Kahata in action as Kenya beat Tanzania 3-2

The duo of Olunga and Ouma were key when Gor Mahia won the league unbeaten in 2015

Midfield ace Francis Kahata was the only Gor Mahia player in action on Thursday as Kenya twice came from behind to beat Tanzania 3-2 in a thrilling / nerve wracking encounter. Philemon Otieno did not play and Joash Onyango is still injured.

In what is now known as the majiarani derby, there were however a significant number of former Gor Mahia players including David Owino Calabar who played in place of Philemon. Eric Ouma who played in midfield and Michael Olunga who scored a brace. And Musa Mohamed who had another quiet game.

Tanzania took the lead against the run of play. From a lightning quick counter attack, Mbwana Samatta found himself wide open on the left flank. Of all the players to leave wide open, this ought to have been the last one since he has an impressive goal-scoring record for TP Mazembe and now plays in the Belgian top tier. But Calabar was nowehere to be seen and neither was any other defender. Sammatta’s shot was parried by goalkeeper Matasi right into the path of Msuva who duly netted.

Kenya battled back gamely. The equalizer came via Michael Olunga who scored with a spectacular scissors kick from a goalmouth melee. Kenya had barely finished celebrating when Samatta found himself wide open again on the left flank. This time he made a clever run and latched onto a through pass, leaving Calabar in his wake. His first attempt was stopped. But he made good on his second attempt. Tanzania went into half time leading 2-1.

Kahata had a quiet game but he did not put a foot wrong and was precise with his passes. But he was replaced by John Avire before halftime as coach Migne who made a tactical change as he looked for urgency. To sharpen the attack, coach Migne also replaced Abud Omar. And John Avire of Sofapaka. impressed with his work rate.

Kenya once again battled back. From a set play, Belgium based Johana Omollo, a product of Ofafa Jericho high school, sneaked behind the Tanzania defence to head the ball home.

Kenya then appeared to take their foot off the accelerator. To add some urgency, coach Migne brought on Eric Omondi Johana. He did not have an impressive game. But his one moment of brilliance created the third goal. His mazy run down the right flank ended with a pass to Olunga who turned around and scored with a low drive past the outstretched Tanzania goalkeeper.

Joseph Okumu was once again Kenya’s most impressive defender. Omollo was solid and did not put a foot wrong. Wanyama was okay but had far too many errant passes. Often he tried to make decisive passes into the box when more patience was called for. He had a fine header saved by the goalkeeper in the second half.

Masika once again looked very lively on the flanks. However he wasted a lot of runs by giving the ball away. On the opposite flank, Ouma Santos impressed with his industry. He almost scored with a volley from close range in the 14th minute but was denied by the keeper.

Tanzania were coached by former Nigeria winger Emmanuel Ammunike who featured against Gor Mahia in a 1994 CAF cup match while playing for Zamalek. On that day he was being tightly marked by Tobias Ocholla and his frustrations led him to lash out with a vicious elbow to Ocholla’s forehead. That match ended 1-1 at Nyayo stadium.

Ochola who was known as “Jua Kali” for his tight marking, should give Calabar tips. I can’t tell you how many times I saw Samatta open on that flank. Do that against Senegal and Sadio Mane will bury Kenya.

Stars now play Senegal in the final group game, hoping for draw that will propel them to the next stage.

23 thoughts on “Kahata in action as Kenya beat Tanzania 3-2

  1. Congratulation Kenya aka Gor ya madoadoa – Gor Chuor timbe – don’t narrow that fact even hapa Harambee Stars
    Kahata, Olunga, Macello, Calabar, Musa, Philemon,

      1. hehehehe………..very easy to forget…the simblings are many. Gor other wives (those that depend on Gor) are Uganda and Burundi featuring – say walusimbi, say Aucho Khalid, say Nzigimana, say Francis Mustafa.

        Tanzania ema pokwatero dhok…Ober gi bedo fourth (Inter)NATIONAL wife. But Mapunda was there once.

        Gor Kothe ber

  2. When Kenya faced Tz, the pain of seeing thousands of Kenyan chicken being burnt alive in Tanzania, the confiscation of hundreds Kenyan Maasai cattle by Tanzania and the arrest and detention of harmless Kenyan fishermen in Lake Victoria by Tanzania (all under the orders of John Pombe) was still fresh in the minds of the Kenya squad.

    The spirits of the dead Kenyan chicken just rose from the ashes, hovered in the air to Cairo and haunted our poor Tanzanian brothers. Poleni ndugu.

  3. Surely, do we see Kahata getting good price. In this tournament, he terribly low. I don’t know if Simba will still waist their money to secure his signature.
    Let him try to get contract at Gor, maybe the coach still love him. But me a big NO.

  4. These are my Africa Nations cup best 6.
    1. Olunga
    Deserves to play with the best. Knows his job.
    2. Eric Ouma
    On a good day this guy is basically lethal. To be able to defend and be employed as a winger shows that this guy is a gem.
    3. John Avire
    This guy is good, needs more exposure.
    4. Joseph Okumu
    Good needs more exposure
    5. Joash Onyango
    Even though he did not play I measure him up there.
    6. David Owino
    Surprised me that he was not up to the task yesterday. Replacing a defender i.e unless injured is really a “waste of resources”. I include him coz of his mentality.
    7. Ismael Gonzalez
    Has always been effective in midfield. I’m supprised he has not been starting.
    8. Dennis Odhiambo Despite silly mistakes, he has what is needed.
    On the this list I would add Antony Akumu, he has the mental qualities needed in the African scene.

