Kagere, Blackberry and Musa win end of year awards

Gor Mahia once again doinated the annual footballer of the year awards, winning 3 out of 7 individual awards.

Courtesy of the Nation
Gor Mahia forward Meddie Kagere was crowned the Sports Journalist Association of Kenya (SJAK) Most Valuable Player in an inaugural gala held on Monday in Nairobi.

Kagere beat Kariobangi Sharks’ Masud Juma and compatriot Jacques Tuyisenge to the prestigious award that came with a 55-inch television screen courtesy of LG, a return ticket from Skyward Express, a DStv decoder and a gift hamper from Kenya Wine Agency Limited (KWAL).

“Hard work pains but it pays. I thank my teammates who used to make me feel I can do it.

“I am excited and I thank the Gor staff, supporters and above all God,” an elated Kagere, who aided Gor to an unprecedented 16th title by scoring 13 goals, said.

Kariobangi Sharks, who got promoted in the league this season, produced two winners: John Oyemba and Masud Juma in the goalkeeper and Golden boot categories.

“I was aiming to be the top scorer and I knew I shall achieve it because I was working hard daily in training.

“I am happy I did it. Now my aim is to play for bigger clubs outside Kenya in the near future,” Juma, whose two goals in the Cecafa Senior Challenge Cup helped Kenya clinch their seventh title Sunday, said.

Other guests were Football Kenya Federation (FKF) president Nick Mwendwa and Sports Principal Secretary Peter Kaberia.

“This is just a Launchpad, the next awards will be better,” SJAK president Chris Mbaisi said.

Winners in each category went home with a 49-inch TV screen, a KWAL gift hamper, DStv decoder and a return Skyward Express ticket usable across the country only.

Full list of winners

Most Valuable Player – Meddie Kagere (Gor Mahia)

Golden Boot – Masud Juma (Kariobangi Sharks)

Goalkeeper of the year – John Oyemba (Kariobangi Sharks)

Defender of the year – Musa Mohammed (Gor Mahia)

Midfielder of the year – George ‘Blackberry’ Odhiambo (Gor Mahia)

New Young Player – Nicholas Kipkirui (Zoo Kericho)

Coach of the year – Sam Ssimbwa (Sofapaka)

SJAK Award – Esse Akida


47 thoughts on “Kagere, Blackberry and Musa win end of year awards

    1. By virtue of Sofapaka being number 2 he deserves it. Kerr was not legible due to the number of games he presided over.
      Congrats to all winners. This shows that in Gor everyone is potentiality a winner

    1. now mieno and kago are free agents why not move swiftly fir the latter’s signature ….

      I just feel mieno will be of use to us and also if possible the electric kago…….

      whats your take jodala……

  1. Congrats all mayienga players for awards well deserved…So far we have signed Messrs:Ephraim Guikan,Lawrence Juma,Kevin Ade and Charles Momanyi…Two more signatures pending and maybe a further surprise cat in the bag in due course

  2. Do whatever possible to make Gor MAHIA f.c progress in CAF CHAMPIONSHIP and then we shall make sure that our fans turnout will be reciprocal of the glorified 97′. Maneno ya KPL is just too boring and quite demotivating to speak about year in year out. BILA CAF MIMI NI Sofa-set pap.

  3. congrat mayienga,for producing the best.I urge the ec to continue updating us on the new signings.They must stop keeping us in the dark.

  4. Rodney Kevin Omondi aka Daddy or Ade is already signed as i indicated,wesley onguso and samuel onyango are pending awaiting release letters from sofapaka and Kdf…Another final seventh Marquee signing from ghana might also be signed Solomon Mensah wouyi Ratego

    1. How will Mensah fit with our foreign quota exhausted? Thing 2. You talked of some Gor signings the other day, i.e some former Ulinzi U20, Sydney from Bidco and another. Where did they go?

