Logarusic settles into new home

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Gor Mahia Coach Zdravko Logarusic is a happy man. He has now moved from his full board Hotel room to a luxurious three bedroomed fully furnished apartmentcourtesy of Nairobi governor’s seat contestant Dr.Evans Kidero

“I am loving it here. It is a very cool and nice place. I am very comfortable and more free. I can move a little to the extent that I want and when I am tired, it is the best place to relax in,” an elated Logarusic told Michezoafrika.com.

The Coach also says that he hopes to repay Dr. Evans Kidero for the gesture one day by winning a major trophy with K’Ogalo.

“I want to personally thank Mr. Kidero for this gesture and always supporting Gor Mahia. I am hoping in the future that we can give him a nice reward winning great trophies. This is a kind gesture and needs a huge reward,” the Croat added.

19 thoughts on “Logarusic settles into new home

  1. On behalf of coast Gor Mahia fans and on my own behalf, I wish to thank Hon Evans Kidero for this good gesture in supporting our great team. May the Almighty God bless you and may our heavenly father grant you your wish of being the Governor of Nairobi.

    On today’s match against Sony FC, it is our prayer that our Almighty God will grant us victory over the sugarmen in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. May our loving God deliver Sony into our hands today in name of Jesus Christ and after the game we shall return glory, honour and praises to God. Let all the bloggers say Amen.

  2. Great appreciations to Mr.E. Kidero,Gor mahia and the entire Kenyan football fraternity recognizes your support for the sport and talent development initiatives,wish you well in every aspects of your life.


    Whilst i continue to laud Dr. Evans Kidero for the kind gesture, Gor Mahia as a club must seriously think for long lasting solutions for the challenges we have today. EK may have solved our problem today but what about tomorrow considering his kind gesture may come with strings attached.

    Kenyans will recall during former President Moi tenure when he went to a constituency in central Kenya dishing out niceties in order to influence voters during polling day. When his party was humiliated at the polls, it is reported that the following day electricity poles are brought down and carted away.

    Gor Mahia is quite aware that as long as the club exists, a coach is must. The club can reduce the huge house rent bill by perhaps constructing a decent home foe it’s coaches in their own piece of land.

    When i look at my wristwatch, it only 2 hours 6 mins remaining for another mothwayering clash between K’Ogalo and SoNy. I take this early opportunity to wish our boys all the best as they take on the sugarmen from Nyanza. To paraphrase the words of George W.Bush once commenting on war on terrorists, remarked ; we shall not tire and we shall not miss our target.

  4. Mr. Kidero shows a keen interest in sports. If he runs for governor, Kogalo fans must all vote for him. If you want sports to prosper in Nairobi, then people like Kisia and Kideo are the ones you should vote for.

  5. What a game!! Thank God, Congratulations to the Boys and the bench and everyone!!! Can you believe we are standing at number 2 even if for a day from number 14, Wow!! God is Great, Kogallo Forever!!!

  6. Thanks Mr. Kidero for your generosity. Giving is in one’s heart but not in what somebody has. how many of these Kenyan/politicians are very rich and can’t even assist anyone with 1 bob? God bless you and increase your territory

  7. Good gesture but for how long are we going to depend of sponsors of that kind, i think our club should start investing n we should start by buying a club house for the coach. What if Kidero pulls out? where will our coach reside?

  8. kidero niko na kura yako…..sir why cnt you just sell Gor the house but on a friendly terms and conditions,like a fixed amount per month and us as fans will make sure its paid

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