KPL rule bars Sserunkuma return

Gor Mahia will likely stop pursuing Ugandan talisman Dan Sserunkuma due to restrictions on foreign players. KPL teams are allowed to sign six foreign players of whom 5 can be on the field at one time. Gor Mahia and Sofapaka were allowed to sign 7. The KPL now wants all KPL teams to be on equal footing. As such they have told Gor Mahia that they would need to drop 3 foreigners to sign Sserunkuma.

“It will not be possible to sign Sserunkuma or any other foreign player now or in future until we release three or their contracts run out. That is the rule and Kenyan Premier League have made it clear to us.” said Ronald Ngala to

KPL Chair Jack Oguda explained the new ruling

“We want to have equality. We have decided that the number of foreign players must be equal across board. Clubs which were allowed more foreigners will have to limit themselves to what we have now set,” observed Oguda to

This ruling which did not exist at the start of the season was likely arrived at by KPL to curb Gor Mahia’s dominance.

This also means Gor Mahia will stop pursuing Rwanda striker Jean Baptist Mugiraneza. But it also means that players like Agwanda, Blackberry and Timothy Otieno will have opportunities to showcase their skills in tournaments like KPL top *, FKF cup, CECAFA cup and the rest.

No More signings

Ngala suggested that the club will not sign any more players.

“We signed very well at the beginning of the season and the signature of Agwanda may be our only transfer business in this transfer window.”

If this is true it means that Gor Mahia will not pursue Paul Were. And it contradicts an earlier statement by the club which said the coach (Nuttall) wanted to sign a striker, a midfielder and a central defender.

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  1. @Bwoga, they dont need to drop anyone since two players have already left but only one signed. Ngala should stop confusing us. The other day it was the coach needs a central defender( at first i thought we didn’t but i changed my mind when I read that Shakava cannot travel to Ethiopia due to malaria and Musa has been ruled out due to an injury sustained in training. If it were to happen when the league is in session we would be having only Calabar Jnr and Glay and that will be running short on personnel), I heard we needed an offensive/creative midfielder( we do since both Aucho, Gattuso and the promising Wendo are defensive minded and Erick Ochieng’ needs to be taken out on loan for more play time). We needed a striker and Agwanda covers that. So Mr Ngala wacha maneno ya we signed well kia ang’owa go. When you were saying Nutall left instructions for a defender,midfielder and striker to be signed didn’t you know you had signed well in January? What about your updates you were giving about Were and Mandela? Wek pimo wiwa omera!!!!!

  2. in my opinion we may need to beef up…but on 2 or 3 more players considering the fixtures and tournaments ahead.God forbid if we get injuries to key players especially in defence we will seriously be short of adequate cover.
    But as it is we have a very able and capable squad!

  3. We didnt need Dan Flava….. Paul Were??? He would be a fantastic addition but if u ask me, we dont need him… We have Walusimbi plus we have the very promising Wafula on the bench… Bring Were (who only wants 6montths) will further push Wafula out of the pecking order and force him to eventually leave.. lets stay with Wafula on a longerterm… something tells me he is the next big hit in Kenyan football

  4. Omera Ngala we tugo gi pachwa. ……what is Emuge doing in the squad,what is tawfiq still doing at gor.timothy otieno and blackberry have not lived to expectations. Is it money issue ?

    This four players can be substituted with young local talent .sorry to say that but if it is a question of foreign quota that is something EC should manage.

    1. @Jakoyo – I agree with you. Some of the foreign based players we have can be released and Dani to join

  5. [This ruling which did not exist at the start of the season was likely arrived at by KPL to curb Gor Mahia’s dominance]-
    You hear what these idiots are saying, so just because K`ogalo is looking invincible , some honchos at the kpl are shivering in fear that they are scheming with everything tailored to derail K`Ogalo`s march to retain the cup, I would like to remind them these;
    1- Gor Mahia were KPL champions in 2013,without many of these foreign players.
    2- Gor Mahia retain the trophy in 2014 with 1/4 no of foreign players they have now.
    3- And now just because they are clearly taking the cup for the third time and for keeps, the issue of dominance is arising.

  6. [This ruling which did not exist at the start of the season was likely arrived at by KPL to curb Gor Mahia’s dominance]-
    You hear what these idiots are saying, so just because K`ogalo is looking invincible , some honchos at the kpl are shivering in fear that they are scheming with everything tailored to derail K`Ogalo`s march to retain the cup, I would like to remind them these;
    1- Gor Mahia were KPL champions in 2013,without many of these foreign players.
    2- Gor Mahia retain the trophy in 2014 with 1/4 no of foreign players they have now.
    3- And now just because they are clearly taking the cup for the third time and for keeps, the issue of dominance is arising.

  7. continues;
    So these nonses that K`ogalo is being aided by the foreign import because they have not lost a march is the hypocrisy of the highest order from kpl, it is so naïve of certain individual to insinuate as a such. They started a propaganda with the referees and now its the number of foreign legion Gor have, even though they are only allowed to field 5 at any given time like all other teams. K`ogalo will always remain smart you hear haters.

