Mr. Rachier please take charge before the league is lost

All the Gor Mahia players as well as the technical bench boycotted training on Wednesday. According to coach Ze Maria, the club must fulfill certain obligations in order for training to resume.

“I have some issues with the office and I want them to be sorted out before I resume training. As a team fighting for the title, we need to train in a conducive environment but unfortunately this has not been the case. We have done our best as a technical bench to protect the players but it has not been easy,” he told

Ze Maria did not turn up for training on Tuesday or on Wednesday. After a flying start, Gor Mahia are in danger of going off-course in their quest to reclaim the title they lost to Tusker.

In 2012, Gor Mahia started the season poorly due to infighting within the technical bench. By the time the situation was addressed, The league was already 25% completed. In the end they narrowly lost the league on the last day. Had they addressed the issues earlier, they would have won the league.

In 2016, the poor start was caused by fighting between coach Frank Nuttall and the Executive committee. Had these issues been resolved before the season started, Gor Mahia would have won the league. On top of that, lax security caused Gor Mahia to lose three points which were deducted due to one fan.

In essence Gor Mahia should have won the league 5 times in a row from 2012 to 2016, if not for self inflicted wounds.

The player strike comes hot on the heels of Gor Mahia being thrown out of their Nyayo stadium offices and also being thrown out of their Camp Toyoyo training ground due to late payments.

And now there is public bickering between two officials over the issue of stewards and the issue of gate receipts.

This kind of incompetence and lack of transparency also hurts the club’s public image and can make it difficult to get sponsors in the future.

The infighting and poor organization is threatening to derail the club’s league campaign just as it did in 2012 and 2016.

The one critical element missing in all this is newly elected Chairman Ambrose Rachier. Since his re-election, he seems to have taken a hands off approach and it is beginning to affect the club. In fact Rachier has been more active on KPL related issues than with issues affecting the club.

And Rachier has had 8 years to transform the club into a well run unit with qualified professionals each with well established  assignments and performance contracts. Instead we are stuck with elected officials, many of whom are not competent and with vague assignments. Does anyone known what an assistant deputy secretary does? And can anyone explain why the club has a sponsor yet salaries are not being paid on time?

The time has come to change constitution to get competent officials so that the club is run professionally.


46 thoughts on “Mr. Rachier please take charge before the league is lost

  1. Really sad to think that the Gor of my youth years – 70’s and 80’s, was better managed. While teams like Simba na Yanga have grown, Gor has regressed. Ligi ya bush kweli.

  2. We need to beat up a few niggers here. That is my take. Ase rwako helmet, ‘positive energy branch’ koro chak goya uru gi kite wa. Sometimes when we point out these things we are called names. his scenario had been predicted by a person and jasego. They were called hooligans, the KPL and Supersport debacle had been predicted by jasego and myself we were called watu wa siasa kali and rumour mongers….now it seems the negative branch energy branch are more on the loop than the sycophants. The next time someone tells me off for pointing out a malaise in Gor…I promise I wont be too civil. There is a hooligan in all of us!!!

    1. Spot on and we have been vindicated sooner rather than later.Now read my long piece below on my thoughts concerning the latest debacle

  3. We told Mugabe supporters that their day of reckoning would come faster than expected! I am just surprised by their silence. They always call us goons for failing to sugarcoat Mugabe failures. Na bado, Maria mama is a soft coach, for him to boycott training…… And am waiting for them to sing ; Wakili, wakili …….Mugabe reigns

    8yrs as chairman and nothing to show for it! What a mess.

  4. How come GM is the only venture that AR manages that’s in shambles.He is an “astute” lawyer paying workers and office rent for his legal firm in time.Heard of Mayfair Bank (and Insurance Co), its one of the 2 new banks in Kenya, AR is a shareholder and director.GM Sacco and GM lotto are independent companies/entities but offshoots of GMFC.All these companies have structures and systems in place and financial reporting is routine but AR does not want the same in GMFC.Ask yourself WHY? Could GMFC be funding personal ventures and projects that’s why the club must be maintained in a state of deliberate disorder and opaqueness.For +8 years Mugabe has been running GMFC like a kiosk,he has been in charge,he is the biggest beneficiary of this deliberate chaos and he intends to maintain this state of affairs.

  5. The elections caused all this.

    We elected camps when voting and that has brought about unprecedented levels of noise and politics. Clearly there are people in the EC who are not comfortable working or stealing together. Sadly, that has always been Ingwe’s problem.

