Kogalo trounce Chiefs to advance

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After being held to a 2-2 draw at half time, FKF Cup defending champions Gor Mahia gave a spirited second half performance scoring three goals and beating minnows Borabu Chiefs 5-2 to progress to the last 16 of the FKF Cup.
The defending Champions led 2-0 by the half hour mark, but complacency cost them as Borabu came back to draw 2-2.
Ugandan utility Ivan Anguyo had given K’Ogalo the lead in the 13th minute, powering a shot inside the six yard box after a loosely defended corner. Kevin Ochieng ensured the Green army had a two goal cushion in the 21st minute when he finished off a move from  Edwin Lavatsa, simply tapping in after Borabu keeper Ronald Ayesa failed to hold on to Lavatsa’s strike.
However, the boys from Kisii would not die off easily as on the half hour mark, Jared Obwoge pulled one back beating Jerry Onyango in his near post. He doubled his goals in the 36th minute more or less in the same fashion as the Borabu benched ventured into wild celebrations.
They managed to hold on to the draw up to half time with goal scorer Obwoge being a menace to the Gor backline.
In the second half, Croat Zdravko Logarusic decided to throw in his “Three muskateers” hit squad bringing in Joseph “Pablo” Njuguna, Rama Salim and Danni Sserunkuma. The trio’s impact was felt immediately as Gor commanded more ball possession and was more creative moving upfront.
Rama was on the attack just ten minutes from his introduction taping in Edwin Lavatsa’s cross but it hit the bar with the keeper collecting the rebound right on his head. Two minutes later, the same combination was at it again, Rama tapping out this time round.
Rama was haunting again and in the 60th minute, he hit the bar with a free kick from the right.
Gor would finally get the nerve calming third goal through Edwin Lavatsa. The striker who scored the FKF Cup winning goal last year against Sofapaka powered through the left and hit a shot that the Borabu keeper would only watch as it danced into the net.
Rama Salim made it four for the defending Champs in the 70th minute with a clever loop over the Borabu keeper after a lofted ball from the centre.
Itubu Imbem who was wasteful on the day finally cleared his tainted image in the 76th minute scoring Gor’s fifth with a powered shot from the right.
The Kisii County league team will however go home with heads high, picking much experience from the match and playing with a team that represented the country in the continent earlier in the year.


24 thoughts on “Kogalo trounce Chiefs to advance

  1. Congratulations to the boys. It is always nice to celebrate a win. Keep it up!!! A game with a small team like this is a good one to gauge different players and I think that worked well. The fact that we conceded two goals within a very short time is a good lesson for us and the boys. Lets celebrate the success as we wish the boys and the bench well in the coming games as we thank God for the winning spirit that he has granted us!!

  2. After watching jared obwoge torment the Gor back line for long periods, i concluded that he is talented and only needs sharpening. I suggest that Gor snap him for future use. He can be a good back-up behind Rama and Sserunkuma for the good of the green army-just a thought

  3. I am disagreeing with @Atinda. We dont have to recruit any Dick or Harry just because they have scored against K’Ogalo. This is the mistake we made in this years recruitment. Lets watch these players in other matches and for a longer time. Lets gauge their performance before bringing them on board. This is the work of scouts which we have all over the country.

    I can still vividly remember when I was in high school when the likes of Tobias Ocholla ‘Jua Kali’, Joash Okong’o – ‘Kissinger’ and George Nyangi Odembo – ‘Artillery’ were recruited from upcountry schools by country wide scouts.

  4. Joka nyanam we are making wonders on the table and this is just the beginning, we are going to emerge the best of all the bests in the title. With Rama there at the middle and Sserunkuma together with Obwoge am telling all the fans and the followers that we have no threat at all.

  5. Kudos Kogalo, you’ve done it again. For Borabu well done, that was good work for such an entertaining match. For sure you gave us( Nyam nyam) a run for our money.

  6. as usual i choose to look at things differently.our starting lineup had several players who dont feature in our first team.as much as we started well,we showed alot of lapses and thus allowed borabu to go into the break at 2-2.this means that those players did not play to expectations hence the move to bring in rama,pablo and sserunkuma who changed the game in our favor.this shows that we are reliant on a few players to make us tick and that could be a worrying trend for us!!as for the fringe players,the surely need to up their game to be considered in the first team!!!

