Late goal lifts Gor Mahia over Big Bullets

Bernard Ondiek celebrates after scoring

A 94th minute goal by Bernard Ondiek gave Gor Mahia a 1-0 win over a determined Nyasa Big Bullets on Wednesday. The win enables Gor Mahia to take a slim lead to Malawi for the return leg next week. And crucially, Gor Mahia did not concede an away goal.

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ubstitute Bernard Ondiek struck an injury time winner as Gor Mahia secured a 1-0 win over Malawi’s Nyasa Big Bullets in their Caf Champions League preliminary round first leg encounter at the Kasarani Stadium on Wednesday.

The scorer was fed through on goal by Humphrey Mieno and rifled the shot into the back of the net past a hapless Rabson Chiyenda, who was guarding the visitors goalmouth.

“The opponents tried to play a defensive game to frustrate us and wait for the counter attack. I am happy we managed to break them down eventually because we deserved this win,” said Gor Mahia interim coach Zedekiah ‘Zico Otieno after the match.

“This is a very unfortunate result. We suffered a lapse of concentration in the last minute and gave away the hard work put in over 90 minutes. Let’s see what happens in Blantyre,” Nyasa’s coach Kalisto Pasuwa responded.

This result hands the Kenyan champions a slender advantage against their Malawi counterparts ahead of the return leg clash slated for six days time.

As things stand, the Malawians need to win the return leg by two clear goals to progress to the first round of this lucrative continental championship at Gor’s expense.

The hosts suffered an early setback when lead striker Jacques Tuyisenge was forced off the pitch after only eight minutes with what looked like a knee injury.

The Rwandan forward was replaced by Sammy Onyango, who moved over to the right hand side of midfield, with new signing Erisa Ssekisambu taking Tuyisenge’s position upfront.

In their first competitive match of the 2018/2019 league season, K’Ogalo took time to settle.

Infact, their first clear cut chances arrived in the final 15 minutes of the game.

The initial opportunity came on 38 minutes, via an Ernest Wendo’s fierce free kick, which was goal bound, until Chiyenda intervened and parried the ball away for a fruitless corner.

The next chance fell to the lanky Humphrey Mieno, but again he fluffed it, gifting Chiyenda with an easy catch, when he should have passed the ball to Ssekisambu, who was in a better opportunity to score.

In between, Bright Munthali almost scored an away goal, only for his shot to be scrambled away by Gor goallie Frederick Odhiambo.

The Kenyan champions upped the ante in the second stanza with Francis Mustafa and Kenneth Muguna taking turns to test Chiyenda.

Gor Mahia XI: Peter Odhiambo, Philemon Otieno, Shafiq Batambuze, Joash Onyango, Haron Shakava, Earnest Wendo, Humphrey Mieno, Kenneth Muguna, George Odhiambo, Erisa Ssekisambu and Jacques Tuyisenge.

Subs: Boniface Oluoch, Charles Momanyi, Pascal Ogweno, Cercidy Okeyo, Benard Ondiek, Francis Mustafa and Samuel Onyango.

44 thoughts on “Late goal lifts Gor Mahia over Big Bullets

  1. I will take any crap from zedi for now.EC and the techical group.kindly bring back ze maria if at all you have a clue what football is.its long time ever since i watched the kind of football i saw today.purely for beginners not proffessional that gor mahia is.

  2. Zico is a dimwitted tactless ja njaggah head coach. He didn’t even have any plan to approach the defensive tactics on Nyasa Big Bullets. Did i not say here and shared with him that Nyasa Bullets would have two lines of defense one operating from the midfield line and the other comprising the back four?Did i not tell him to employ Blitz Kraigh sudden attack football using the flanks after the ball is spread wide from the center?He did what he always does which is result to tactless football. We got lucky but can’t survive the return leg with Zico in charge. Foreign Coach Must be expedited for us to stand a chance. Finally to Messrs Kenneth Muguna…Erisa Ssekisambu…George Blackberry and Ernest Wendo you must improve and do it very fast as those Yugii type of football you displayed were an eyesore to watch. Wendo pek kaa mwanda he must lose weigh. To Messrs Harun Shakava…Shafik Batambuze…Humphrey Mieno ( My MOTM)…Philemon Mbish and Bernard Ondiek congrats for a good performance and great effort…Overall we thank God for the slim win atleast no weeping and wailing coupled with gnashing of teeth tonight.