  8. Kindly! TB dont let us down.we need paul were. we have many domestic games.,and l thnk.we shud sign atleast two playerz and atmost 3playerz. .agwanda nd paul were. wat happnd dat day when olunga wz not available wen we wa played western stma? ok!

  9. We need atleast one big name like rama or were.but why ist in that in epl there are even nine foreign players in first team.

  10. I do wanda.what about if our few top playerz e.g kagere,abondo nd olunga watakuwa na injuries. do you mean we shall go for draws in all our games? ok! bt let sign were and even noah wafula..we av gotv,kpl.cecafa,supa 8. .
    #gor biro bread 2nataka.

  11. Oguda stop your double standards and double speak on matter involving Gor Mahia. Are players from East Africa community referred to as foreigners? Does KPL understand the EAC protocol on free movement of people, goods and labour across the borders? I think something is terribly wrong with KPL and Oguda and if this continues, then I will support Sam Nyamweya with his FKL. These money eaters and goons at KPL are joking and they are the same as FKL sheriffs.

    Oguda and other KPL staffs are driving big engine vehicles whilst clubs like AFC Ingwe are suffering. Why can’t they rescue Ingwe? These guys at KPL are the same as FKL when it comes to looting and offering lip service.

    Why can’t Oguda and KPL also publish the financial statement of the previous financial years? These guys blame Nyamweya and they too have refused to remove the log from their eyes. Gor and AFC should consider FKL if KPL continues to break the laws they are alleging to be creating.

    1. In fact I agree with your Mwakio..Why should they change rules in the middle of the season? They should have allowed all teams to sign 7 foreigners to make the league more competitive

  12. Were is gud player but contract for six months to gain fitness i think we should focus on building a team coz Dani and Were will leave when we need them for continentall so better we stay with someone who can be there for sometime or someone kogalo can cash on the team doesn’t need quick fix is about long term so may a local talent might do

  13. @mwakio thanks for your serious comments on kpl, to my honest opinion I think kpl is inept n jokers why leave AFC to go on its knees since they were the one who stopped Afc from joining Fkl, and supersport used to give kpl teams ksh 100000 when preparing for each n every game where did this money go, atleast if indeed kpl could ve been giving out this money on every game AFC players could ve been at least getting something to pay rent. Kpl is becoming arrogant due to impunity it enjoys why keep on changing rules ,oguda should know EAC are our brothers n currently u don’t need permit to work in EAC coz they are not foreigners, when u see players going to join posta rangers n nakumatt fc they not stupid coz they are going where their interest will b taken care of(salary). I think football is revolutionizing n big clubs will never matter at all so oguda b careful the ground is shaking, again as per football rule Kenya two teams with similar originality cannot play in the same league if this is true why gor junior players nor being promoted to senior team and why are the founders of gor juniors not negotiating with AFC leopards so that they can switch this players to Afc leopards so that they get something as they play for AFc leopards n gain vital experience coz at moment they are paid handouts n they are not complaining. I urge the owner of this website to approach kina aladwa n lilumbi n asks them to consider this boys from gor junior, at moment situation at ingwe needs special intervention, AFc should release all players who want to go before they rock the boat, again I urge kina aladwa to hire gor junior coach into their TB,

  14. At moment dire situation in AFC Leopards needs “fake it and fix it”. Taking gor junior players won’t cost them anything coz they can get them free like bamba Tv., and they will pay something small as they continue building on AFC leopards team this boys the way I see them are not money centred. They need a place where they can explore their talents, if AFc leopards are lacking quorum and this boys are here why not get them to make a big circle, my fellow bloggers may think that I like cheap labor but this is only way gor can okoa AFC leopards from this quackmire lets not sympathise but assist AFC as our shemeji. bloggers it will b a pity for AFC to b relegated while we are watching. at moment AFC needs fresh blood n not this seniors players let them go wherever they want

  15. I can confirm that Oguda and KPL staffs are living large at the expense of self supporting clubs. Both Gor and AFC should in 2016 reconsider there stand whether to stay with Oguda or join FKL. Without Gor and Ingwe in either league, KPL and football in general will not be attractive.

    The sheriffs at KPL are serving the interest of one man called Bob Munro of Mathare United whom I think is the owner of KPL. The aim of the cow boy is to kill popular clubs like Gor Mahia and Ingwe so that they can continue to loot and exploit talents of our boys from areas known with football.

    I suggest that FKL and FIFA should aim to ban this Kpl at the end of this season and replace it with a properly structured and constituted football league with proper governance structures and this will ensure the likes and motives of Oguda, Monro, GMT Otieno are curtailed.

    Why should Jack Oguda be the CEO of Kpl for over 8 years? Why can’t there be rotational in this position of Kpl CEO? Does it mean we do not have any other person that can be the CEO of Kpl?

