Its down to 3 games and 3 points

Following Kogalo’s 1-0 win over arch rivals AFC Leopards and League Leaders Ulinzi’s shock 0-1 defeat to Western Stima, only 3 points seperate the league leaders from the runners up.
Still it will be a tall order for Kogalo. Not only do they have to win all 3 remaining games and hope that Ulinzi lose one, but they would have to score 4 more goals than Ulinzi over the last 3 games. The latter is highly unlikely given the recent form that saw them drop points at Karturi sports amongst others.
Still it has been a succesful season for Kogalo both on and off the field. The fans have returned in droves and support is at fever pitch. On the field, Kogalo have given fans the kind of hope that has been absent since 1997.

The fans have acted as the crucial 12th man throughout the season and will be sure to appear in full force during the last 3 games.

19 thoughts on “Its down to 3 games and 3 points

  1. I beleave we can do it, Sony will definatly not allow Ulinzi to go away with all the 3 points. It will remain upon our boys to prove there worth by not loosing any match, we are there to support them till the last game kudos guys.

  2. My predictions for the remaining matches.
    Gor 2 Thika United 0
    Gor 1 Sony 0
    Gor 1 City Stars 1

    Ulinzi 1 Sony 1
    Ulinzi 0 Red Berets 1
    Ulinzi 0 Karuturi 0

    Out of nine points Ulinzi will collect 2 and Gor will pick 7. Therefore 52+2=54 for Ulinzi and 49+7=56 for Gor.

  3. hey, K”ogalo is smelling the victory but needs to take precaution on the remaining three matches especially the away match in thika.

  4. nah red berets will not thwat ulinzi kizee use another prediction my only prayer is gor should not draw coz if th@ is the case hmm

  5. My wife and I will be there for the three remaining games no matter where they will be played. Boys you must win the games for us.

  6. Kogalo we have what it takes to chukua hii ligi. Goals za mapema. This yea its gor and arsenal. Bigup uaselves boyz.

  7. This is the moment of reckoning.anything can happen to ulinzi.However,we must improve on our away games.the naivasha game was not quite ok.something was lacking in our midfield.we let karuturi dictate the match for a long time.K’ogalo,this is the time to stand and be counted.I will definetly be at Thika.Good luck,young boys.

  8. gor tuko pamoja lets concentrate with winning our three matches, thats the main goal and hope ulinzi draw or lose believe we can do it

  9. no club in kenya is getting the support that K’ogallo is receiving at this moment, and i wont relent in asking more fans to support their own. its tricky to get all the nine points and expect ulinzi to lose a game, but with the support, YOTE YAWEZEKANA.

  10. win the league or not GOR i will always be there.We were with u during the lean times.They can even schedule your next match on mars but we will b there.GOR IS GOOD ALL THE TIME .

  11. . GOR 2 – City stars 0, Ulinzi 0 -Sher Karuturi 1. this is the year for Kogalo. na hiki ni kipaji chetu tumejaliwa na mola kama vile mtume anavyofanya miujiza. Go Kogalo Go.

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