25 Aug 12

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KPL Top 8 champions Gor Mahia extended their unbeaten run to 13 with a 2-2 draw against hosts Mathare United in a lively KPL match played at Nyayo Stadium on Friday night and graced by Prime Minister Raila Odinga. Francis Ouma and  Andrew Tololwa capitalized on poor defending to give Mathare the lead but Sserunkuma hit a brace to secure a point for Gor.

Both teams took about time to settle and it was Gor Mahia who announced their intent first through  Moses Odhiambo who run well on the left flank but his final shot ended in a goal kick. Two minutes later he would try a long pass that ended up in Mathare keeper Martin Musalia’s gloves.Gor Keeper Jerim Onyango was then forced to make a timely intervention to prevent Francis Ouma from connecting to a long pass. Gor replied with a quick counter but Mathare defended well to neutralize the threat.

In the 16th minute, a long ball to Francis Ouma had Gor defender Donald  Mosoti beaten then Ouma let I bounce before easily slipping it past keeper Jerim Onyango for the first goal of the match.Gor Mahia  then managed to string cool passes but the final kick by Dan Sserunkuma header easily collected by Martin Musalia. Rama Salim  also  failed in his bid to redirect a corner in the 23rd minute.

In the 37th minute, Mathare United capitalized on another clumsy defending. Andrew Tololwa had an easy time tapping into an open net after Francis Ouma did great to overwork Jerim Onyango from a long ball forward thus forcing him to spill . A minute later Francis Ouma  who was a thorn in Gor defense made another good run then sent a cross but Okello blasted wide  with only the keeper to beat.

Gor Mahia coach then decided to change tact by bringing in Kevin Omondi for Donald Mosoti. The move paid off immediately as Omondi would supply supply the assist that allowed Sserunkuma pull one back in the 37th minute.The Ugandan beat three defenders and Mathare keeper to score.

With the crowd back to their rhythm ,Gor Mahia had a good spell. Sserunkuma laid  a nice pass to Rama Salim but keeper Musalia intercepted. A minute later it was Rama Salim’s turn to return the favor to Sserunkuma but again Musalia was the stumbling block.

Dennis Nzomo shot wide after Ouma redirected into play a free kick by John Odhiambo just before the referee blew the half time whistle.

Gor Mahia came into the second period  breathing fire. Rama Salim sent  a nice pass to Kevin Omondi  whose powerful shot never troubled keeper Musalia. Rama Salim would be ruled offside seconds later after making another inroad into Mathare’s danger area.

In the 55th minute, Mathare United won a free kick .David Okello executed the it but keeper Jerim Onyango managed to block the low shot. Mathare United’s  Simon  Mburu followed up by exposing Gor Mahia’s fragile defense when he raced well on the left flank then sent a cross to Ouma but a timely intervention by  Gor defender meant the move ended in a corner.The following chance fell to Tololwa who would have netted a brace had his good effort  aimed at the top corner not missed narrowly.

Ugandan Sserunkuma then beat his marker again to put the score line level in the 70th minute for his 10th goal of the season to clode the night’s scoring chapter.

Both keepers were then forced into fine saves. Musalia stopped a free kick then Jerim Onyango came off his line to clear the danger from an advancing Francis Ouma.

Eight minutes to the end Andrew Tololwa ‘s lack of composure led to a squandered opportunity  as Mathare United poured forward in search of the winning  goal. Ouma then beat Jerim Onyango but he lost  ground while sending  a cross to an unmarked Jesse Were. Mathare also won a late free kick after a handball but again Okello’s powerful kick went out for a goal kick.

The result mean’s Mathare United has not lost a game to Gor Mahia since 2009.Gor Mahia now has 34 points,10 adrift of leaders AFC Leopards  while Mathare United has 27 points.

