KTN Story on Julius Owino

Julius Owino “Awilo” former captain of Gor Mahia who stuck with Kogalo during the dark days when players used to go for months without pay, is now ramaging through garbage in Makongeni to earn a living.

9 thoughts on “KTN Story on Julius Owino

  1. I believe this had nothing to do with Gor. It just shows that players have to take care of themselves and even up their education whle still young.
    This issue is not pertinent to Gor but to all clubs in Kenya and extends even to Govt

  2. Dan what you are forgetting is that Gor Fired this man and now look where he has ended up, shame kabisa after what he did for Gor even without pay.

  3. Its a sad moment in our club’s history.. I remember he scored vital goals, some direct from corners. He defended for the club valiantly. Some officials, probably who fired him, are busy stealing gate collections and sending more Gor legends to such squalor. I don’t remember them even playing street football. It’s a shame. Something’s got to be done to get our legends out of such a life. They didnt earn anything to talk about during their playing days. Let’s abosorb Awilo back and similar legends who dedicated so much of their time to Gor.

  4. My heart goes out to Julius Owino. I would need no promting to give towards his course. What becomes of our legends needs so much soul searching. The other one whose case is equally sad is Peter Dawo. Let Gor Mahia organise a testionial match against Karuturi or Tusker to raise a start up fund for Julius. I support his reabsorption back to the fold.

  5. While I really sympathise with Awilo’s case we still need to ask, absorption back to where now, how many of our ex-players are out there in the same or worse situation? Can we possibly absorb everyone of them back. We need to look at the long term. Surely this case is an eye opener if at all we had not thought about such things. For the short term and for GOR,an immediate welfare fund may be the way to go as BB suggests above but most of all good counselling during their active playing days is crucial so that they at individual levels make good plans for future after quitting active play.

    This is not just for Gor Mahia but all clubs and all sporting associations. A players cooperative society is necessary and the ministry of sports and youth should take the initiative perhaps with an initial injection of something from the youth fund, say 1 billion shillings.It is sad that while they are active they make us happy and sell the Kenyan brand but once out there they suffer so much in such poverty.Mr Cabinet Secretary where are you, yours is touted to be a government for the youth?

  6. So sad in deed, Awilo a very religious dedicated loyal captain. I still have in my memory his celebration at Nyayo stadium when he scored a goal against GM while playing for the now relegated Posta Rangers. I think something need to done. Unlike many former GM players, Awilo sacrificed himself for the team during the hard times. When there was no salary and he was on form, he prayed for the team and supported the other players in so many years. We still love him so much and I hope someone will organize us to do something.

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