      1. Musymo yes 3 including Lawi from Nzoia but as you know my stature can i mention Lokudet Ekalie & Sidney Ouma among Marquee signing jadhot.Awaiting Onguso & Samuel tgem btn Mieno and Ghanaian and a surprise Dennis Sikhayi depending on how things unfold in the next few days

          1. @Musyo, Karim’s name might not be forwarded to Cairo due to the injury he suffered as CAF matches are anticipated to start early before his full recovery.

    2. kudos, does it mean okgidwa release gi or what is going…… jogi osinaaaaaaa

      what of another creative mid jasego. …. ..

      kasto striker moro be wamanye….

    1. Gor have better players in the departments those Ingwe players play. Gor has not approached those players and Ingwe should stop hallucinating!!

  5. now that mieno has been released by tusker and are free agents why not move swiftly for their signatures together with kago. the guy is an upgrade of ovella in terms of pace, technique and pace in case we are not contented with our current wingers ……

    addition of the two I gauze be of great importance to us especially in caf preparations that is looming ..

    jasego can you cinfirm these thingss,,,,
    1. the loooming arrivals of sam onyangoand onguso whom I hear their current employers are unwilling to release on issues of strengthening direct oppositions and replacement signings respectively…..
    2. the ghanian arrival then ommission of karim’s name in caf

    will the ghanian be of great use really bear in mind we have teddy and philemon and mieno if signed,,,,,,,I rest my case. .

    1. We are pursuing ceaselessly the twin matters of onguso & samuel daddy so just keep calm a little longer we see how things unfold with their respective employers.The players are willing to join and that is the most important factor in transfer signings,we will use pesa to get them as we need them for Caf

  6. @rodney, EC have learnt the hard way….remember odula and jerry santos saga ?

    Unfortunately (reality of age cheating ) any player who has played football competitively for over 10 years and is an African must be in the 35+ years age bracket which eliminates the likes Anthony Ndolo, Danson Kago, Humphrey Mieno, Allan Wanga, James Situma and Atudo from ever doning the green jersey…

    1. @Jakoyo, at what age was Dan Ogada when he reigned supreme in Gor Mahia mid-field? How about Tom Juma? Let us not dismiss Mieno coz of his Age. Between Mieno and Baba Kizito, who is older? Somebody please go for Humphrey Mieno, but do not think of Kago owing to his off-the-pitch discipline baggage.

  7. Brothers,Caf champions league dynamics are such that incidentally the teams with the most experienced veterans reaches far as compared to young talented blood.A quick look at TP Mazembe is on average every 3 players cumulative ages combined was an average of a century (100 years) meaning 32-35 year olds are the backbone of that team.Al Ahly keeper is 39,Zamalek has a 36 year old defender and 37 year old attacking midfielder.African physiology is that we peak at 27 and 30-35 is prime age of kumoko in the field of play .Charles Okwemba at 45 is still running rings and so was striker Baraza at Sofapaka at 45 two years ago.Rainford Kalaba of Zambia 38 is still a big star.Case in point,MIeno is more likely to fare much better in Caf than Muguna any day despite the latter being younger,more flexible and better skilled snc in Battle Hardened veterans are what Caf requires,a sad reality but truth.Disclaimer:I am for youthful players any day any time but Caf bila wazee wa kazi hatuendi mahali,Leta Mieno na Wanga kama cover striker for Caf purposes ikibidi,huko inataka gari design ya peugeot chuma machoon sio dubai benz…On a light note

    1. @Jasego, i fully support you in this. For and evert other team needs short time as well as longtime plans. The 30s are oir current/shortime plans and the 20s our future plan. So barring any chronic injury the Mienos will do as good for a year or two and this will maintain our legacy. So get Mieno since i know Wanga wants to go South or Zambia.

