3 Jan 18

Gor Mahia captain Musa Mohamed is set to pursue other opportunities in either Turkey, Zambia or South Africa. The move comes at a time when Kevin Omondi with whom Musa has had personal issues, is returning to the club.
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Musa Mohammed has asked to leave Gor Mahia, in a development that is set to end the footballer’s nine-year association with the club.

According to the club’s assistant secretary general Ronald Ngala, Mohammed, 26, walked into the club’s secretariat on Tuesday afternoon and informed the management that he isn’t keen on renewing his contract with the club.

“He has told us that he wants to travel to Turkey and try find himself a club. He is a free agent and so we couldn’t ask many questions on which club wants him over there,” Ngala told Nairobi News.

“His contract is over since December. He had earlier indicated his willingness to renew it. When we saw him dithering on making a final decision, we moved to sign Charles Momanyi from (Kakamega) Homeboyz as cover,” Ngala said.


“He had earlier indicated his willingness to renew his contract which expired in December. It is a big blow to lose our captain, he has been instrumental and we were banking on him for the continental assignments.”

Mohammed, a younger sibling to star boxer Fatuma Zarika, has been a vital cog in Gor Mahia’s defence in the last six years or so, since he broke into the first team.

He has made over 200 appearances for the club, winning three league titles. Over this period, he worked with several coaches, including Zedekiah Otieno, Anaba Awono, Zdravko Logarusic, Bobby Williamson, Frank Nutall, Ze Maria and currently Dylan Kerr.

Mohammed, who captained the national football team to victory at the recent Cecafa Senior Challenge Cup, has in the past been linked with moves to South Africa and Zambia.

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  • Dan Original says:

    it’s alright. Musa is ripe for the next move in his career. Let him make hay while the sun still shines. I think Gor is still strong and this will be an opportunity of the likes of Shakava to shine.
    Once a player has decided to move there is nothing much a tem can do. Diego Costa is a typical example

  • Jakoyo says:

    hehehe…and how much is gor cartels making out of this ?? am ok with musa leaving for albania but miguna’s kshs 5 million transfer fee and musa’s alleged kshs 6 million transfer fee must be paid to the club…it will keep us running for the next 2 months.

  • Oswozo moziek says:

    Musa has served the club well..let him seek another challenge elsewhere.
    It’s an opportunity for other defenders to step up.
    Let’s see who Kerr will deploy as his new central defensive lineup.
    All the best Musa..thanks for the 9 years of good service

  • Jasego says:

    Musa Mohammed idhii kure bwana,stay in Mayienga you are the owner ya kikosi,Captain mzima.Turkey issorait but KF Tirana no need any player following Ze Maria there will regret as he will most probably not last long there while his penchant for filling the team with africans from Kenya and Uganda wea he already bought Yunus Ssentanu and Tony Mawejje,add Muguna,Musa and 3 more he wants plus two Ghanaians and a Cameroonian first 11 will be very racist in eyes of any european coach who will replace him then mass contract terminations with unpaid dues will follow suit.Ask Kahata,Kagere,James Situma et al…

  • Level mindfan says:

    Good move kapi, All the best,bt am curious have GM ever produced successful pro that we can be emulated.return clause ni muhimu if things don’t work out, otherwise uta dissapear ka akina Abondo, seriously what happened to Teargas in SA.


    Reliable sources are insinuating that MOHA is in a catch 22 situation based on the love triangle between him and the returning prodigal player daddy,s “ADE” to K’Ogalo There is no way the two could see each other in the same team after MOHA snatched BIBI ya beste wako. Best of luck MOHA but please tighten your ZIP so that you do not fall in the same trap.

  • Odhis Muga says:

    A red blood spot on a white piece of cloth is more visible. Wife snatching allegation is quite damaging to Moha’s achievements and ‘good’ reputation. Wives are in abundance in Kenya and beyond the boarders, why Kevin’s? Anyway wish him well but the ghosts know no boundary.

    • Jamigori says:

      @Odhis Muga,
      These are personal matters that should not be discussed in this forum. How many men have closet full with skeletons.

      • OGANGO TRAILER says:

        @Jamigori that is the issue at stake , let MOHA carry his own cross for the sin he committed against his peer. There is nothing personal with what is in the public domain.

        • Jamigori says:

          @Ogango, people that have glass houses do not throw stone anyhow. You can be the culprit and a victiom of such act.

          • OGANGO TRAILER says:

            @Jamigori I fully agree with you, We are all human and prone to making certain mistakes that tend to haunt us latter in our either our social lifestyle or career. But all said and done I wish MOHA all the best in his future engagement. He is a true legend of k’Ogalo.

