15 thoughts on “In Pictures: Gor Mahia celebrates 18th league title

  1. Avire is the perfect replacement for Tyuisenge but can Kalekwa do business with Gor? The EC can try Otanga whom I believe will come running if Sony agrees to let him go.

    1. @Odhis, Avire can’t be a perfect replacement to Tuyisenge. I am just wondering which games do you guys watch. Avire ni Ugali nyngi with no football ideas.

  2. My concern is on kahata plz whoever can reach the Ec of the club tell then to extend kahata’s contract, bcz kahata said that he has not been approached by the club to negociate for the contract extention whats wrong with them yawa? we will lose this player,

  3. Gor Mahia EC, please renew the contract of Kahata. This is a good player who still wants to play for the team. This is a young man who has worked hard for the team. In case there is any mistake he made somewhere along the way, he need to be pardoned and guided just as a parent does to his children. @Ambrose Rachier, awacho ma ayueyo.

    1. @Jagem, Kahata is not a young man. Once a player has decided to leave, let him leave in peace. Of course if he happens to be part of the indiscipline group, then let him go.

  4. Let’s let Kahata go make money at Simba. We surely cannot pay better than Simba. We will have another Kahata from the current or future players

  5. https://www.nation.co.ke/sports/football/Ambrose-Rachier-to-quit-Gor-Mahia/1102-5133012-sxvqj9/index.html

    This is what most bloggers here have been calling for. My take though is that sometimes our wishes get granted then we wish for the devil we knew. All aspirants for this position in elections gone by have been jokers. Bloggers have been saying that should not be a reason for letting Rachier hang on and that someone will come up..What wishful thinking!!!!! Positions of great import like this don’t just come from nowhere. Still, for the love of Kogalo, I hope they are right and me, wrong

    1. Hearty Congrats GMFC for retaining the league title again.

      So the longest serving chairman is set to leave office without ever achieving even a local double not to mention a treble, a regional or continental title.
      However most worrying as he exits or if he exits office is and I quote

      ”He has however been criticised for a laissez-faire leadership style that has seen the club sink into debt, leading to the freezing of their accounts due to tax arrears.”

      How much and whom does GMFC owe. ADOR please leave behind a clear picture of the club’s financial position e.g KRA’s 129M, hotel bills, players salaries / allowances etc.

  6. With the possibilities implied: Tuyisenge, Kahata leaving and the eventual Rachier’s exit, this is the time of sober thinking. Nobody would have wished for the duo to leave at this time with the Continental assignment not so far away. But as it may, it is inevitable. I think that for the two, the best that we can do is to accept and appreciate them for the great work they have done while with the club. Of course as it were, money talks but also if one has set in their heart to move, you must not stop them. One thing for sure I know is that just like we got Jackie and Kahata, we shall get good replacements as well. We trust our scouts will do a good a job. Gor having been consistent in the continental arena, rest assured that very many good and able players would like to be part of the team. Which good player would want to miss an opportunity to play for Gor if it means an avenue to a good pay perk somewhere? In fact I might as well say, our scouts are going to be spoiled for a better choice. As for Rachier, that is going to be a tough one. Who ever has been thinking or will be showing interest for that seat MUST take a critical look at what they are getting themselves to. If I were them, I would try and look for an opportunity to sit down with Rachier to share his experience of having picked Gor from where it was to now. One might just be shocked at what he has gone through. In the meantime, Kaa radar.

    1. We need clarity and a proper financial handover otherwise every Tom, Dick and Harry will be waving their pending bill(s) real or imagined at the new chairman who will be overwhelmed. This is probably what the “exiting” chair wants and is planning for!

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