Musa Mohamed terminates KF Tirana contract

Former Gor Mahia skipper Musa Mohamed  has terminated his contract with KF Tirana.  Mohamed along with Kenneth Muguna left to join the side which now plays in the second tier of Albania. KF Tirana is coached by former Kogalo coach Ze Maria who was eager to snap up some of his former players. But Mohamed was unable to adapt to his new home according to coach Ze Maria.

“It is quite unfortunate that we have lost him (Mohammed), he is a talented player and we hoped he could help us hit our objectives.

“However things have not gone according to plan, he has failed to adapt to life in this place, making him uncomfortable.

“He did not like the food here, and money was also an issue that was not sorted, I think he was homesick and we had no option but allow him to leave.” said Ze maria

Musa had been a long serving player for Kogalo, having joined in 2010. He played for 7 seasons. Then in December he left the club to attend trials in Turkey. He then proceeded to Albania to link up with Ze Maria and another former Gor Mahia ace Kenneth Muguna who had joined a short while earlier. They were soon joined by yet another former Gor Mahia player, Eric “Marcelo” Ouma whose stint in the republic of Georgia ended. Marcelo is now on loan to another second tier Albanian side.

6 thoughts on “Musa Mohamed terminates KF Tirana contract

  1. Someone tell our players that true exposure is achievable by working hard in your club. Like now we have CAF Confederation to expose our players to more organized buyers who are genuinely interested in their services.
    Ze Maria was out to disorient Kogallo and he almost succeeded by misleading our players. Muguna. Musa. Ouma Marcelo. All these three couldn’t learn from the regrets of Kahata.
    Do Africans ever learn?
    So where will Musa head to?

  2. Musa was in hurry to sign for this poor club despite being discouraged by the Gor Mahia players that had played for this poor club before. Such players of Musa caliber never wanted Gor Mahia to receive transfer proceed from his transfer. When will our players learn to payback Gor Mahia that has made them to be where they are by even extending their contracts?

  3. Let’s hope our technical bench and officials will not open their arms to welcome him back let him join another club but not Gor

  4. If we have 4given Sportpesa for hepaing us earlier in the year and only coming back now that we r in group stage, we can 4give Musa.

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