  8. Quality is always welcomed at kogalo tuache propagada ya miaka coz that is not what determine who wins what it only ensures continuity and the last time i checked we cannot hold our best young players even to the likes of tirana…. bwana Ec leta ao hapa wachape kazi… we need quality in quantity for the 4 titles we will be fighting for kogalo forever.!

  9. These very players failed tusker to clinch the local league and now they have been released, what makes you feel they will perform at continental level. On this I support Jakoyo, these players are aged and we need not sign any of them.

    1. When we failed to win the league in 2016 did we release our players for that reason? The EC and TB will decide though we can always raise our references/concerns since we ALL want the best for the team

  10. The season before Yes but not this one. A declining performance as a player ages is a fact and I believe that’s why they have been released by Tusker.
    May be one or two joining the bench but not as players

    1. why not then hand mieno a short contract of maybe 6month to check on his performance….. ju I see lawi out for six mobths

  11. Hahaha, ati African Physiology!! Omera J’Asego kawuono to inega!! That’s a new branch of Physiology.. All said, I believe Brewkenge underperformed because of administrative and technical issues. It is on such grounds that Nsimbe was shown the door. Whatever we are seeing is a purge on senior players who Brewkenge sees as not tamable under a new Tech Bench. In short, Brewkenge is on a long-term restructuring. A settled Meino is incomparable with any of our current attacking midfielders. Blend the team with a few golden oldies like Humphrey Mieno. For Alan Wanga I say a big no.

  12. Jasego is Musa on his way out also? He claims the contract is long over due and he has offers. Is this the reason Momanyi, Onguso are being roped in?

  13. This baraza guy feels threatened with senior players…. not because they can’t perform…… they fought the last 10 or so games and quality and edge over others that’s y they finished top 8…. give them short contracts as Rodney alums then judge. The more the mariner.Food for thought….when chinese clubs are fighting to sign the likes of tevez and others they are looking for development of younger players and leadership in their team. Experience is always a golden weapon in any endeavour.

  14. There are reports that Gor has signed Isaac Kipkemboi from Zoo Kericho after attempts to lure Onguso fell through.There are rumours that Mieno has agreed in principal to join Gor.

    1. I was also of the thought we bring isaac kipkemoi, the guy is better of maybe onguso has an additional ball throwing ability,,,,, onguso is ovwrrated to me…. deliveries dribbling n techniques very poor,

      then I see its now better tumempata mieno,,,, what of sam to conclude our signingss. can we really get that shikhayi fro semeji…. to dan abig no since he is no better than the existing trio,,,,,, if possible get shikhayi for cover ,,,,,

      in case musa is leaving get atudo paperwprk for cover ,,,,,itakua blow…………

      jodala boy moro kaa be chicha kwa attack kipkirui nicholas wa the same zoooo,,, pace skills n maturity anayoooo can he be assesed before (not a mis signing) he can make a future prospect….

  15. wuod suba uero duoko ji chien,,,,, be ifollo mpiche tusker the previous seasons…..dont go by awinjo….

    a settled mieno is far much better than our current midfielder period……
    jasego kindly confirm musa availability…. and twin aquistion of isaac and sam koso wamiss gi giteee

  16. Kipyegon is in. He was in HS CECAFA squad as left back. Onguso wanted 1m and gor was not ready to pay that for a defender. As usual with Gor we make average players better. As for Mieno i cannot wzit for him to join. A hsppy and settled Mieno is a big asset. I remember when we signed Olunga and the comments about him were nnot it good until he proved us all wrong

  17. @dan original, my ever reliable sources tells me that the instructions were to recruit only 6 players and it looks like we have closed the transfer business for the next season…so this are the names in the corridors of KOgallo as we speak.

    2 Strikers – Guikan and Kevin omondi ade
    1 Defensive midfielder – Humphrey mieno / Solomon mensah
    1 Attacking midfielder – Lawrence juma
    1 Winger – Isaac kipyegon / Wesley onguso
    1 Right back/defender – Charles momanyi /mohammed Hussein tshabalala


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