull up his socks bana

  3. joe riaga, i was at sony and i don’t agree with you on the line up. we had two strikers (odhiambo and ngwa)two offensive midfieders on the wings(osumba and zablon) one attacking midfielder (ochola and he scored) one defensive/holding midfielder (akumu) two central defenders (nico and akang’o) then two wing backs (awilo and wekesa) and of course the goalkeeper (jery) inbrahim kitawi came in for zablon (correct replacement) duncan makori for ngwa and lastly kiplang’at for odhis.

  4. Kogalo wa uru wadwaro mondo uchwad timbe gi matek. Many uru gima rach mondo ulos weche obed mabeyo weuru goyo atwoya mang’ny kamona

  5. Ngwa and george odhiambo are not performing can you give that chance to someone else before we get our self in the relegation zone.tho guys lack commitment to the team they just want to showcase their talent but not help the team.

  6. Ron Ngala thanks for the input
    But you just made my point

    You mentioned that there were
    2 strikers
    2 wingers who mainly focus on attack
    1 attacking midfielder

    Thats too many attacking players

    So out of 4 midfielders, only one had defensive duties. That is a recipe for disaster. That is why our defense was under such pressure in the second half.

    Having only one defensive midfielder is asking for trouble. How can he cover both ends of the field ?

    Instead of having 2 wingers, you should have two central defenders who must fall back to support the defense.

  7. To summarize my thoughts. It appears Kogalo were under intense pressure in the last 20 minutes.

    When you are under such pressure it usually means your midfield is dead and is unable to stop the opposing teams moves.

    When midfield is dead, defense comes under pressure.

    Solution: Kogalo needs to shore up the defensive midfield area by adding an extra defensive midfielder or by asking the other two midfielders to fall back and support defense.

  8. Lets meet at Nyayo Today, now that FKL agreed that the ban does not exist to cheer our team. Then on Monday w e join our AFC brothers for the same. I have 4 of them accompanying me today.

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