Mathare United: Martin Musalia, Athman Buki, John Odhiambo, Lloyd Wahome, Antony Kimani, Dennis Nzomo(Kevin Omondi), Tyrus Omondi, Vincent Okello, Simon Mburu (Jesse Were), Francis Ouma, Andrew Tololwa( Daniel Mwaura)

Unused Subs; Malcom Barnaba, Kelvin Odongo, Kennedy Omogi, Gabriel Nduro,

Gor Mahia:Jerry Onyango, Solomon Nasio(Imbem Itubu), David Owino, Donald Mosoti(Kelvin Omondi 37), Ivan Anguyo, Joseph Njuguna, Teddy AKumu, Ali Abondo(Lavatsa Edwin), Moses Odhiambo, Rama Salim, Dan Sserunkuma

Unused Subs; Ivo Mapunda, Musa Mohammed, Moses Otieno, Chris Wekesa


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  • Francis Kadenge says:

    Kiss any title hopes good bye

  • onyango says:

    hii ligi imeenda tu strategize for
    next season

  • Dan says:

    We should not give up and fight to the end of the season. Must have been a bad day in office. It happens

  • Bill Wabz says:

    I agree wit u @ onyango ur 10 pts bhind the BIG CATS. 1 blogger said its going 2b hard 4 afc 2beat teams lyk tusker, ulinzi n chemo bt now its clear even the chasing pack wil drop pts.

  • ojera says:

    Never say never lets jst encourage the boyz we can still make it…..kodos for mathare game any team could have given up

  • ojera says:

    Never say never lets jst encourage the boyz we can still make it…..kodos for mathare game any team could have given up

  • ojera says:

    we have never won a match when Raila is in the stadi…….

  • Mcosweto says:

    Top 3 finish will be as good as winning the title.

  • Walter Alando Bwoga says:

    @6 I disagree with you a 100%. We’ve won several matches which are countless with Jakon seated on the VIP stand at CITY, Nyayo & Kasarani; kindly confirm your records. Mathare has really been a thorn in the fresh and even first leg we could not beat them this year itself yet they were at the bottom of the table.

    Let us aim at winning the remaining matches as to me all is not lost. We started our winning ways too late and is like this happens every season where we wake up after about five to six matches. Remember if not for this Lugarisic guy, we were nearing relegation so we must appreciate the much we’ve achieved so far. If we pressurize the boys too much to take the league trophy this season it may look like chasing shadows but still I don’t see any other team who will beat us in remaining matches.

  • Mboya Obendi says:

    Guys its not yet over, we are not giving up. Jakoms presence is Moral booster. We played Six draws and five loses ahead of this all of which he didnt attend. Lets stop being too petty.

  • Benson Disi says:

    Most of you have brains but do not want to think and see things in their right persepective! The only person who has seen it is @ 1 & 2 above! and the sooner you realise this the better for you all as you will be saving yourselves a lot of stress related ailments!

  • OKOTH JABILO says:

    Just like last time when I told u guys that ULINZI were not pushovers, the same warning I posted yesterday and it has come to prove just that. Did I not say that Mathare will push us hard in the opening minutes and that exactly what happened. 2-0 up within the 15th and 25th minutes as our players were enjoying attack less possession and committing schoolboys mistakes.

    Logarusic please be informed that teams have been spying and planning on how to counter. your strategies. You need to device plan “B” and it is high time you start up with “MAHIA” line-up at this time and moment when the league is approaching home stretch at the expense of “GOR ” line up which is already exhausted and has done his job. It is high time that we need to see the alternatives of ANGUYO and MOSOTI or RAMA and SSEREKUMA in good faith. Football is all about unpredictable tactically approach. Just commenting in good faith and pointing on what is oblivious. I am not trying to ridicule the Technical bench.


    @Benson Disi please let AFC beat KCB on Sunday for you yell officially about 10 points gap , otherwise at the moment it 7 points gap with AFC having a game at hand. Na ata ukimeza wembe the 23rd match between us will be the decider or game – changer.