  6. @ musymo, Siasa Kali tunazidi Kukataa dhidi ya wachezaji ila kwa wakurugenzi wa K’OGALO (AR and Company) imekubalika, ile hairuhusiwi ni kuingilia wachezaji ovyo ovyo licha ya kuwa hao pia huangalia hii site, lets condemn the EC kabisa, Wachezaji nao we should support to the fullest coz EC doesn’t play, meanwhile naona olympics za Gor sanasana 100 meters sprint zikianza

  7. Now that we have acquired audacius appetite to blame AR (other than ourselves ) for everything that bedevils the club. Here are my facts !

    FACT : Truth be told, everyone shall carry their own cross including the bickering EC officials. Did AR appoint those officials himself ….How can two officials go for each other’s throat in public ? If this officials had job descriptions with clear roles and accountability structures, they would have spared us the embarrassment. But that can only happen if we change the constitution and reduce the number of idle EC officials.

    FACT : I have credible evidence that there are some stewards ‘sponsored by kogallo branches’ at the club who are simply untouchable, they can get away with everything including printing and selling their own tickets, admitting members of their own clans free into matches and most importantly colluding with police officers to share the gate collection loot. This practice has been going on for the last 15 years and to change that, you have to change the kogallo constitution. I was once told by some unnamed official ‘ kogallo iko na wenyewe, that is how the branches sustain themselves financially. ‘

    FACT : The two months KPL/FKL impasse had big financial repurcusion on the clubs and the players meaning the league did not remit monthly stipend to the clubs and the clubs did not pay bonus/allowances for their players and technical bench.This effectively means that players and clubs were broke and could not sustain themselves over the period. infact, had the league not started in march , there is fears that some players could have terminated their contracts and moved elsewhere mainly overseas, in search of playing time. Now that the league has resumed,there is a huge backlog of payments by all clubs and therefore this issue of ‘go slow’ is not just a kogallo problem, all players and TB for all clubs are affected.

    I beg to understand, How does AR come in in all these matters, are we quick to forget that every attempt to change the kogallo constitution in the last 5 years have been fought hard by the same kogallo branches, some die hard fans and some past EC officials who are beneficiaries of this impunity.

    Change begins with you and me NOT AR . I repeat my phrase ….People must always seek to understand before they are understood.

    1. FACT: Gor Mahia Chairman from 2008 to date has been/is AR. FACT: Hayatou’s elder brother has engineered changes in GM’s constitution before including bloating/expanding the Executive Committee from 6 to 12 members. In short he’s had the goodwill,opportunity, experience and time to put in proper structures in GMFC but does not want to because of vested personal interests as per my post “waiting moderation”. Jakoyo GMFC has sponsorship apart from KPL grant. Players/TB are’nt blind they see the multitudes attending the matches so how come there’s no money to pay allowances. These gallant servants of GMFC have only complained after our home game. FACT: Gm’s Defacto Treasurer =AR.

      1. Lest we forget feigning goldfish memories didn’t AR on numerous occasions come to city stadium and Nyayo demanding gate remitances in full and even once boycotted and threw down the purse carrying cash after being told stewards,police security and stadium deductions had been done?So who is the club DE Facto Accountant

    2. @Jakoyo let me answer

      1. Rachier can fire stewards. How can a steward be untouchable?
      2. Rachier can call a meeting with bickering officials and make peace. Clearly Nyangi and Sally hate each other
      3. Rachier should’ve changed the constitution so we don’t have incompetent people running the show.
      4. Yes there is a KPL impasse but Kogalo has a sponsor

  8. A very Good article today from the writer.I have on numerous occasions attempted to answer the queries posed above and for benefit of hindsight will do so once again
    1.AR is not absent like insinuated from all the murky happenings in GM but is actually pulling strings akin to a puppeteer from the background
    2.Ass Deputy Secretary Gen post in GM is more powerful than all others and only second to the Chairman Position as the occupier is a trusted lieutenant and Co-Principal in the corrupt coalition
    3.SportPesa sponsorship money is mired in opaqueness and therefore shall never cater for the clubs recurrent expenditure as it all goes to repaying loans acquired by real club owners who used their personal money to run the club for 8+ years
    4. CEO post in GM has a permanent armophous holder therefore Never expect proper structures nor Professionalism at our beloved club Ever
    5. Chairman speaks of Huge projects like identifying 10 hectares of land donated by former President Moi and plans to build an ultra modern stadium while basic expenditures like paying TB,Player Allowances,Office Rent and Training Grounds is still a Tall Order
    6.Gor Bus,Sacco,Gate Collections ,Merchandise Sales,Gor Bread,Gor Water and Latest Gomma Lotto projects are all white elephants whose proceeds only Almighty God knows went where
    7.Finally Mediocrity at GM cannot be blamed on anyone other than the person who shoulders all political and professional responsibility of running the Club one AR.