    1. Players who are fresh from playing at Goodison Park displaying sub standard fotball can only be attributable to having an Idealess Coach at the Helm. Zico onge gimitimo epap kanyo to help the team in terms of tactical approach to unlock the opposition. Be ready to go back to your Assistant Pension Role. Head Coach Role otamii ln GM and I believe you now also Admit what is a glaring fact ni okinyal wuod gem

    2. @Jasego, you are 100% right on Zico. I had posted earlier that with Zico at the helm, we should expect long balls of youra nena kama Ingwe will be the order of the day. The sooner we get a coach the better for the club going forward.

      There is also an imbicible here calling himself a player giving us ultimatums. This reflects Jakoyo or Nyangi or Ben having converted or changed his name to the @Player.

      1. @Jamigori those shenanighans of Nincoompoops like @player who cannot be our mighty Mayienga team member for we do not sign imbeciles of mediocre proportions who can talk of throwing away a crucial caf match and go ahead to threaten us of relegating the Only Team that matters in Kenya. He is talking Blasphemy which carries the wrath of Gor Mahono…

    3. No need to insult our legend, but starting with Erisa and Muguna was a big mistake…these players haven’t played competitively for close to 6 months and he shouldn’t also expect them to gel in into the team straight away, they should be slowly blooded into the team. Yesterdays match showed that we need Karim more than we realize, our attacking was too one dimensional almost all the balls went through the left with Batambuzi being overworked, Philemon has acquitted himself well in his makeshift role at right back but we are kidding ourselves if we expect him to bring the same creative spark when attacking through the right wing as Karim…we missed those quality crosses into the box last night. Hopefully Tuyisenge will be fit for the second leg.
      My way forward would be.
      1. Renew Karims contract and register him for the CAF competitioon
      2. register Guikan for CAF asap
      3. Send Mustapha on loan for six months to a good non-kpl club in the region even if its Kyovu where he came from, im sure by six months it will beenough time to gauge wether Guikan deserves a spot in the te4am or not. When he comes back play him as a right or left winger..he is not an out and out striker

  3. The member above, please go slow on Zico. Its okey to criticize but this is getting too personal. The Chair already made it clear that they are searching for a foreign coach, so Zico is only standing in. Someone had to stand in for this match. Yes, we didn’t win with the margin we desired. Yes, may be we didn’t even play like we desired, but still, he deserves a part on the back for the win. We are family.( Disclaimer: I am not a Zico’s fan, but everyone deserves a little respect)

    1. Okay Cale i hear you. We even bantered with him and shouted abit but issorait since we all want one thing. I will still be working with him closely for the next 6 days to strategize for the return leg as he will still be in the dugout away in Blantyre. Never believe any sentiment i post is to the detriment of GM, I may get mad and emotional which is human but always Gor’s betterment is what i strive for. #wangoremawahero

      1. Am humbled by your response Jasego. Just in case you haven’t noticed, you are one of the most respected and followed blogger here, me being one of your followers. So what you post matters a lot.

  4. offcourse, expect Zico not to concede at home, one of the best defensive coaches in Africa. His trade mark 1-0 scoreline is another testament to his ability to stifle that winning strength out of opponents.

    Overall, very impressed with Zico’s tactical prowess ! Bringing bernard ondiek was another masterclass substitution. Trust the EC will give him the job…………..He has convinced me!

  5. You can’t have your cake and eat it.Advocating for Zico as a permanent ass. coach means that he fills the gap/stands in when our head coaches leave us high and dry.Also lame excuses from a senior contracted players ati he’s “unsettled” is bad management.

