Miheso puts pen to paper, Zico appointed to national team

Gor Mahia have officially completed the signing of midfielder / winger Clifford Miheso. The vastly experienced Miheso put pen to paper on a two year contract. He joined from lower tier side, Kenya Police.

Miheso, a product of Kakamega High school, has played locally for Thika United, AFC Leopards and Sofapaka, as well as stints in Finland, Portugal, South Africa and Zambia.

Miheso who is 26, has been in and out of the national team since 2012 and narrowly missed on selection to the AFCON 2019 squad. He is a welcome addition to the midfield that is sorely lacking in playmakers since the departure of Francis Kahata.

Zedekiah Otieno appointed to Harambee Stars

Gor Mahia legend and former coach Zedekiah Otieno has been appointed assistant coach of the national team Harambee Stars. He will assist Francis Kimanzi who has been appointed head coach to replace departing Frenchman Sebastian Migne.

Zico has been Harambee stars head coach in the past. Most notably when his side held Uganda Cranes coached by Bobby Williamson in Kampala and denied them a place in AFCON

26 thoughts on “Miheso puts pen to paper, Zico appointed to national team

  1. Good catch. Though financial implications linger at the back. Oliech is in camp ?have the current squad been paid? Are we chewing more than we can swallow?

    1. “he is a welcome addition to a midfield sorely lacking in a playmaker since the departure of Francis kahata”…..

      Well, I think this is an exaggerating!! First and foremost I don’t think we have missed kahata. Secondly, I disagree that we are lacking in that department. Let us first be truly tested before you can actually judge the team. It’s to premature for you to judge right now please!!!

  2. I have always said , club legend, defense expert and CAF- CECAFA record holder, ‘zico’ did everything right last season and its good FKF have honored him. Its a pity we did not promote him to head the TB.

    On miheso, good catch but not sure whether to celebrate or cry ….. have salaries, allowances and bonusses for month of June and July been paid ? Any info before a sudden player revolt .

    1. ADOR aka Mugabe has been opaquely running GM for the last 10 plus years with the same problems. Even with healthy cash inflows from sponsorship, the CAF group stages payout, government support i.e air tickets etc, EC has never been able to balance it’s books. With or without sponsorship for the last 10 years it’s the same issues, same problems which EC has been unable to resolve. Kudos coach Polack for bringing in your own player, signs of a strong coach but am sure EC cartels are’nt impressed.

      1. @Oduor12, this is ####. Coach can’t sign a player without involvement of your Mugabe. Does coach has the money to sign a player?

        We need to respect Ambrose Rachier for the work he has done in Gor Mahia. Running a club of the stature of Gor Mahia is not a walk in the park. We have won a record KPL that eluded many former chairmen of Gor Mahia since the club was established.

  3. Miheso is the calibre of signing for signs were itching for…so much quality experience and intelligence…but let him settle down..he has this issue of changing clubs every 3 months…Zico doesn’t deserve the Kenya job because he’s the kcb head coach they will be conflict of interest..kimanzi and zico have gotten the job because they are Nicks drinking buddies ..all Nick will do is demand they pick some Kariobangi sharks…below par players…harambee will not have any growth.. They all have been there before and they did nothing…back to you in studio

  4. Miheso is a very good offensive player. Good addition to the squad.
    Those worried about whether there are salaries to pay the players, hold on your horses. Salaries have always been paid and will continue to be paid. I don’t understand why we are so obsessed with this question yet we always do nothing about raising players salaries/allowances. Leave the issue of salaries, bonuses and allowances to the EC. They have tried their best to ensure salaries are paid despite some delays. Kata ka owenu onge gima ubiro timoye. Kwe uru wiwu. I will stick to my lane which is supporting Kogallo with all my heart..
    Amor, Piny Mor, Polo bende Mor. For God and my beloved club – Kogallo.

  5. Omera July salaries for GM players were paid on Friday last week at Camp Toyoyo with envelopes and for those who missed that day received there’s on Saturday morning. Oliech was not present both days and his cash travelled to Burundi since tij pesa okrum gor odich but there is an undertaking that he will be paid today…Come one come all for Sunday’s Super Cup where Bandari must know only one team matters in Kenyan Football…Do I need to say which team that is…Have a good day Jogor

    1. I will wear my tried and tested helmet on this…is the super cup match still on as scheduled ? What is the winner going to take home or are players just playing for the sake ? who will compensate us for any injuries? and the elephant in the room ‘ is KPL operating on schedule league start date without sportpesa sponsorship ?’…they tried ( after date exit) last time and it failed miserably , how will clubs survive without a league sponsor to pay their monthly stipends at least for the first 4 months ?

      Awacho ayweyo!