  9. From the onset I want to declare that I supported AR in the elections not
    Bcoz he was the best Man in the country to run the club but bcoz in my opinion he was the best amongst the contenders knowing how vicious and intrigued the club is and if the elections were to be held today and the competion remains the same I would again vote for him or abstain , but having said that its absolutely balderdash to try to exonorate AR from the shenigans going on in the club presently bcoz the buck starts and ends with him , lets not lower the bar of leadership to low in order to come up with simplistic and irrational reasons to excuse AR bcoz this club is bigger than our emotional
    Biases , if the issue is the club having no money bcoz of the lull occassioned by the lateness the league then this only make the issue of looting our gate collections more grave and trying to spread the blame to avoid telling the king he is naked is doing this club a great disservice , as much anybody would wish to support AR , that support must not be unconditional and at the expense of pinpointing where the real problem is and on this and without any fear of contradiction the failure on this falls directly on ARs doorstep bcoz very soon this will start seeping into the playground and the low info collumnists will rip into the coach and the players without taking into context that a good performance starts way back before the players enter the pitch and where it starts is in
    Boardroom , Let not sychophancy come ahead of the club and like I said before if this issue cannot be solved diplomatically then it will still be solved and on this let nobody blame the “hooligans” bcoz on this they seem to care more about
    The club than the “gentlemen”

  10. Not surprised at all,@Odour12 you still keep on mentioning this, I was wowed with your objectivity when you unleashed your blue-print long time ago in managing GM in as far as financial transparency and accountability is concerned,,,but oooh! Lord it fell on deaf ears. I remember how a lot of people were pissed off with this kind of affair and were yearning for a change, but to my utter surprise when the time for change duly arrived via AGM, those whose songs were louder than some of us,that AR has to go, were same guys whom I saw with a different tune that ” AR TENA, NA TENA ZAIDI” and all of us knows what happened, that is when my objective critisms of this office ended and leaned to live with the consequences harmoniously

    1. Why single out Oduor12! Get this very clearly,being voted in through apathy and manipulation does not give anyone the right to mess with our GMFC. We can, we will correct that mistake. Some have their helmets, some gentlemen are being frustrated into hooliganism, some are talking about 100 metres. Mine ni mafacti tu. If pointing out that you can’t lie to Ze Maria & players that there is no money to pay allowances YET they won infront of multitudes who cheered their goal is what is getting you so worked up then the post “awaiting moderation” will make you explode KABOOM KABOOM. FACTI TUPU.

    2. @bob, I could have misunderstood you and if that’s the case,then i apologize. As an esteemed blogger says you are responsible for what you write not how i understand/interpret it.

      1. @ODUOR12, I didn’t portray you In a negative way. but I picked on you just to sensionalise on some of your sound and insightful objectivity in regards to how well GM can prosper if proper structures are put in place. I behold my respect to you and all the bloggers herein

        1. @bob, i thought so on rereading your post that’s why i rushed to apologize.See my post @ 11:56am. Mos again osiepna.

  11. At times I wonder whether the problem is AR or the ‘good’ Gor fans who have no time for elections. Remember bad leaders are chosen by good voters who don’t go to vote. We have an EC of 12 members of which only two were reelected. Can’t these other members bring change?

    On gate collections as we complain you will find hundreds of merchandized Gor fans waiting to give 50 bob to the stewards at the gate then later on complain that the gate collection was too small.

    With positive energy we can still achieve a lot. How I wish the same way we are commenting on these misdeeds we could also praise the team when it wins.

    1. We did not have credible contenders at the elections. The two people challenging Rachier have no track record of managing anything. Even a village team or a local chama. So Rachier was the only logical choice.

  12. When FN asked for his right, some bloggers labelled him ” a politician” And they still refer to him as such although it is so childish for a full grown man to dwell on such trivial issues for years on end. Now my point is, now that Ze maria is asking for what is rightfully owed to him, has he turned into a politician?

