Lavatsa dropped by MC Alger

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The ex-Gor Mahia and Harambee Stars’ towering striker is among 14 players released by the Algerian club hardly six months into his two year contract

Former Gor Mahia striker Edwin Lavatsa has been released by Algerian club MC Algiers. Lavatsa is among 14 players released by the club hardly six months into his two year contract.

According to several Algerian news channels, the club was keen to have a lean squad of 25 players. Lavatsa is particularly blamed for serious mistakes which cost the team in the just concluded season.

“Mc Algiers has decided to release half of its work force as they prepare for the new season,” said the news sources.

Lavatsa reveals why he was dropped

Lavatsa says that an ankle injury and change in the coaching department is the reason he was dropped by top Algerian club MC Algiers.

“I sprained my ankle four weeks ago and it became difficult to train. The club called me and gave me an ultimatum, either to take a huge salary cut or terminate my contract and get paid half of its remaining value. I opted for the latter,” Lavatsa told Goal.

He added: “Things were made even more difficult by the fact that the coach, who signed me was fired and the new man in charge wanted fit players.”

The former Gor Mahia hit man also hinted at challenging conditions in Algeria insisting that it was difficult for him to stay in the club.

Regarding his future, Lavatsa said he has had contact with a Belgian club and intends to travel there in the next two weeks.

“The Belgian club are aware of my injury and have accepted to give me a chance. I hope it goes well. It is disappointing that it as come to this but then again this is reality we have to live with.”


14 thoughts on “Lavatsa dropped by MC Alger

  1. Let me first wish Dan ‘Flava’ all the best.
    As for Love-A-Star am not surprised that he was dropped. HE SIMPLY DOESN’T SCORE.
    You see Gor inabeba players wengi who after showing the initial potential don’t really improve.
    In reality Lavasta’s scoring rate is always poor, so is Ade’s,Wanyonyi’s,Dube’s even Rama’s has dropped.
    When fans point this out they are labelled negative only 2 b proved right when these players move out.
    Jagoal/Musa r players who will find it tough if they move even 2 AFC.

    You can now see that it’s a jungle out there and those who succeeded like Mariga, Oliech and Wanyama had to undergo all these before they succeeded.
    It’s also important not to burn the bridges as you might need them when crossing back. Players like BB, Teddy and even Danny have had blessings from both fans and EC when they leave or want to leave because of their humility. Even King Wanga got the blessings from the den when he left so it’s easier for him to come back to the den if things don’t go right

  3. I said it and I was labelled a ‘tyrant’….in gor mahia talent without leadership is like a beautiful house with poor foundation.

    Welcome back lavatsa, sserenkuma,otieno, bolotieno, Rama, musa, oboya , ade and the thousands of others who simply are not nurtured and groomed well enough by the leadership in this country to fit into the paid ranks.

    Pole sana !

  4. Oduor, true Lavasta just did not mature to take up that stage.

    What he is thinking now is even worse – Belgium who reach Qfinal in the world cup will be more competitive.

    Can some tell the young players that they are not yet there. Gor is bigger than some of the club they are runningto

  5. Lavatsa is a good player who served the club loyally for 4 years even when AFC were begging him to join them. Remember the crucial goal he scored against Sofapaka in the cup finals. memories are short with some people. Every player deserves to seek greener pastures sometimes

  6. Why are you bloggers throwing venoms at Lavasta? Well said Joe Riaga.

    You are all stupid, ignorant, noise makers, thugs, stone throwers, hooligans, spineless, useless, brainless and joyriders fans that only know how to make free entry to stadias while the club is in the red financially.

  7. LAVATSA,yaah,l thnk u av learn thru ua mistakes,yaah human beings use 2 learn by mistakes,u thot dat u r wel stable 2 av ua home nd yet u av nothng. .we begd u 2 remain in the team bat …gudlck bwana. transfa newaseroo chon

  8. I think lavatsa got a decent deal after being released, half of two years wages makes almost 1 years salary, not bad…all he needs is to keep fit while waiting for another deal to come through. I wont be suprised to see him back at Gor, we have always been kind to our prodigal sons, how else would you explain keeping blackberry around when he contributes nothing to the team

  9. Mr. LAVASTA We still love you when you out there to expand your territory . Be the best in everything you do and keep fighting until you get .

    We GOR MAHIA fans that believe in greener pastures bless you.

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