      1. Jakoyo this are pertinent issues that I cannot answer. Maybe you should ask Matiangi why he thought it prudent to punish and meddle with betting firms which drive world football through sponsorships. Has he recovered Arror and Kimwarer Dam Scandal Money for him to start chasing away our corporate sponsors? Sportpesa must come back or else Kenyan football is in for one hell of a long tough season…
        N/B- season curtain raiser must be played yawa stop worrying of compensation for imaginary injuries osiepa it shall be well and usually it is a charity event that attracts no winners cash prize other that the pride of beginning the season with Silverware

    2. Jasego, Is this Oliech guy training and if not when is he expected back? The Odula and passenger no.27 sagas still haunt some of us. His exhorbitant salary can pay 3 players or cater for the match winning bonuses especially as the club is “facing cash woes”.

      1. Zico; congratulations !……The First goal is to win Cecafa two or three times in a row and then we can think of CHAN. That should be our ine and only focus now. We spend a lot of money year in year out on AFCON , World Cup, CHAN yet we are always bundled out in tge early stages. Let us build the house from the bottom. FIRST we need to conquer East and Central Africa and then CHAN and then AFCON and then World Cup. This can be done in 10 years. Participating in AFCON, World Cup qualifications and Chqn qualifications is all a waste of time and money as we have seen in tge last 55 years since Kenyas independence. The focus should be Cecafa for the senior team. Let us start there.

  6. Two things that Ogwang’ is very good at are firing coahes and signing players en-masse every season. These two factors are among the key contributors to the sleeping giant’s underachievement and institutional instability in this decade.

    Gor Mahia has never signed so massively at one go. 7 players released and 18 added means an additional 11! What is K’Ogalo upto? One thing I know is that these signings are done through a very structured concensus. There must have been some round table deliberations and with good, if not very good reasons.

    Those worried about salaries to Miheso and other players, should just take heart because Gor Mahia is not easily understood. Always full of surprises! Come to think of it: you lose a sponsor at a time when one of your vegetative players is on a monthly salary of 0.3M, but you still hire a foreign coach and even sign an 18th new signing! I only hope that all 30 plus personnel in the playing unit will be fully utilized in the season. Calm down people. There is a lot that we do not know. However, we must register as members and improve our attendance of K’Ogalo home matches.

    1. @Barefoot Bandit, I think you have put it very well on what goes on in the background as regards recruitment. My thoughts are based on these factors.
      Firstly, Gor is a big Club and with a history. As such it is only fair to say that it has structures and procedures. These you have alluded to and I quote “One thing I know is that these signings are done through a very structured consensus. There must have been some round table deliberations and with good, if not very good reasons” This means it is not a one man show.
      Secondly, on matters Salaries this is what you say “Those worried about salaries to Miheso and other players, should just take heart because Gor Mahia is not easily understood. Always full of surprises!” This is very comforting because somehow they are able to pull the carpet under our feet most of the time. In this context, who even knew that some thing was going on with Miheso, but now he is in the bag. They are leading us in what leadership is about. Once you are convinced about something after serious thoughts make a decision about it whatever it shall attract. The judgement is already out there. As fans the ball is on our court. We must play good and the best way to play it is to Jazza Stadium in all the matches wherever.

  7. @jasego – Blame the super CS on this but don’t forget what he has done to Education. Those who invested in University hostels, universities which bough buildings in town and expanded to the counties are now closing. HE DOES not care.
    We are here because FKF did not read the writing on the wall. They did not manage DSTV well. They “boosted”. The soprano man does not have any idea of football. Even the team he thinks is the best “shark” will nice drown in shallow waters and die. Sportpesa conned everyone – married three wives at a go i.e. AFC, GOR and FKF. Now the women have been abandoned with no means of sustaining the children. Non of these three wives thought outside the box and I also think the contracts were very skewed.

    1. @ojomondi ..Kenya’s sporting environment is replete with the same problems whether involving basketball, rugby, athletics volleyball or football. An under investing govt on the same respect should not cut off the limbs of corporates who atleast have shown interest to put some money in sports. Safaricom with their super monopoly profits does not even want to sponsor KPL through CSR they just claim the scholarships for 200 needy students all through high school is enough mano kata an Jasego anyalo puonjo same number of students with CDF money in Homabay…Giwee wuondowa

  8. Gor Mahia should send players salaries to their bank accounts. Security wise it is not in order to pay somebody cash in an envelope.

  9. Im informed long ago people were paid cash in envelope and you could walk with it safely home. I wonder how our stars are treated.Anyway new constitution new stuff awaits. Let’s bang Bandari and hope we win against Angle Noire

  10. What if a player is paid in an envelope and looses all of it to the daring Nairobi thugs at gun point? It is not safe at all.

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