    Bure kabisa.

  13. To all those rushing to the defence of Rachier on this are surely missing the point bcoz the issue here is not whether you love or hate Rachier but
    Rather the chaos this club is going through and y and honestly shifting the issue of the gate collection to people who pay 50/= is a consequence of the subject matter and not the cause, when two senior officials are going for each others throats in full glare of the public then this again is the consequence rather than the cause , failure by Rachier to control the branches should not be used to exonorate him but should be seen
    as a failure by him to tackle it which and on this he is the cause that has resulted in the consequence , I think all we are interested in here is Gor Mahia and not ARs welfare , I might hate u as a person but if your actions are beneficial to the club I will support the action , on the same breathe I can love u AR but if your actions are detrimental to the club I will condemn it bcoz this aint personal its strictly business and on the issue of the running crisis I the unconditional apologists will have to excuse as bcoz the solution to this may degenerate beyond diplomacy …BURE KABISA .

    1. They hear no evil, see no evil. For them so long as wakili is the chairman. They don’t have the club’s interest at heart. And I think some of them are on Mugabe’s payroll. They are strategically positioned to look out for those who are not singing the Mugabe praises and label them as ” Hired goons” They are the kingdom guards. For Mugabe sycophancy, they have regressed to an extent whereby sometimes you see how much they are struggling to sell Mugabe. They end up reasoning like small children. Kizungu mingi without substance. Bure kabisa.

  14. Fish rots from the head,the buck stops with AR, he must carry all the blames and put his house in order.How I wish some GM officials could be paraded for thorough whacking by fans,I would discipline them properly. How can players and TB miss allowance and yet the stadium was full.Anyway our anger and pressure will force them to act expeditiously to solve the impasse.

    1. Man in black, I am strong and ready for the task. Some level of stupidity can only be beaten out of people. We must exorcise these demons. Rachier being a lawyer is using words as his tool of trade. Giving empty promises. The likes of Nyangi are just parroting at the expense of players welfare.

  15. Blatant stealing and scandal last mystery cease at GM whether through hook or crook it shall happen.I have my black suit ready and so does A Person ready to move when push comes to shove.Gor won’t be killed by Ambrose & Co daylight thuggery.Okwabiyiie wadagi omera

  16. The problem in Gor is not just the EC but historically it is that also of fans who have limited understanding of sports as business. There was a time in the 80s when there was strong move to professionalize the team and have it as a private entity with a few “co-owners” a la European teams, while allowing for community shares, and the fans would not hear of such, ati it is a community team
    …As for now as long as ADOR is the chair, Gor is gong nowhere fast continentaly. Winning the KPL is a very poor measuring stick of progress

  17. so many issues in our disorganized beloved club.Will we reach Kaiser Chiefs type of management.On stadium AR talks of Nairobi;can fans in Nairobi be consistent to attend all games fully like Kisumu?In fact it would open more Biz for Ksm if the stadium is built there.I see people talk of Rio;is this the effective way of changing Gor;has it worked elsewhere or is it a rat race?

  18. The two weeks break was enough to try out friendlies against our should-be equals like Simba and Zesco. However, Gor has become a breeding ground for corruption, nepotism, indiscipline and apathy. Even with a sponsor on board, Gor can’t pay player salaries and bonuses. Even with the underquoted gate collections, Gor can’t pay rent for training grounds.
    So when some half-baked brains storm this site to convince us that the management has been excellent, the maturity in us concludes otherwise. Guys, winning the league 3 years in a row is not reason enough to conclude that Rachier deserves all the glory. He gets paid hefty allowances to deliver trophies to Gor cabinet. For every matchday, only a third of the gate collections are accounted for.
    So which sponsor, apart from a betting company, would tarnish its integrity by associating with such a corrupt management?
    Gor bread, Gor water, Gor stadium, Gor merchandise, Gor… all ended up in individual pockets.

  19. @ Jatingare, you missed my point bro ! lets treat the disease NOT the symptoms.

    FACT : The same looting stewards are also members of the club, unlike bloggers or fans, they are in business, they have the voting power therefore you fire them, you fire yourself in the process or even worse, killed as well. Why do you think some prominent judge pulled out of EC elections last year ? do some research.

    FACT: The same looting stewards influence decisions at Kogallo, that is why everytime AR calls for review of the constitution, the files are missing, mara the EC officials are no show, mara thugs are hired to disrupt the meeting , mara meeting is cancelled etc etc Kenyan style of resisting change. who do you think is pulling this strings behind the scene? do some research.