    1. Walemuru that Zico gets us past Nyasa BB as a loss at this stage means elimination from all CAF competitions-no relegation to CCC. Why couldn’t Kahata see out at least these 2 games? Why are pleading with Karim for so many months? EC secho too much, WHY?

  6. @oduor 12, don’t worry we are in safe hands with club legend Zico, one thing I know for sure we won’t concede goals very easily ….. remember team pod gel ( for the first 4-5 games) and we have new faces as well such as ssekisambu and Shafiq but is now official, Karim is leaving us in December.

  7. Gor must have speedy wingers and a good coach sometimes back the name of mudavadi was floated, Mr jakoyo are u really a Gor fan i doubt u zico can’t take this team any further, long boring football Shakava stop proposing a coach for us ,u have poor long aimless passes.a wacho ayueyo

  8. Because you all clueless fans have attacked and abused zico, we the playing unit have agreed to give away the return leg ndiyo msikiye utamu. And please bring a mzungu coach and I promise Gor tutapeleka nyasi!

    1. @Gor Player, you are such an imbecile without a future. What are you doing on this site useless dog. What is a professional player doing on this site. I think you are either Jakoyo or Zico. In case you are a player, it is upto to you if you lose the game. We are just fans and our lives continue whether you win or lose. But you if you lose, there will be no job for you and no money for your pocket you useles idiot and brainless player.

      Wewe ni Jakoyo, or Nyangi, or Ben or Ingo. Get lost and concentrate with what you are employed to do but not to give us ultimatums. Idiot.

      Let me educate you so called a player a little bit. We do not eat football and it is your career which is on line. With us fans, we have jobs, business and other side hustles that have continue to keep us busy and we can as well watch EPL, LALIGA, SERIE A etc. Threats of you throwing away game is upto you.

        1. @Gor Player, Please note that your contract is to play football but not top comment and argue with bloggers. Has it ever come to your mind that contracts can be terminated by club by deliberately not paying for your services and please with earnest start looking for a lesser club where you can display your mediocracy and narrow mind. Wewe ndio fala as you do not respect your career. I do not think you deserve being called a Gor Mahia player.

    2. Nyasi no wewe. Graet players have come and gone in peace. Much greater than you. In mana yawa dhi kode. Dhi madh changaa mos.

    3. @Gor Player, you are such an imbecile without a future. What are you doing on this site useless dog. What is a professional player doing on this site. I think you are either Jakoyo or Zico. In case you are a player, it is upto to you if you lose the game. We are just fans and our lives continue whether you win or lose. But you if you lose, there will be no job for you and no money for your pocket you useles idiot and brainless player.

      Wewe ni Jakoyo, or Nyangi, or Ben or Ingo. Get lost and concentrate with what you are employed to do but not to give us ultimatums. Idiot.

      Let me educate you so called a player a little bit. We do not eat football and it is your career which is on line. With us fans, we have jobs, business and other side hustles that have continue to keep us busy and we can as well watch EPL, LALIGA, SERIE A etc. Threats of you throwing away game is upto you.

      Ngombe wewe. Mjinga kama mafi ya kuku.

  9. We have issues, and serious ones!
    We are so impatient with players and Zico, we are so quick in dismissing the stand in coach and we want Zico replaced like yesterday. The return leg is six days away, even if we got that foreign coach (mzungu) today what will he do? Is he coming with his new set of players or he will still rely on these same ones we are despising?
    I urge our fans to appreciate things as they are and be objective. Yesterday we were playing against a team that had only one goal, secure a draw in Nairobi and at almost worked. The strategy was to close the game, sit back and wait for GOR to attached and ambush us on counter-attack. Anybody who watched Atletico Madrid vs Barcelona game over the weekend would agree. Barcelona did everything, Atletico scored against the run of play, then locked the game.
    Remember last season we started the continental campaign very sluggishly, we could not score goals in Machakos, but slowly we picked up, do not forget Kerr was in charge.
    We have already condemned Zico even before the final whistle in yesterday’s game some people had already written his sacking letter even when the EC has stated that Kerr’s replacement will announced next week or so. Let us learn to be patient and even appreciate our own. Let us encourage players and the TB, results will come.

