Oliech says he will sue Gor Mahia

Striker Dennis Oliech says that the club owes him Ksh 4.6 million for which he will seek legal redress.

Additional reporting from goal.com

The former Harambee Stars player has now moved to the Sports Tribunal to sue K’Ogalo after they terminated his contract

Dennis Oliech wants Gor Mahia to pay him Sh4.6million for allegedly dismissing him unfairly.

The former Harambee Stars striker has also revealed to Goal he will take a break from football until December while he pursues the case against his former club, who terminated his contract two weeks ago for alleged misconduct.

“I have instructed my lawyers to write to the club, I have started the legal process to get my justice,” Oliech told Goal on Tuesday.



“I have opted to use the local Sports Tribunal because they always take a month to solve cases, but if Gor Mahia are not willing to sort out the issue, I will report the matter to the governing body Fifa.

“I have my agent who is based in France and he is waiting to see what the Sports Tribunal will do to my case if not, then I will proceed to Fifa.

“I am demanding Sh4.6m from the club, that is my salary which was Sh300,000 for the next one year plus my sign-on fee which was Sh.1.5m.

“When I joined the club, I signed a contract of two years and it was due to end in the coming August, so it means they owe me salary for another year, it is Gor Mahia who started the war and I will make sure they pay for what they have done to me.”

Oliech further stated the decision by Gor Mahia to terminate his contract was ill-advised as he was not given a chance to defend himself.

“Did [Gor Mahia] speak or try to reach out to the doctor on why I was missing in training?” Oliech continued.

“The club doctor had told me to wait for another month before I resume training because the injury I had picked up against Western Stima was a broken hand which needed a lot of care.

“I was not given the right of reply, no one asked me to explain why I was skipping training, they just decided to terminate my contract. I don’t have issues with the club but they have already messed my life.”

Oliech also wondered why the club fired him whereas he had managed to score six goals from four matches while the club’s top scorer only managed eight goals after 31 matches.

“I played four full matches and scored six goals while the club’s top scorer managed only eight goals from 31 matches, so my contribution to the club was higher than even their top scorer of the season.”


22 thoughts on “Oliech says he will sue Gor Mahia

  1. I would have preferred that this matter was sorted out without this kind of acrimony. Now that we are here, I may ask the question whether the right procedures were followed? If not, why would somebody want to expose the club to such claims/liabilities at such financially hard times, unless it is a deftly crafted plot to benefit other people as well? But I let’s wait and see, it is still early.

    1. @Ja Thurgi Ji, you and I are Gor Mahia supporters with no financial strings attached. But Oliech was an employee who has lost an income. So, we cannot see the same way as Oliech does. Let us hope the EC headed by Senior Counsel Ambrose Rachier followed the right procedures in terminating Oliech’s contract.

    2. Mr Oliech, kwani how broke are you!! Gor gave you the best it could under the circumstances. I do not support this stand you have taken against the club. This contract, if it does exist, was done with intended manipulation also from your part.
      Gor is a club trying it’s best to survive and also giving out the best contracts possible. You are one person who has gone out and succeeded, in other words you have ‘lived the life’… So wacha wengine pia wajarabu. You are trying to burn the best bridge available in Kenyan soccer.
      On the other hand Rachier as a lawyer is surely below par… how and under what circumstances was Oliech signed. Another Walusimbi fiasco. The club Chairman seems to be a person being manipulated in situations he does not like or is simply too afraid to raise a finger.

      1. Being a senior lawyer, our chairman understand all legal implications and we are laymen regarding employment contracts which we do not have any privy to on this Oliech matter.

        There is nothing bloggers can advise the chair in the forum of bloggers that are not even registered members of the club.

        Let us keep our lanes and let the executive office sort out the issue.

        1. @Jamigori you have nailed it on the head. Some blogger here ni vimbelembele sana. They know everything kata gik ma gikia. Let the Excom handle this matter like they have done with many others before. No amount of advice from this blog will help. I am keeping my lane sembuse wewe.
          Amor, Piny Mor, Polo bende Mor, For God and my beloved club – Kogallo.

  2. once upon a time a father had two sons who were all blessed by the footballing gods.one turn out to be focused the other turned out to be parting.the other son wants to offer his service to the community while the parting son want to punish the community cause he currently cannt afford the comfot.the focused son is still making money through adverts.tafakari hayo.

  3. This looks like another holywood blockbuster. With all the publicity stunts, wielding of killer punches and millions of dollars at stake, no doubt this one is going to produce oscar winning celebrities on the sidelines of the beautiful game.

  4. Oliech last DANCE at Gor – getting noisy, mucky, messy, whacky, funky, greasy. After all Deno, you have nothing to loose.

  5. Oliech should leave gor alone, he had the opportunity to re-invent himself in Gor but he has wasted the opportunity. I think his behavour is the reason why he did not get a contruct even in a lower league in france. He should give us a break.

