Mulee says Kagere and Tuyisenge cannot play together

Kagere and Tuyisenge played together for Rwanda Police

Jacob Ghost Mulee, one of the most experienced coaches in Kenya thinks that the Rwandese pair of Jacque Tuyisenge and Meddie Kagere cannot play together.  Mulee who is now one of the pre-eminent football analysts in the country, thinks the duo are too similar and play in the same position.

“It is clear that currently the partnership between Kagere and Tuyisenge is not working because most of the time, both are playing in the same position. They both want to score and as a matter of fact, no one is playing as second fiddle to the other in terms of creating goals. Something needs to be done right away,”¬†Mulee told

Mulee who was Harambee stars coach they last time they qualified for the Africa Nations cup (2004) has suggested that one should come on as a substitute.

“Well if I was the coach, I will start with Tuyisenge and Kagere comes in as a substitute. It is a hard decision but what can you do as a coach? You have to make difficult decisions.” he continued

However there have been numerous situations where two Alpha strikers were on the field at the same time and formed a formidable partnership. Look back to 2015 with Olunga, Kagere and Abondo. All three were eager to score goals but had no difficulty sharing the ball.

What is needed here is for coach Ze Maria to find a way for the two to partner together and try out this combination in friendly matches. However sometimes it take a long time before two strikers can gain an understanding.

6 thoughts on “Mulee says Kagere and Tuyisenge cannot play together

  1. If one played slightly behind the other, with Tuyisenge as the spearhead, it could work. Then play two defensive minded midfielders one to sit back and screen the defence while the other offers creative box to box capabilities. This is how Meddie and Olunga played last season. Deployed as twin strikers, Olunga always played as the traditional no 9 with Meddie doing a 10 just behind him. He still managed to bag 13 goals. Whether it was the coaches formation or their own on field chemistry, Tuyisenge and Meddie need to develop that understanding ASAP and they will be able to bang in double digit goals. Any less #HeadlessChicken# jabatiso style

  2. Or maybe they just need more time to form some kind of understanding and when it starts working they will be a lethal combination.I think they have only played 3 odd games..lets give them more time!

  3. Just shows his limitation as a coach. Mulee is defeated yet bloggers are coming up with options. The whole team has been struggling of late.

  4. The fact is that the partnership of Jausenge and Kagere is not working because of their pace/ runs. The partnership of Meddie and Olunga worked last season because they were twin strikers who had pace all of them and Olunga being left footed and Meddie right footed it was easier for them to position themselves in the box but for this case both our strikers are right footed and they haven’t gelled yet even though they played together initially but now it’s different given that every coach deploys his own formation/tactics. Jausenge performs well when he’s paired to No 10 who holds onto the ball the releases a pass and in that we have BlackBerry while Kagere performs with a partner who’s faster of which hse can Partner with Keli very well. l think the problem we have now is that we have two strikers who wants to outdo the other by scoring first and that’s why in some instances you will find them in one position or fighting for the same ball but l think it’s upto technical bench to decide the best combination that will deliver results.

    1. Well said Tosh. Now I can understand why Kagere headed the ball out while Jausenge was strategically waiting to head to head the same ball. Let the bench do all it takes in order for Kogalo to win.

  5. Musymo you have it all, coz if bale, Rinaldo, benzema can all be fielded at once, why not these two guys? To me the idea of gelling is out of question, kogalo need a different formation/tactics , pure simple. A different formation will even point out redundancy coz it will be all out for everyone to see the potential in each player, but for now it is like politics playing a role in the fielding .

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