  10. The match played out at 0-0 on 94 minutes, at home. That chance goal is just a mahia thing, but even mahia miracles will run out at some time, BB are no fools, this fixture is in their hands and 90% for now, we are out and we better get used to the harsh reality. And also domestic league, someone else will emerge this season believe me.That yet will not be end of the world, so let’s get used to that too.

    1. @Apida William, we all know the history of Zico on performance and @Ja Thur gi ji, this is a comment for those that have given up the fight for accolades. We as fans of Gor Mahia, we can’t get used to mediocre performance now and in future matches.

      Gor Mahia is currently too big for the local coaches and they can only deputize the foreign coaches.

  11. This so called gor player is a real idiot whose head is full of maggots. If it is true you are a gor player then I suspect you fear a mzungu coach who won’t tolerate your bang’ smoking habits.Conduct yourself professionally and attract suitors for a possible upward trajectory. Otherwise ujue gor ina wenyewe look for small clubs of your standard. Zico will never be Gor’s permanent head coach.

    1. Odhis. Nyinyi watu mulizaliwa kitambo kweli mkoloni alibadilisha your way of thinking kabisa! …the mkoloni made you believe that he is the only one who can give you something good. My generation says NO!!! We are the future and we have self believe in us and our people. Nyinyi wazee muende ushago please

  12. It’s unfortunate that we couldn’t get a comfortable win but that is football for you. If you follow Gor you will notice that we don’t usually win BIG in CAF games but we are consistent. Just like Nyasa defended here in Nairobi whpever knows Zico knows what defending is. Kust ask UG Cranes. We should all give Zico the support he requires since he is the stand-in coach.Even during Kerr’s tenure some fans were not happy with his brand of football and they expressed it here. The only difference is that we used to win. And by the way giving stray passes is never the coach’s undoing but the player’s.
    At Jasego has toned down his criticism of Zico while Jakoyo still roots for him. Nothing wrong with that but the Chair says we will soon get a coach soon though i know it’s not as easy as we say. Good coaches are already contracted to clubs and even if we were to get one today he will not be responsible for the results of the next two weeks.
    So fans let’s support the team as we have a tough 10 days fiixture to navigate.

    1. @Dan original; That is a very sober and balanced comment. Kudos for being reasonable, calculated and above all OPTIMISTIC. Big up Jaduong..

    2. Guys we may be dissapointed but for now Zico is the Coach. Let us encourage him and the players as they prepare for the return leg. God Bless Gor Mahia.

  13. The opportunities afforded to any player lucky enough to be in Gor Mahia are so enormous and the wise thing to do is to make maximum use of it and your short career will be one you will be one you look back with pride .
    But if you believe that throwing a game will hurt the “clueless fans” and not you then you are the most stupid individual on this earth , long after your career would have miserably elapsed , the clueless fans and the club would still be in existense .
    To the Ja-baridis of this world , it is so sad that you belong to a group that have hoisted your personal feelings above the well being of the club and are prepared to drag the name of the club in the mud if your intentions are not met , I read with sadness when an official who has been fighting Kerr with all parts of her body being the first one in the media crying rivers on how Kerr was bathing in a swimming pool and living in a hse without electricity , this is the same person together with an increasingly desparate jabaridi who were in the media purportedly to have done an harambee for a player for his rent and then go ahead to quote massively different figures raised just going to show how disorganised they are in their misadventure and like jabaridi has shown to those who may wish to be like him , sychophancy is not sustainable .
    As for Zico , I will reserve my opinion of him -for now , because my opinion notwithstanding , the bigger picture is that he is who we have for now and my love for the club comes before my personal feelings or opinions .
    @Jasego , keep up the good job you are doing and to your critics who question whether you are benefiting , my question is , what is wrong with benefiting for working , if you have something good to offer the club , not matter how small , please do and if a benefit comes courtesy of that then why not , this is different from the slay queens and kings whose sole motive is to reap but not sow .
    Otherwise all the best to the club and if I have hurt anybodies feelings , my advise is that you go to Hell