  7. The news on gorfc.com is saddening! Players are not getting their allowances yet someone is milking us dry at any opportunity. What is? After Borabu game, they decided to give each player 1k to calm them. What nonsense is this?

    Rachier and Bwana, what is?

  8. Creativ Village, wacha hayo yako, that can’t be true. If it is too bad. I have not commented here for some time as I was on sabbatical but this has aroused my concern. Is it true EC, is this the position my dera comrades?

    Borabu its only that this was GM but you are good guys, keep it up. You played 90 minutes without looking back even when you were trailing. I thought I saw at least two very good young players in that team, Coach Logarusic over to you.

  9. If only the Coach would insist on this Borabu Boy jared Obwoge, K’Ogallo would be headed for extremely big things. for sure the Boy is fantastic. and Imagine the nature of training he does in Borabu. I would like a consistent Gor. Otherwise Congratulations to all of us who made the day a succes. Logarusic is great.


  11. Ja Thur gi ji. Bwana has answered the question and below is their monthly budget.

    Gor’s Monthly financial Income and Expenditure

    1. Sponsorship =Kshs 1,232,000(Player’s salaries only)


    1. Technical bench salaries = Ksh 235,000
    2. Office administrator =Kshs 50,000

    3. NIC bus loan =Kshs 65,000
    4. Head Coach $3,000 (Ksh.250,000)
    5. Players salaries =Ksh 1,150,500

    Weekly expenditure for match preparation
    1.Transport allowance Ksh.8,300 per day=Kshs 41,500
    2. Medicine =Kshs 15,000
    3. Water 3000 per day =Kshs 15,000
    4. Hire of city stadium 5K per day =Kshs 25,000
    5. Winning bonuses =Kshs 154,000
    6. Coach’s taxi 800 per day =Kshs 4,000

  12. sometimes bwana had to be exposed your budgeting is like for some one in class five poor you bwana!!!!!!! you are a disgrace to this club that is all

  13. @Tom Atinda, Abwoge is too small in frame. The modern game requires a big body and strength. Have you realised Rama, Serunkuma will struggle against stonger and taller players. If we snap him up, the technical team has to be sure that they can beef his body up!!

  14. i hate the approach you people take against issues,just give the ec time,nyi wenyewe mna claim adidas jerseys are fake and yet hizo ndo zina run gor mahia,to prove that why do you think wanaziva kwa training,they are trying tu popularize the brand!mark my word we are supporting gor mahia,not adidas or legea,legea take 90% of the income from a shirt,If Gor mahia make a fake adidas jersey as yo claim all the income goes to the team,MY LEARNED FELLOWS U CAN MAKE UA CALCULATIONS!pliz dont just throw words tusiwe kama mashemeji wetu

  15. Guys, So far we are doing fine. I believe the current office is trying its best. But it could be better. Some of us remember a few years back when no one wanted to play for Kogalo or Ingwe and running either to Tusker or Sofapaka. For those who are looking for an opportunity to vilify them you have been invited to go check the books. By the way it’s not as easy as we would think. You might come out of there with a terrible headcahe unable to the financial reconciliation. And don’t forget to carry your check book as you go verifying the books. Look the facts in futaa.com before we start accusing somebody

  16. Dan, who said it was easy. These guys vied and were elected to do a job. They must pay players on time. We pay at the gate on time. From the budget he issued, does it mean that all the officials are not paid a penny?

  17. For a STAtement like this you do not give the expenditure side only, where is the income side of it? Can we see what we have been receiving say at the gates and from the sponsor and sale of GM merchandise; only then shall we be in a position to pass judgement and probably think of other ways to raise additional funds.

  18. We played against a tricky opponent but emerged winners. It was a bit worrying when it turned out 2-2 by half-time. When we made it 5-2 at the end of 90 minutes, I tell you it was a sweet victory for all of us. Even though we won, this was a lesson that we should never under-rate our opponents no matter how small it is and to take every match seriously. Congrats to players, technical bench and fans at large who are always behind the team.

  19. Well said @ 21 Ja Thur gi ji. The Income and Expenditure of A club for those who did Accounts definately does not look like this. Even on a pedestrian evaluation will notice thats not it. Why cant they mention what @ 21 has facted? All of us cant troop to the offices to check out the accounts. They should publish them and put on a notice board or share with newsmen. There is more than meets the eye.

  20. I still believe that we need to have a system where financial reports are given periodically and not just becoz of pressure from fans. The report given above is a reaction which is not good at all.


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