    Can you for once in your local soccer blogs and in this site for that matter reason and debate like our comrade OMWAMI Omusala who is our well respected ingwe counterparts on this blog; as opposed to your empty skull in between your two ears, as far as maturity ,morals and attitude in your interactions can be be observed. STYLE UP and LIVE IN REALITY that Soccer is an avenue to socialize positively irrespective of which SATANIC interest you are standing in for. Or is it Bull-F.

  • Ochuka says:

    This bpg should involve pple who are mature!! Football in Kenya is a unifying factor. It doesnt sound well when we throw insults to each other.

    @ B. Disi. I have been following your comments and abusive tongue. Please desist from this.

  • Omusala says:

    @Okoth Jabilo i think i agree with u.Logarusic has to dispatch moro tactits.most teams have been watching Gor play and as i observed the some days back,the absence of Dube,Salim,Sserenkuma can be abig fall.with the same tacticts what if the opponents took care of the 3 above as Mathare was to do.if a player is unwell,Logarusic should allow him to heal fuly or else he may cause blunder to the team and even enlargen the injury. TO AFC FRATEINITY HELP ME PRAY SO THAT GOD IN THE ALMIGHTY NAME OF JESUS CHRIST BLESS AND PROTECT INGWE.IF GOD IS WITH US THE LEAGE AND FKF IS OURS HATA IWEJE.AFC LEOPARDS’S I LOVE YOU.MKO SAWA.KESHO dont miss lets jaza stadi game ibambe.3pm,saa tisa.

  • OKOTH JABILO says:

    @ Comrade Omusala this is the golden opportunity for INGWE to widen the gap between them and K’Ogalo such that by time you guys will be playing the last three matches ;GOR will be mathematically out of contest. If you throw this opportunity 2morrow then u give us a lifeline again to try and be pretenders. Our draw against SOFAPAKA and MATHARE yesterday have dented our hopes.

    If you remember when I warned that this league will be down to the wire and it is proving so. If Logarusic do not change tactics , I am sorry my club will see blues in the coming matches especially the defense which is leaking and lacking in speed and timings.

    To the green Army please Let us help our bays by attending the matches involving our competitors and cheer there opponents to the end. All this clubs will crack, AFC, TUSKER, ULINZI, THIKA or SOFAPAKA and the tide might tilt to help us chase to the finishing line.

  • Omusala says:

    @Benson Disi.first you chose a good team to support,so congradulation.secondly i beg you to get things right if you are telling Gor fans to prepare psychologicaly for stress,i think is you who should prepare more,coz we still have 9 games and we are not competing Gor,there’s Tusker, Ulinzi and Sofapaka.i want to say,you have never supporte Ingwe as i have,you have never watched Ingwe games i have,you have never been near to the players as i have.so i humbly ask God to forgive you are showing pride by loughing at our shemejis.please i beg you to desist from that,meet me tommorow Nyayo hapo VIP towards the extreme left i tell you good things ie praying for Ingwe to lift the trophy and how am planing to celebrate. To Gor fans please forgive him he is our brother,he has learnt something.he might be a good guy but just ignited somewhere as any of us could.i beg we avoid coversation about Ben because it’s discouraging and taking us many steps back.we should know this blog is not only those who chat but many people including the players.we need one another even in other areas. Am a Luhya and AFC blood,my best friend is a Luo and Gor blood.this guy is a true friend he has done much for me that even you wont be lief.let me end there because i might speak my personal life .i hope you heard my call.

  • Dan says:

    On this site early this year and late last year we were calling for a first 11. Religiously Loga has given us that. If you watch Real, Barca and Chelsea you will always see Cassila, Valdez, Cech among others in their lineup unless something happens. The defence we want to blame is the one that has conceeded only three goals since the league started. Unless we agree that the league is tough and that we can have a bad day in office then we are in for more shocks. To me so far we are doing fine despite the hiccups and all we need is to add that burning urge to win and we will be there to be crowned with the rest at the end of the year. @Omusala if Ingwe doesn’t win tomorrow the PRESSURE on them from the cgasing pack and their fans could break the boys down

  • arrumtiddi says:

    Yesterdays’match would pass as the best game of the season,especially for neutrals.I have not seen such a gripping,absorbing and tense match this whole season.

