5 thoughts on “Highlights of Gor Mahia vs Thika United

  1. I want to say that the two goals were well executed especially the second which was as a result of neat passes between Serunkuma and Wanyonyi.
    I think the chemistry between our forwards is now working.
    Overral it was a good teamwork, congrats boys. Heed your coachs advice by remaining focused on the remaining matches.

  2. Response 2 @ Alego tat Yien & Akuot Oyugi.
    I concur with you that members (noble investors) apart from being entitled 2 transperancy & accountability should also expect a return on their investment. These could be several & quite attractive e.g
    1. As mentioned by A.T.Y members preferably collectively but even individually be the only ones allowed to deal(retail) in GM merchandize esp. Jerseys
    2. Solidarity fees should be shared equally btween club & members( Wanyama’s fee was 80M, Cond..)


  3. Half of 80M is 40M which means a return of sh1,000 on ua investment of Sh.600 for that year. I strongly feel solidarity fee MUST b shared 2 give fans a return on their investment. This is a best case scenario but u get the drift.
    But biggest return will b providing GM with a stable financial base as a spring board 2 CECAFA/CAF TITLES. The emotional payoff r PRICELESS.
    The choice of 50bob/monthly is 2 mek membership affordable 2 most.
    Let’s Act

  4. Mine is simple is club land still there if so then invester is there rdy to constract astadium complete with hostels on contract of not less than 20yr we use it but revanue got in it throu gate collection n all other hires remain his till he recover his figure,chair being alawyer he ca handle that. Its achinees campany n with his proposal even Housing finance can do it.
    On membership or fan base we can even use little chance like now Dr Alfred mutua want one of our home match to b played at Machakos stadium 4r free.we can go there recruite members who will b submiting 50shs per month same Nyeri,meru etc

  5. @ODUOR 12, the system of returns on investments I understand it to be the shares system whereby if a business makes profit then that profit is divided to share holders as dividends and another portion of the profit is saved for the future as general reserve. That is good use of the solidarity fee. To generate profit for paying dividends this organisation should be a full limited company so that it can engage in self sustaining businesses like selling players, academy business, signing agreements to sell Gor mahia pens, phone covers, umbrellas, key holders, head scurfs etc, etc. This issue of donations and membership subscriptions, although it is wellcome, it is not a good idea because it has been tried before and it failed. So emphasis should not be put there so much. You dont do the same thing twice and expect to get different results. Now what is remaining is to start acting and executing all these good ideas.

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