Midenyo happy with progress

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Fresh Gor Mahia signing from Tusker George Midenyo is content with his progress at the club and is ready for next season.

The prolific striker formerly with Tusker FC revealed that the club has offered the right environment for his career development and is sure that will be achieved in the near future.

Blending well

-I am happy with the progress so far since this has served as a perfect place for me

-Every team has its style of play and equally Gor Mahia has theirs. That is what I am adapting to at the moment.

-I am taking the challenge positively so that I can get the best out of it for batter days to come.

Midenyo top scored for current Kenyan Premier League champions Tusker last season before crossing over during the current transfer window.

15 thoughts on “Midenyo happy with progress

  1. Great to see the team is bonding well, can’t help but think of how Gor games are going to be totally sold out this season, which brings this nagging question again; what is the management’s plan on Kogalo’s away games gate collections? Can’t we bargain for a fair share? I believe there’s room for negotiation, a community club should not lose all that money when they are commanding literally all the fans!

  2. Pod Antie you are right once again. I admire the way you look at things in perspective. George Bwana some more food for thought.

    Most teams exploited us last season and this time round we should ask for a share of the cake. This is a matter that should be understandable to any progressive mind.

  3. Siku zenu zilikwisha, siku za akina odembo nyangi,ndolo,dawo. Gor ya sasa ni mfano tu na jina, kama Afc leopard ni jina tu. hamu sakati soka kama kitambo. poleni ndugu.

  4. Mla ndege, please note that idle minds are not welcomed here and your views is not adding any value to us you can visit other sites for teams participating in locals tournaments sisi tunafikiria continental bwana

  5. @Pod Antie, @Jackowili, @KOWINO and others who share the same school of thought, I beg to request you to stick to the rules that govern football globally. As much as I would want Gor to benefit, there is no way we can claim gate collections for a match we are the obviously the away team. Its unfortunate, but thats what the law governing soccer in the world say. Let us avoid the idea of trying to shift goal posts whenever the law does not favour us. If the law says, the last 2 teams in the league log at the end of the season be relegated, so be it, regardless of the stature of the teams in questions. There should be NO negotiation. Fair play!!! For God and my club Kogallo

  6. Thanks guys for Gor Mahia open day. It will be a good bonding process. Let’s have prayer day next so that the team is prayed for and we scuttle the powers of researchers.

  7. @8Albert Kosero (Sofaset Branch Kampala)point noted. However, I remember paying 500/- at Afraha Stadium and 300/- at Mbaraki grounds simply because Gor was in town. Imagine I would pay 100/- at the same Mbaraki grounds to watch a local derby between Congo and Bandari or any of the local sides against an upcountry team other than Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards.

    It is this open greed that makes us come up with such calls.

    Mla Ndege naona hujaridhika na yale ya juzi. Sisi hatujazoea za ubwete. Ridhika na huyo paka wako. Kumbuka paka ni paka hata umpake manukato ipi… iwe ni waridi au wanja au hata hina, bado atabaki ni yule yule paka (ogwang’).

    Kule alipozaliwa nyanyangu kuna paka mmoja raha yake ni ule uvundo anaotoa hata akaitwa “Angima” (Niko mzima!) kumaanisha anajivunia huo uvundo akisema nikomzima na ninatoa uvundo huu,je nikifa?!!!Paka ni paka tu.

  8. Gor is a brand name and so the site dedicated to Gor Mahia should only be visited by serious people, not busy bodies. We are talking football not having beef and the topic is about the TEAM. Please restrict yourselves.
    Midenyo , thank you and we wish you ant the TEAM well.

  9. Gor will have an mpesa account soon. Let me repeat a previous suggestion for away games if the away teams want to continue exploiting the Green Army then lets mpesa our ticket fees to GM’s mpesa account n watch the match on tv.

  10. @ODUOR12, that sounds more reasonable. Let us MPesa the the money to Gor’s account instead of making rich teams that do not deserve it. If they want us to attend away matches then the gate charges must remain normal. For God and my club Kogallo

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