    Good people of kogallo,nothing much to cry about in yesterdays’match.I said it here,gor has nothing to loose atleast not in the tusker premier league.Just the other day we were strong relegation candidates and to day we are just off the title contenders.Surely the glass must be half full!Let’s’count our blessings and move on.

    I really like the log’s mentality and approach to matches, very attack minded.But the log is also an impatient and restless fellow.Againts ulinzi he tossed off abondo in the first half and yesterday he got rid of mosoti in the firs half as well.The man sends a very clear message to his player,that the margin of error has never been smaller!I also like his involvement especially when he is rallying his charges.Trully the log gets the job done.I still believe that tactically and technically he is no different than our local coaches,but in terms of getting the work done,I mention him in the same breath with one joseph mourinho.

    We don’t have any pressure,let’s take a game at a time and enjoy football.Logarusics’main task was to get us outta relegation zone,and I think on that he has perfomed exempleraly well anything else is a bonus.

    Finally,I think,we should enter a ‘power sharing’,agreement with the inlaws.We leave them the Tpl they leave us the fkf.what sey you messrs bill wabbs,omusala and benson disi?


    @18 Arrumtiddi

    Nothing like power-sharing as we all race down to the finishing point. FKF is tournament of which any team in the last 16 excluding the big two can put a brave fight to win the cup.

    My take is that on 23rd September 2012 I pray to GOD to let GOR MAHIA put that scar on EFUSI the same way EVERTON did to MAN U and it will remain in history that K’Ogalo has what it takes to tame the LEOPARD and leave it salivating for the prey that was within it reach but unfortunately the King of jungle “Team K’Ogalo ” dictated the terms and changed the course for the title race to favor the top three teams.

    That is what makes football entertaining and worth watching not to forget betting. As of
    now there is no winner per say but only favorite contenders as from number one to six who all still stands equal chances. Attend Nyayo 2morrow guys to witness KCB magic win.

  • jakababa. says:

    i thank God for that draw.for in football there is awin adraw and aloss.God bless kogallo family.

  • Okew Okuyu Jakamollo says:

    Bad day in office,we took quite some time to settle into the game and machokoraa used their underdog tug to their advantage and b4 we knew it they were two nill up……Kogallo must not switch off at anytime in any fixture. Overall it was a good show by Mathare who gave us alot of problems with long balls into our box which were a nightmare for Mosoti.

  • Dan says:

    Guys, did somebody see the Miguna fracas in Mombasa and one guy very active in the chaos. The only problem (to me) is that he was wearing a Gor jersey written ‘destroyer’. Not very good publicity for the club. Gives us a hard time trying to shed the tag of ‘violent’ fans.

  • Kalixtos says:

    Yes I did, Unfortunately by brother, we belong to a large house, different mothers and different fathers but still the same family, what to do. We will always have that diversity in our midst and our strength or weakness will depend on which house stands up strong to express the values or vices which gives us our identity. Lets us not give up, Kogallo is a great family, lets shine in our values and strength of character and will will always be a house to beat in every way. Kogallo Forever!!!!

  • waxme says:

    @22 are you falling for that please this kenya and anyone can buy a jersey pretending to be a fan. i have a gut feeling that was stage managed. why was the cameraman on this guy most of the time? anyway bidii kwao na one day under heaven and earth all shall give an account for every deed they commit under the sun and moon. back to the game that was a nail biting one but according to me it all boils down to fatigue and no wonder the concentration level was low but hey what a come back, a true reflection of potential champions.

  • Omusala says:

    Jaza stadi game ibambe.today the leopard is very hungry.so kcb as much as i respect u,today u wont beat us.saa 3pm.