  6. Me also thinks it’s the usual plot to milk Gor Mahia. The unjustified and exorbitant signing fee, salary and contract that Oliech is now suing for. These “never healing” injuries are costing the club money that can be used to motivate the players toiling in training and matches.
    Oliech is truly the football version of a slay queen and GM has been turned into a fertile ground for their scams e.g Thiago Ze Maria’s scam, Odula “injured” from when he was signed to his release. What about the Westies? All this points to the effectiveness of our medical team and lack for structures at the club.

  7. this is very sad why did you bring this player to disturb the peace,tranquility and stability that the club is trying to built in this difficult time, that the club even does not have a sponsor. It is again sad that the player is a legend who should understand what football in kenya is. Kindly our brother if you feel you were wronged people do talk why can’t you go and talk to your former employers and sort out the mess instead of talking in the media, going to tribunals, going to fifa surely what is your intention? when you were employed by them were you employed through the media or you talked face to face? You are our legend please just find a way of sorting this mess face to face the way you were employed in a mutual agreement. You know our clubs in Kenya can not march your former clubs in terms of finance. Please rethink.

  8. Gor Mahia cannot and will not pay Oliech a single cent regardless of the outcome of his SDT case…Even if SDT rules that we pay him 4.6 M we wont cheg can give him right to Auction Gor Property which we have None to recover his claimed money. Consequently after we refuse to pay let him initiate Garnishee proceedings in court we meet there to show him to respect Mighty Mayienga…Owee Baro Wiwa

    1. I think there are two @jasego on this blog. Question to the REAL @jasego why didn’t you release Deno before transfer window. Now you see we have a problem

      1. @JOmondi, thought he was released before the deadline and he even bragged how Wazito, Bandari and AFC needed his services. The truth is that ALL teams need good players but they MUST be disciplined. A player like Tuyisenge never gave Gor problems but could deliver where it matters. Jaja Walu, Aucho and others were good players but were always on the club’s neck for one thing or the other and that’s why club-wise they have not prospered.

  9. @Jasego, i read and understood some comment like Sportpesa actually paid Gor (and most probably Ingwe) the sponsorship dues till August next year. Basically the whole season. Is that why there is no paybill todate, we can afford to fly to Ksm, No issues so far on late payments, we can splash 1M to Makwatta without following due-diligence, we went to Burundi without causing a scene locally using the usual begging-bowl?
    Just read that we only collected 0.5m during the game in Ksm. The stewards and gatekeepers must be making a kill. How do we change that mindset? I last saw the treasuerer really committed to have only paid-up fans enter the game against Aigle Noir. Unfortunately she looked overwhelmed by the magnitude of the manual job.

    1. Dan SportPesa never stopped funding Gor but had to make the announcement to put pressure on Govt to re-open their paybill number. There was a major breakthrough this week whereby KRA has cleared them and they only await Operatiing Licence from BCLB and they are officially back in the game. They pay us dues monthly so the story of until next year August is incorrect. Makwatta was not genuine in his dealings let him go where his heart really belongs. Ojomondi Oliech was given chance after chance to reform and commit to the club but his character apparently will never change we had to boot him out for indiscipline…

      1. Thanks. Let us pray for the new players so that they see the mistakes others have done and it does not matter experience or age. I remember one prayerful blogger doing that.. I belief playing for Gor will make a difference for them and to GOR as well.
        May I request that EC goes out of their way for these players sometime just as they are doing to Makwatas, and did for Meddis, and Tuyisenge’s to make these players comfortable. These guyz can play. We have already seen what they can do even if they just want to stamp their authorities to guarantee their positions in the team…..should indiscipline creep in, someone should crack the Whip ASAP or else it builds and explodes. Waiting the see next match.

  10. You mean the lanes of Oliech and Mariga!!! Hehehe, that’s why the I say “God gives all and sundry according to their heart’s desire” It’s high time Wuod Mary realized that fighting Gor Mahia is fighting the Community (even if he is the aggrieved party) as in the end the damages of war may not be easily forgotten by the Community!!!

  11. This Oliech issue is becoming one huge irritant and Oliech must realize that life happens and his football life already happened years ago and the balance of power he had then has since shifted ,moreover the manner he used to deal with Harambee stars people cannot be replicated in Gor Mahia because whereas the Harambee stars and its fans most of the time opt to be reasonable , on the contrary when it comes to Gor Mahia (not the EC) and its fans ,in order to protect the interest of the club ,we can decide to be very unreasonable ,and on this issue ,we are going to be very unreasonable ,the fact that you MAY be right ,does not mean we are wrong ,you may not have experienced what am saying because in your local football life ,you neither played for Gor Mahia nor Afc Leopards ,instead you played for a club that in its games ,there were more people in the field than in the crowd , my friend ,on this ,you are wasting your time .
    Lastly , i wish to advise thus ,because i have concluded that their is absence of depth amongst your advisors , 4.6million is $46000 , by the time you will be through with “Your Lawyers” and “your agent in France ” , you will need years plus over $100000 of money you dont have and then lose the little you have and be in debt .
    If you need to confirm what am saying ,please talk to my friend Maurice Odumbe , the case scenarios may be different but the emotional turbulence and naivetty/misplaced pride is the same , cut your losses bro ,accept the fact that you have been outwitted and Run .


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