    Musa Muhammed Normally good but seems to be abit lost. I put him at the boundary.

    Guys I would not necessarily select or have shown very poor mental strength.
    Victor Wanyama
    Aimless passes, slow in releasing the ball. All that an opposing coach needs to do is to make sure Wanyama gets the ball coz he will surely lose it.
    Abiud Omar et Phillemon
    I’m surprised Abiud has developed some “Phillemon” habits. He caused the first goal.
    Johanna Omollo
    Despite scoring there is no positive on this guy.
    Ayub Timbe, Paul Were, Ovella Ochieng
    Birds of the same feather. Easily lose the plot. More interested in “Super Bright” football.
    I doubt if this guy attends training while playing club football. Toooo slow. Unfitness caught up with him.
    Eric Omondi
    Can be good at times but has not shown hunger in his game. I would pick him but needs alot of improvement in his game.
    Kenya squad might do well but it does not have the mental abilities the W. African teams display. Kenya mostly out of fear could not handle Algeria. Senegal will come hammer and tongs for Kenya. Harambee stars is like a player with one good foot. You need both feet in this tournament.
    Harambee stars also get confused when their “normal” KPL tackles are flagged. But this is a let down of the standards of referring in Kenya. When will they realise that so long as you tackle from behind all the opponent has to do is to fall down. Ofcourse not all refs have shown class notably like the Zambian(Algeria-Senegal) ref.
    Playing against Senegal will be tough simply coz these are guys who know why they are on the pitch and act the part. Mane is kind of ineffective coz he does not have the same “quality support crew” he enjoys at Liverpool but on one on ones he can still do wonders. I would check on him and his “chief supplier” then move on from there.
    I am totally surprised that Harambee stars do not know how to close down on players. Coach Migne, watch Everton vs Gor at Goodison Park. Algeria are also good at it.

    1. @Dinga, why saying the need exposures while these players are being exposed already to the global scene? Is AFCON not a good exposure?

  5. @teddy.. Remember I requested we give these boys a chance before we judge them too harshly? Let’s continue to support them even against what looks like an arduous task in the name of Senegal. Anything can happen in a game of football!!

  6. It is high time that gormahia considered recruiting a zimbabwean player, i love their energy, offload the waiganjos (mustafa, ssekisambu, etal)

  7. @Jathurgi ji; “Nus pesa” is just a pseudo name. Otherwise he might even be “pesa kamili”. Kik itug osiepa.

  8. this is the first transfer am seeing everybody silence.both on the know and those not.@jtg,teddy,jasego.ar we operating under fearfactor just float the nameswe ar targeting so that jakoyo critisize so that when they ar recruted they prove us wrong the way kagere did.mustapha was bombered to us last minute and ok ne wachyo kokwa signing mare.so friends dont fear sharing what u want to do because of wazito,simba our second best is always their first best.pod wapek.

  9. I recall on the 80s GM officials picking Abbas Magongo Zamalek and hiding away in safe houses from marauding AFC spies until the deal was gone and done and dusted. Same to Bassanga, I believe Otieno Mike also and Paul Ochieng. Jasego are the good old days of cold war maneuvers back? If so bwana this silence is killing

  10. @dawaplus….i can authoritatively confirm that a deal has just been closed to sign Rayon Sports’ Djabel Imanishimwe . He should jet into Kenya next week.

    Djabel or ‘jaji’ as they call him in KIgali, is raw version of kahata and can play as LW- RW- CF and also as attacking midfielder. His strength is dribbling,vision and creating space.

    Watch him during Kagame cup and enjoy…..

  11. Let Jasego also authoritatively confirm that rumour of that rayon sport player signing to Gor mania,otherwise thank a lot JAKOYO because at least we motivated by the incoming rumours of new signing joining kogallo than the way everything was dead.

  12. ‘Jaber’ in the midfield is one huge transfer coup for us. I think we needed some John Mo kind of speed in Gor Mahia. Welcome home, Imani.

  13. Meanwhile goal.com reports how four Gor officials: Aduda, Bolo, ‘Steve’ were planning to steal Otanga’s sign-on fee. If this can turn out to be true then we are doomed. Imagine club CEO and treasure salivating for a player’s money which is itself rarely paid in full.Surely Gor has offered a lifeline to poverty stricken people.

  14. Such a sad story that we missed to sign Otanga because of some officials who wanted a piece if th6w signing fee. Kweli Gor has cartels. I thought only Ingwe a6d this problem. Kweli AR’s job is difficult

    1. @Dan Original, why are you surprised? This has been the norm at Gor Mahia with Aduda being biggest culprit, corrupt Bolo, confused Nyangi, etc are well known with scandals after scandals. This is why this new constitution will at least help the club.

      These officials have been even fighting the implementation of the new constitution because of the looting and ripping effect of the club.

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