  • Benson Disi says:

    1.(….”AFC LEOPARDS’S I LOVE YOU.MKO SAWA”)-extract from @14. 2.(………”meet me tommorow Nyayo hapo VIP towards the extreme left i tell you good things ie praying for Ingwe”)-extract from @16. These 2 excerps from @OMUSALA’S posting above confirms my fears that he is an INGWE STOOGE. From @18 ..(..”We leave them the Tpl they leave us the fkf”)-Sorry! INGWE does not believe in baseless MOU’s to achieve her set objectives the way you do! it matters less whether it is political, social or economical…we fight to the end! It is better to loose than enter into unfounded agreements that do not have any legal basis! Sorry and be ready to be beaten by a bigger margin than the record breaking 3-0 we inflicted on you last year of which you are yet to respond to!

  • Dan says:

    As much as we are shemejis our prayer is that KCB stops Ingwee. That will give us another chance to narrow the gap and for the neutrals a nail-biting finish to the KPL title. So bro @Omusala we as K’ogalo are not routing for an Ingwe win but, if so be it, we will still continue to fight our own battle to climb up the log. May we see an entrtaining game without the usual intrigues.

  • Omusala says:

    Ben Adisi,kholakho cha kololanga namalahi.niwe ingwe.ndasula amanyeko,ndayanza nyasaaye.just call me all the names you wish to.i am a real INGWE.by saying mko poa i dint mean u,i meant the players,when i say to pray i pray for players,when i say extrem left is where you can get me easier.since it seams we cant agree.i wish you well as u suppor Ingwe through your own ways and me through my own ways.AMEN.@ my fellow ingwe fans lets go cheer our team.it is notyet over untill it is over.what hurts me is Masika and Wanga are not starting 11,bu i belive in Koops.


    Thank you @Omusala for speaking words of wisdom to my brother Benson Disi. And to make it very public you have only told him “To do whatever he does with goodness” ” Iam a leopard and do not preach dirty language cause I respect GOD”.

    May the GOD of mercy pay Benson Disi abusive language through thorough wipping by KCB before he repents his sins of omission and commission that have been witnessed by angel LUCIFER. Amen.

  • Bill Wabz says:

    This man @disi benson needs prayers n GOD’s guidance. I know most semejis wil b cheering kcb thats the spirit of the game me 2 on fri was prayin 4u2 draw wit chokosh n sofa 2 lose 2 chemo n they drew 2day in church i prayd 4a ingwe win na kesho walevi wa draw na sojas. @arrumtindi hiyo apana “evryone 4 themselves n GOD 4us all”.


    @Benson Disi i prayed fervently @ post 29 for GOD to punish your sinful and dirty mind and i thank HIM for answering my prayers by allowing LION of KCB to drown the LEOPARD deep inside NYAYO.
    You can now you will graduate to the next level human nature. Your obsession forever has been laid down with the roaring Lion of the Bankers. That should at least make you behave and respect others. It is just a game of football for us to enjoy ourselves and not ridicule.

  • OKOTH JABILO says:

    @ Comrade OMWAMI Omusala please accept my apology on behalf Benson Disi for causing a disgrace to the reputation INGWE fans like yourself and BILL WABZ on this blog.

    Now with the round of 22 matches played the leading pack as from number 1 to 6 are feeling the heat from the mid-table and bottom placed teams. And if you sieve through the archives in this blog my predictions are turning out to be real. I told my colleague’s that ULINZI were not pushovers and they proved during super. We won courtesy of dubious ref.

    I warned them again that Mathare will come and press hard on K’Ogalo and we were lucky to escape with a point. And I still repeat if LOG don’t change his strategy we will not go past Oserian on Wednesday. If you can recall OMWAMI Omusala it is just less than a week since I reminded you that LEOPARD can not beat KCB,ULINZI, GOR, TUSKER,CHEMO and MUHORONI to clinch the title. I would rather AFC or GOR carry the title than any other team,but I for see ULINZI being the real threat because they play to win dirty or clean soccer consistently. Over to you Omusala.