        • Jamigori says:

          @Ogango, before I got married there was a colleague of mine at place of work that snatched my engaged girlfriend. I almost got heart attack but a good friend encouraged me that the beauty are not yet born. I was guided by this principle and after four year the monied colleagues guy was jailed for 25 years; the former girlfriend became desperate regretted why she ran away. The rest of the story is history.

  • Wuod Suba says:

    Mohamed Musa has been aloyal servant of K’ogalo and his time has reached to call it a day, let it be.
    He has been with us through thick and thin and the only thing we can wish him is the best of luck……
    Let him carry the name of k’ogalo with him and we should pray for him and his carrier. …

  • Joe Riaga says:

    This kind of longevity is very rare nowadays. Good luck Mayieko ndugu ya kina Fatuma

  • ja Thur GI ji says:

    Of the sianga boys of 2009, it was only him and Black Berry remaining but for it’s been Uninterrupted and dedicated service to the team. That’s something to be appreciated, personally I say a big thank you but keep the return door open as you are welcome back anytime. Thank you.

    • Harry Ababa says:

      Musa has served Kogalo well. We wish him all the best. But I wish he was moving to a better club. I have my own reservations on this Albanian club.

  • Oduor12 says:


    Tirana CEO denies playing ‘monkey games’ with Gor Mahia
    21 hours ago News
    Kevin Teya

    Albanian side KF Tirana Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Hector Como has denied claims from a section of Gor Mahia fans that he has done dirty deals with the club.

    The club agreed to sign midfielder Kenneth Muguna for a million figure payable within 14 days after issuance of the player’s International Transfer Certificate (ITC).

    He explained that with the player currently processing his Visa to link up with the team in Antalya, Turkey, no money can be exchanged until after.

    Get facts right…

    -I think they are getting wrong information. Were it not for me, they wouldn’t have got Ze Maria, it’s through me that I freed Kahata (Francis) and Kagere (Meddie) who still were contracted to Tirana, see the players are now key to the club’s success locally, he noted.

    -We made an agreement with Gor Mahia to take Kenneth (Muguna) for a certain figure which honestly they will get as per the agreement. They need to understand how international transfers are done; no club can sign a contracted player without a prior agreement, he added.


    -By running to the media claiming Tirana has refused to pay its totally wrong and ignorant of the agreement well signed by concerned parties. I can simply laugh off allegations that we’ve never sold players yet in the summer Tirana sold players to Spain and Slovakia big clubs at a huge fee, he explained.

    -This winter, we are already in negotiations with top clubs interested in our players. With the facilities at our disposal, we can nurture or produce players suitable for the market, after all, I am the best in selling in this region, he stated with confidence.

    • Jasego says:

      Outbound player transfer in GM is a conmanship scam mr Oduor 12,incoming is also not any much better bit atleast i land the players wenye wanakula wakule bora wachezaji wakali wamefika kwa kikosi.Aucho transfer fee upto now,abondo transfer fee,muguna tge sane,soon you’ll hear maloba was signed ob the bosman despite having 3 year contract running…Cartels and Super Brokers headed by George Bwana ndio kaxi yao hiyo hapo Kogalo

    • Jasego says:

      Outbound player transfer in GM is a conmanship scam Messr Oduor 12,incoming transfers are also not any much better but atleast we land the players to the team hata ingawa wenye wanakula wakule bora wachezaji wakali wamefika kwa kikosi.Aucho transfer fee upto now,abondo transfer fee dissapeared,muguna the same scandal in the making,soon you’ll hear maloba was signed on the bosman despite having 3 year contract running…Cartels and Super Brokers headed by George Bwana ndio kazi yao hiyo hapo Kogalo

  • Admin, Musa won 4 premier league trophies with the club and not 3 as captured in your article. 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2017.
    He won other trophies with the club apart from the league.
    Let me hope that his move is geared towards career development and not women issues with a teammate.
    Let him work hard and aim at the calibers of La Liga. I hope that with focus and good timing, his career will blossom.
    Now that Tirana is becoming Albanian version of Gor Mahia, the success of that club will be harboured much on the talents of Muguna, Musa and the African bandwagon.
    Back here at Kogallo, we have our everlasting problems to solve. Withdrawn sponsorship, CAF competitions, salaries, team selection, club merchandise that we have always failed to brand, league defence, CECAFA club championship, low scoring abilities, fan behaviours, a stadium that we have verbally built for years, mismanagement of gate collections and election of incompetent officials.
    Let us clean our houses before dwelling on the chronicles of the departed Musas and Mugunas.

  • moses says:

    niliambia wachukue Atudo;hawasikii