Kahata renews contract as Kogalo take on Ulinzi

Kahata after striking a free-kick against Western Stima in 2016

Midfield ace Francis Kahata, whose stay at Gor Mahia has been in doubt, has penned a new two year contract according to goal.com

“Francis Kahata as agreed to pen a two year deal and will be part of Gor Mahia family for the next two seasons. KPL It was one of the transfers that we wanted sorted out as quickly as possible and focus our energy on upcoming matches.” said club CEO Ludovick Aduda to goal.com

Kahata’s stay at Kogalo has been in doubt with various reports suggesting that he has not been happy with his role as a substitute and was seeking a move.

Meanwhile Gor Mahia will be looking to right the ship and put their title chase back on track as they take on Ulinzi Stars at Moi stadium Kisumu on Sunday July 2.

Kogalo dropped to second place after losing to Sofapaka 2 weeks ago. Coach Zedekiah Otieno will be keen to right the ship and gain the confidence of fans.

19 thoughts on “Kahata renews contract as Kogalo take on Ulinzi

  1. Has the plans for hiring of head coaches by both K’Ogalo & efusi been affected by the threatened pull out by SportPesa? Are we that financially weak? If SP actually pull out in December will we be able to even pay our players, training ground & office rent? Our EC must cultivate and nuture a membership culture to provide our beloved GMFC with a solid/bedrock financial base. Sponsorship by goverment / private sector only be supplements. Remember that once you are into the group stages of CAF you are into the money bracket i.e the least being kes.27.5M for CONFED CUP, winning the CAF champion league brings in kes.250M. FOOTBALL IS ABOUT WINNING TITLES! GOR MAHIA WON 22 MAJOR TITLES IN ITS FIRST 25 YEARS 1968-1993. SO FAR 7 TITLES IN THE 25 YEARS 1994-2017. HOW MANY WILL WE WIN IN THE NEXT 25 YEAR PHASE? Yes, there 3 results in football a win, draw or loss BUT ONLY ONE IS REWARDED A WIN!

  2. @Oduor 12 , the questions u ve put forth are valid and the sooner we unplug our heads from under the sand and recognize the fact that our incompetence borne out of systemic n structural rot is once again gonna catch up with us , then we r in for another avoidable vicious cycle of disappointments , disappointments that once again will be treated with the usual elastoplast and aspirin as we prepare for the inevitable next disappointment.
    I keep saying that so long as we keep praising or jeering occasional actions by the Ec and refusing to acknowledge the real roots of what we react to , then we be ready for the usual heat but no light
    Lastly , despite my reservations about Zico, I wish the team victory against Ulinzi and if the win be attributed to Zico, then so be it , bcoz my personal preferences should never come at the expense of the clubs momentary or long term wellbeing

  3. A person that’s how low GM has fallen in terms of inspiring confidence or giving us anything special to discuss about. When you have a head coach like Zico onge gima inyalo wacho owadwa it’s just a wait and see…

    1. Awuoro Jasego. These people are dumpening the spirits of the die hard fans. They are chasing fans away from the stadia. Ka ok otim gimoro to gor biro Chalo Mana gi ordinary KPl team’s. Rachier should have capitalized on our fanatical following to make gor a self sustaining club. Ngis gi Mana kwalo pesa. Halafu to kingdom guards expect us to cheer rachier for his in competence. Let’s ” put our eyes”

  4. Thooo, Nyangweso to okonego oloyi bwana Zico. Thoooo. Sofapaka to ayie, nekech Coach margi kiwango mare oyombi. Lakini Nyangweso mar Ulinzi to ok onego okwod wiyi bwana.

  5. The dwindling Afc Supporters yesterday detained the Players , TB and EC At Afraha stadium, demanding answers to y such a latent potential club like theirs continues to be dragged thru the sewer year in year out , this after the Leopards were Mauled 2-0 by the Sharks , It is my fear that our own Dwindling and increasingly frustrated support base will follow suit now that our EC has doggedly insisted on going thru the same path of self cannibalisation…..Sad

  6. Conceding four goals in two matches and especially losing 2-0 lead is quite sad. Not for a team like Gor

  7. Jodala tipiiiim.The clueless coach you chased out of town would not have allowed a two goal advantage to slip away.No!.We are Jodala you know.

  8. What kind of substitutions were those? The game was very good until the unnecessary substitutions. How do you kill a game you were comfortably in control of just like that?

  9. Technically Zico is not the right man to caoch Gor. Not now. And with all the stars at our disposal we still play like KIsumu Day h. School?

  10. are players on strike ? is there sabotage ? can somebody please feed me on the starting line up and the substitutions made………………………………..why the media black out on the match + transfer news ?

  11. We cause chaos, the game gets abandoned ,we lose three points and in the end we lose the title. Who will be laughing in the end?

  12. We wanted Ze to go , he went , in his short absence we started applauding the fact that the back passes were getting fewer and the Dar victories casually attributed to Zico bcoz being a local , he was apparently conversant with the Gor philosophy , whatever that meant , now the rubber has began meeting the road and the consequencesare coming in thick and fast ,we continue our self destruct mode and blame Zico….Zico is not the problem , The problem is the guy in the shadows pulling the strings , Zico is just a pawn who must survive n hence vulnerable to the machinations of which we the Gor fraternity are aware of but instead prefer to discuss the dummies that r continually thrown to us from the shadows , We aint going nowhere with Zico inspite of the fewer back passes

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