  • Barefoot Bandit says:

    @Benson Disi accept my sympathies. I hope you have now learnt that it does not pay to open your mouth as wide as that of a hippo when Gor Mahia suffers a setback. In case you have no idea of how big a hippo’s open mouth can be then please note that it is the size of a wardrobe.

    I reserved my comments after our great come-back against Mathare because I was waiting for the outcome of the KCB-Efusi match. I am not at all surprised by what has befallen comrade ‘omwami’ Omusala. My point is: from time immemorial the fates and destinies of GM and Efusi are always intertwined. Any keen local soccer pundit will agree with me that any time K’Ogalo falters Efusi will always do likewise and the same applies whenever Efusi falters. So when one overzealous hate-pedaling ‘Efusi damu’ decided to paint every social site with the 2 goals GM conceded against Mathare, I knew that today Sunday 26th August, one Benson Disi would be eating humble pie. Lesson: let the celebration be measured whenever any of these two teams stumbles.

    @Omusala and Bill Wabz pole. @Omusala you used the very same words that your chairman uttered last year before leg one of our derby: “the leopard is hungry”. What happened then? The hungry leopard lost 3-1. Today the hungry leopard lost 2-0. Omwami Omusala those words! Those words have today handed Gor Mahia some hope to keep dreaming of the title.

  • Omusala says:

    As as said I respect KCB I still do so.they have scored 2 good clean goal to nill.it was their day.to INGWE FANS. If this loss will help us prepare well and beat Tusker so let it be. I pray Masika to be ready when we meet Tusker because i prefer Imbalambala to play deffensive mid role and so Masika should be there.winning tittle isn’t easy but at end we shall win.we better loose to KCB but beat Tusker,Gor,Ulinzi and Chemelil. Which am sure we will.@ Gor fans God heard your prayers before ours and am sure when you meet us,He will hear us before you.HAYO YOTE TUACHIE MUNGU.

  • Jakoyo says:

    Omera the league title is for tusker and ulinzi stars to loose. The rest of us will fight for second place. Log rustic should simply have come much earlier……….

  • Barefoot Bandit says:

    Gentlemen it is LOSE not LOOSE! ‘Lose’ ni kupoteza while ‘loose’ ni ule uliolegea, yaani legevu! Mombekni.

  • Dan says:

    I think fans like @Disi are the ones who give their team some bad omen. In this world when everybody including your bro @Omusala tell you off then know that something is wrong or some misfortune will follow you. Now see what KCB has done to Ingwe and given us a chance to crowd the title favourites. We win on Wednesday (God will grant us that win) and there will be panick all over the place. Our advantage is that we have nothing to lose as we have already surpassed our target. All the pressure is on Ingwe. Not even Sofa or Tusker are under pressure and that will determine who wins. The sooner Ingwe get that fact the better for them

  • Ajuoga says:

    Benson disi ametusumbua,hata kwa futaa.com,huyu mtu anaka hooligan,wacha tungoje kama afc itachukua ligi with that arrogance and koops who is out of winning ideas!

  • jakababa. says:

    pole sana kwa mashemeji lakini mkae mkijua ya kwamba kwa mpira kuna vitu tatu ,kushinda,kushindwa na kutoka sare kwani hii ni mpira na hundunda na kwa leo imedunda kwenu.

  • mwakio says:

    Disi is the rogue fan that made INGWE lost the game to KCB without any fight. Okoth Jabilo had cursed Disi and Disi need to apologise to Gor Mahia fraternity.

    On my behalf, I wish to apologise to comrade Omusula who has shown maturity in blogging and the Almighty God will reward you for being humble brother.

    Do not behave like Herod who was eaten by worms as quoted here in Acts 12: 23 “Then immediately an angel of the Lord struck him (Herod), because he did not give glory to God. And he was eaten by worms and died”.