    For example look at all the negotiations with FKL/FIFA delegations, the Kpl members have always be Bob Munro, whose team is not even among the top five. Surely this Kpl is Mathare, Munro and Oguda. Our chairman Ambrose Rachier who doubles also as the chairman of KPL by virtue of Gor being the champion is just being played into the game of Munro and we bloggers are blindly supporting this evil scheme of Munro behind the scene.

    AFC Ingwe needs to be bailed out by the football authorities that include KPL and FKL and I can bet that the next casualty will be Gor Mahia. People are not seeing this developments and schemes of Oguda, Munro, Tusker, Kpl, etc. if Ingwe goes down, we should blame the entire KPL and Executive committee of Kpl where kasavuli former Ingwe chairman bolted out.

    On accountability and transparency, KPL have not been living with these two terminologies. I have the following questions that need answers:-
    1. Has anyone or bloggers seen the financial statements of KPL?
    2. How have monies of the sponsors been appropriated?
    3. Can we be told how much money has been spend on clubs?
    4. How are the spendings and expenditures on their officials and employees of secretariat?
    5. Can Kpl publish balance sheet and compressive income and profit statements in the public daily newspapers since Kpl is a public entity with our club being a shareholder?
    6. Who are the signatories of Kpl accounts?

    Kpl should have come forward to bail out Ingwe and put limit on exodus of players. The development in Ingwe is a reflective of what can also happen in Gor Mahia and if this development is not watched, Gor Mahia will also suffer the same fate and will be the next culprit.

    Bloggers let us discuss these development for good of fair game. I am currently not happy with Kpl on putting quotas and letting Ingwe to sink.

  16. Instead of helping Ingwe, why should all able Kpl teams scramble for Ingwe players? Mathare, Tusker, Nakummat a non-Kpl teams are the main beneficiaries of Ingwe predicaments instead of putting a corporate rescue package similar to what all Serie A clubs in Italy did to Parma.

    I am also smelling a rat on Supersports sponsorship. We all need transparency and accountability in Kpl. We need fair play and help one of the self supporting team. Ingwe should be bailed out.

  17. Oguda and Kpl, why change the rules in mid if the season? If I may recall, it was President of FKL Mr. Sam Nyamweya that allowed Gor Mahia and Sofapaka to recruit seven players. The same should have been implemented by Kpl to allow all Kpl clubs for spirit of fair play to be observed.

    Who is running football in Kenya? Is it Kpl or FKL? The decisions of FKL should be respected and be implemented by Kpl.

    FIFA and FKL should be tough on Kpl otherwise all the gains achieved will be history. FKL should just disband this Kpl at the end of the season and have only one league.

    We can’t have Kpl running parrellel league and dictating their own selfish rules which are discrimatory on other members of the E A region. We are all EAC members and why should Kpl discriminate other EAC members? Let football flourish and develop without biased ness and shallow reasoning of the likes of Oguda, Munro, Musyoki, Kpl etc.

    Is it a crime for Gor Mahia to have seven players where most of them hail from the EAC? Where is bitterness?

    Take for example English Premier League (EPL) where clubs can recruit players all over the world as many as they can with no limitation.

  18. Joining nyamweya is another hell but formin another body to run the league is a super ideas so that oguda
    Kpl has failed no doubt about that

    1. Guys we all know that KPL’s responsibility is to run the top league on behalf of FKF. This means that all policy issues will come from FKF including the current debate whether East Africans are foreigners yet the countries are trying to implement free movement of good, services and labour amongst them.
      We should also note that Oguda doesn’t make the rules but it’s the KPL Governance consisting of the chairmen of the various KPL teams and our own AR is the chairman. Don’t shoot the messenger when he tries to implement the same rules we proposed.
      On the recruitment we don’t desperately need Were or Danny though we need to strengthen our bench. Let’s make use of Omino, BB, Timothy and Wafula. I believe these players can

      1. Mwakio is asking serious questions as fans we are concerned why should this officials use players to gain super richness for Baba at moment has spent so much to bail Afc but the situation is not improving I.e last time when ingwe was hammers by western stima in kisumu Baba had given Afc 3million n when I here ingwe players are not paid anything I just wonder, is this fair. Again why are we not told how much supersport is giving teams when preparing for each n every match, last time I heard it was ksh 100000, just ask yourself if fkl thro their sponsors were giving fkl teams 1million per month , what is super sport offering now it could be more, n we are told players cannot pay rent of 5k, as mwakio has rightly said the next might b gormahia rem that political tax of 100million slapped on gormahia, bloggers for the sake of gullible n vulnerable players lets fight for them it could b your brother, otherwise we are in for serious troubles, lets not support thieving.

  19. #P.Mwakio.If its true that KPL belongs to Munro,then we are rightly on track!!b4 kpl era GM couldn’t sign/pay a foreign player,Mathare has millions from various sponsors while Efusi misused theirs.I swear if GM & AFC join FKL utakua unasikia kulikuwa na

  20. Brother Mwakio I have lost you, when did management of individual clubs become the responsibility of KPL? Any team is just as good as it’s own management. Are forgetting they bailed out Gor before their trip to Congo?

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