    CONCLUSION : Change begins with you and me not AR.

    1. @Jakoyo, you have asked a question that has a clear answer. AR is pulling the strings.

      If you doubt that it’s him, please tell me what deal has ever happened in the open in Gor Mahia since he came to power? Have you ever seen a copy of any agreement or decision? Be it about a Sponsorship, Player Sale, Player Buying, EC Minutes, Annual Report or any other transaction. The same cloudiness has been transferred to KPL and that’s why there are wrangles with Nick Mwendwa. Do you know how much multichoice pays for sponsorship? Have you seen the copies of the agreements?

      It is because of the above reason that i didn’t like people branding a certain player as a 4m problem. Who told them that the player received the said amount?

      This has always been a game of musical chairs. And the Nyangi vs Bolo war has AR in it. Even the appointment of Zico is directly related to Ze Maria becoming the new Nuttall.

  20. the whole issue here is all about women involved in the business of managing kogallo. if we continue in this manner then i dont see us beating any kpl team in future it will be draws and loses

    1. The FIFA SG is a woman, moreover from Africa. Most progressive societies and organizations have gender and other diversity in their leadership. Do we want to go to those days when we couldn’t shake the hand of the late Grace Ogot because of some primitive thinking?
      Let us look at what is above the neck instead of below the waist. Maybe without Wangari Mathai we could not be having Uhuru Park or Karura forest.
      To me so long as the the ladies in Gor leadership are performing we need to support them. and if the men are messing up we need to condemn them.

      1. Those women you are referring to are women of substance. Not the illiterate drunkards like nyangis. They know when and how to open their mouths. We don’t want to listen to unnecessarily verbal diarrhoea especially.

        You are really struggling to defend this regime in vain. The fragrance from the skunk is rather disturbing. We Even the guards cannot hide it.

  21. If you live by the sword you will die by the sword. The heat is making the truth come out. The GM elections were manipulated. Jakoyo says the truth, AR was elected by stewards whom he sponsored to register as members. A deal was struck regarding gate collections. What Jakoyo forgets is that when Dan Oketch outsmarted AR by registering 1,500 more members the Judge was “forced” to resign and was promptly replaced by the cop. The cop deregistered Dan’s 1500 members ensuring AR’s victory. Those who gloat about AR keep that in mind. That said Mugabe can mismanage GMFC so long as we win, we can’t win if players strike because he’s OVERSTEALING. Its TOO MUCH GREED that will make him exit the office prematurely. He’s thinks he’s indispensible BUT HE’S NOT.

  22. Some things that happen in GOR just perplex me. Why on on earth would the EC let a matter as sensitive as this escalate to this extent? EC you are letting us down, with all the money from sponsorship and support from fans (gate collections and donations from well-wishers), unpaid rent, allowances etc should be a thing of the past. You shape up or ship out. Mwaka huu hakuna mchezo!

  23. Gor Mahia is the only SPL team that has not trained the whole week,friendly against Liberty called off because of the allowance issue! So what was the purpose of the preseason? Won’t the team UNGELL? How much are these outstanding allowances? Is’nt 600K not enough given we’ve only played and won 2 games. Could 2016 be repeated whereby EC is not interested in winning the league/GoTv because CAF participation will drain money budgetted for their stomachs. Why have a bloated squad, some who have’nt played for years, TB and EC and incur allowances you “can’t” afford? AND THE TEAM IS STILL EXPECTED TO WIN NEXT WEEK.ANY LESS AND THE PLAYERS/TB WILL BE BLAMED.

    1. Am really waiting to see the sycophants who have been referring to FN as” The Politician” to tell us whether maria mama has also joined politics! Petty men.When it comes to supporting Mugabe, they don’t see beyond their noses.

  24. Can somebody please explain to me how when Gor played away to Muhoroni in kisumu the gates realized 1.9plus million shillings and when Gor plays Zoo at the same stadium with the stadium full to the same capacity the game realizes 600k , ati there were 300 tickets sold at mainstand and 2000 russia…Jameni kwani Gor has become NYS and AR has become Waiguru ama shida ni IFMIS

  25. If you can’t solve all these issues in good time,I will ensure I recruit youths to cane you thoroughly in that office,from chairman to junior staffs.

    I will not tolerate jokes.


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