Miheso to miss USM Alger clash

Newly signed midfielder Clifton Miheso is not available for the clash against USM Alger due to late registration.

We registered him [Miheso] late and thus he will not be available for the USM Alger match. We are waiting for the Caf window to open again and register him a fresh and maybe with two more players. If Gor Mahia makes it to the Group Stage, then he will be eligible to play for us.” said Omondi Aduda to goal.com

The vastly experienced Miheso has played in numerous leagues abroad and showed in the match against Bandari that he is still a top class player.

However Gor Mahia will have the West African attacking duo of Afiriyie and Yikpe Ghislain available.

Oliech: My termination was unprofessional

Dennis Oliech has accused the club of acting professionally. According to Oliech, the termination letter stated that the reason for termination was his entry into politics.

“You have offered yourself as a candidate for popular political elections, a move likely to portray the club in a bad light, cause disaffection among club’s supporters and fans, a step is inconsistent with and inimical to your standing as the club’s football player,” Gor Mahia said in regard to their decision to part ways with Oliech. ” said a letter from Gor Mahia.

Oliech denied that he was running for any seat.

“If I wanted to vie for the seat I would have surely made a public announcement. If I wanted any seat I would have gone for Dagoretti North and not Kibra. I am not a resident at Kibra so the rumours do not make sense at all Oliech told goal.com

Oliech says that the rumours of his entry into politics are malicious.

“Somebody sent me the photo [showing Oliech on a political banner] on WhatsApp and I forwarded it to our group [the players’ WhatsApp group] just trying to show I was not aware of the banner going around.”

” People are just trying to create controversy from where it does not exist at all but I know because there are reports [McDonnald] Mariga will vie for the seat then people want to start pushing me into politics ” he concluded

12 thoughts on “Miheso to miss USM Alger clash

  1. My point is Oliech should just go in peace he should not behave like a jilted lover. He still thinks that he’s the star he used to be.

  2. No. We needed him to bolster our finances. Remember we all applauded and called for Wuod Mary to get in the pitch? This got in his head and since he has poor advice and cannot see beyond his nose he is on a crashing mode like the infamous Boeing airbuses. Sincerely he is within soccer retirement bracket, he should have grabbed the opportunity with both hands and cement a post active playing scenery.

  3. This week Wednesday , Afc launched an App that simplifies and makes it extremely convenient for one to register as a member , buy matchday tickets , buy merchandise etc etc and that is a good thing .
    Sometimes this week , somebody sent me an audio clip in which Dr Shikanda and Ngala were being interviewed on Sport Pesa’s sponsorship withdrawal , and whereas Dr Shikanda decided to look at the situation as an opportunity , an opportunity in the midst of despair to rally the fanbase , through initiatives such as what we then witnessed on Wednesday’s launch , For Ngala , SportPesa’s decision was a death sentence and he spent the entire duration of the interview lamenting , crying , weeping , wailing , screaming and gnashing his teeth and this mentality aptly captures the leadership of One Ambrose Rachier .
    Ambrose Rachier ‘s successes locally has brought about some misconception about his leadership , with a majority hailing it , while in plain truth AR just happens to be the tallest dwarf in kenya ‘s football management room , something akin to a pupil being consistently number one in a school out of 40students but transferred to another school starts becoming number 20something or worse .
    The irony of my post is that were elections to be called today and all factors remaining constant e.g as they were in the last two elections , I would again vote for AR but with a prayer that the membership chooses the right personnel to assist him otherwise it would be the same as choosing the right Governor and giving him/her USELESS Mca’s.
    The last word on Oliech , when I was growing up in Kisumu , we used to be entertained and educated about one loveable tiny bird called OYUNDI and the Oliech in Gor has reminded me of that bird e.g Oyundi come and work , oh I have an injury on my leg , Oyundi come and EAT (Salary ), Oyundi ni Se Se Se .

    1. ” oyundi ni dhi moti
      Oyundi ni tienda lit
      Oyundi ni umbi
      Oyundi ni tienda lit
      Oyundi ni dhi kwath
      Oyundi ni tienda lit
      Oyundi ni BI ICHIEM
      Oyundi no SESSESESESE”
      THOO. My brother you made my day.

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