Kerr unhappy with missed chances

Gor Mahia coach Dylan Kerr was left bemused and livid at his team’s inability to put away easy chances. On Sunday against Tusker, both Eliud Lokuwam and Ephrem Guikan missed wide open chances that left Kerr livid.

“We practice everyday shooting in training. They don’t take it seriously. It is the African mentality. It is never serious in Africa,” In the end it is me who suffers and the club too,”  said Kerr after the match.

Lokuwam was the first culprit. He swivelled to lose his markers and rather than lay it to Humphrey Mieno, the youngster elected to go for glory in the process clipping goalkeeper Duncan Ochieng and out went the ball for a corner.

Guikan was the next  culprit.

Meddie Kagere expertly laid a killer pass on Guikan’s path. The Ivorian’s first attempt came off goalkeeper Ochieng but still spilled invitingly for the Ivorian to tap in. However, Guikan made heavy weather of it, smashing the crossbar from two yards albeit with slight pressure from defender Marlon Tangauzi.

“It sums up our season so far. Dominating play and not killing teams,” Kerr thundered.

Lokuwam a Kenyatta University student who was making his first start explained himself.

“I could have done better. However, I was caught in a split mind between laying it to Mieno or shooting at goal. My striker instincts got the better of me,” he said to the Standard.

Gor Mahia will need to sharpen their finishing instincts significantly if they are to have any chance against Esperance.


11 thoughts on “Kerr unhappy with missed chances

  1. Not all kenyans are atheletes and on the same token not all brazilians are good footballers so Kerr STOP generalising africans or you will find your exit route at KOgallo already laid…just ask ze maria and his arrogant , somewhat silly attitute towards jodala.

    1. Go slowly Jakoyo. What he said is the truth, let’s call a spade a spade. Didn’t he say they practice it everyday?

    2. Jakoyo dont bwogo my Head Coach Sir Kerr whom i am soon donating land to buikd a house in my village at Asego.He said the truth anf i can deport you abroad to brazil if you dont observe due Protocol addressing our tactician…Those are words you should tell Suspended Robert Matano and his squad of Misfiring retired foreign legion players he bought

  2. People like jakoyo are only happy when Gor is in trouble; losing games and broke.Lukewarm should know that football is about team work and not individuals. AFC(Always Firing Coaches) has suspended Matano!

  3. Kerr signed these players so THE BUCK STOPS WITH HIM PERIOD. If Kenyans/ Africans are a problem he can sign players from other continents or even Mars. Gor Mahia is a club hence Ker has a quota of 5 foreigners to fill with players with skills not available in African. He simply cannot shift the blame as regards the quality and atitude of his squad.

    1. But what Kerr has said is out there in the public domain. All we have to do is to turn it to our advantage. If you check the EPL/La Liga/Bundesliga you will notice that MOST of the African players are played either at the back or midfield and they tend to tend more of brawn than brain. That is what we are but it doesn’t mean we don’t have good players. e.g. we had Okocha and Kanu who were more gifted.
      To me what Kerr is trying to do is to ‘charge’ up the players to ‘kill’ games early enough which is what we all want.

  4. Jakoyo, we will not honor you when you don’t want to honor us- it’s earned my friend!!! Sir Kerr has earned his keep in Kogalo. No matter what amount of dirt you want to throw at him, it will not stick. The egg is all over your face as 90% of genuine Kogalo fans sides with Kerr on the matter of – missed chances.


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