    1. @Teddy thanks for the encouragement and i will keep working for the greater good of our beloved club in any small capacity i can. On another note if truly the person claiming to be a gor player is indeed one and is busy exchanging unpleasantries with bloggers instead of concentrating on his job them i’ll be really worried for our club having such characters within their ranks…

  14. If you are a gor player and taking comments from this blog seriously, rethink your professionalism when you are arguing with 15 heads to generalize, Mkitaka mpereke nsl bado tutakamu game, kumbuka sisi hukuja juu ya badge jinga hii, RETHINK is the key word here
    God bless GMFC

  15. Dear Kogalo family, small beginnings tend to bring greater and bigger endings. Process are for the most part never very easy and interesting.However, they are good because as an opportunity, when taken and handled positively, character can be built. The best part of it is that certain realities are experienced some new and some not. The truth of the matter is that our beloved team is dealing with things that recently happened. A good coach leaving, some players leaving and others on the verge of doing the same while others coming in. I think that this must rock the boat. Consistency cannot be maintained. It takes time to jelly because in itself, jellying is something that is built over time. It involves emotions, understanding, technical matters, the style of play and many other things. The first international assignment against this backdrop of things cannot be a walk in the park. For if it is to fail I think Nyasa failed. Parking the bus was their objective and it worked for them only until a certain time when they cracked. That one goal I think must be cherished. The pressure is greater on them than they anticipated. They must attack to clear the deficit and win But who is kogalo? Based on our philosophy of win and win win win win win…., we will shoot them down in their own backyard. We must not be judged by where we are coming from…….

  16. Hello Brothers and Sisters.

    What a nice way to open a new season.

    Many years ago my father told me how Osewe of Ranalo started his business by selling Limbe Leaf (Traditional veges) at Kaloleni Public Bar (Ka Anyim). It’s only this week that i realised Limbe Leaf was a team from Malawi that Kogalo thrashed 3-0.

    Back to soccer business i must say i stand with Zico and wish he would be confirmed as head coach. His tactics were spot on. Nyasa is no small team. They are champions. I believe it is time to give one of our own a chance. I would also encourage our former greats to get into coaching more. Even locally we are not doing well when we have produced the best brains in soccer.

  17. Each game needs a unique player to help the team when the going is tough. I watched Nyasa against Simba and new they are good in defending. Therefore such a game require power player such as AGWANDA, GUIKAN AND ADE. Many of us are not for Ade but this boy has a unique quality. He can shoot outside 18, he can force his way into the box and he easily make defender to create a penalty or a foul at advantage place. At the moment we lack a power force striker. Unlocking defense from wing play is not easy in a game where opponent is waiting opportunity to counter attack. Let us retain Guikan. Remember his Goal in Machakos. We will win in Malawi since they will not be defensive.

  18. @jaupunda and machulong…good comments. A serious football analyst will tell you that when you are defending with 10 people behind the ball all the time like nyasa did, you need to be at your creative best to create clear cut chances for goals. ….For that i MUST give credit to Zico and in the return leg, the pressure will be on the them to score an early goal and then kill us off with another goal and probably a 3rd goal in the second half. That pressure to open up their play, create scoring chances and defend with their lives, means we will definately play better in lilongwe and possibly score an away goal !

    #Lets believe in ZICO.

  19. Congrats team, the 1- 0 lead here means in Lilongwe we shall first defend our lead as we look for an away goal. Ziko find a strategy to ensure we go through to the next stage

  20. Macholung pole bwana this my first time to read ur comment stop confusing us eti you talk of Ade the has been dropped don’t try to force down our throat ,Agwanda is contracted to sony spent cartridge at Gor Guikan yes our player and this why we need a coach who can’t be swayed by people like u AFC mole in this platform

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