Oluoch and Ouma in action as Kenya sinks Mozambique

Former Gor Mahia skipper David Owino and Ismail Gonzalez
Former Gor Mahia skipper David Owino and Ismail Gonzalez

Harambee stars continued their unlikely resurgence under coach Stan Okumbi and under the new FKF regime. On Saturday they beat the Mambas as Mozambique’s national team is called. In action were Gor Mahia players Boniface Oluoch and Eric Ouma “Marcelo”. Also in action were former Gor Mahia players Anthony Akumu, Michael Olunga and David Owino Calabar.
Additional reporting from Citizen Sports.
Harambee Stars made it seven matches unbeaten as they struck an early goal to edge Mozambique 1-0 in a friendly match played at Nairobi’s Kasarani Stadium on Saturday.

It was a close contest but the Stars always looked more dangerous, taking a deserved lead through midfielder Eric Johanna in the 17th minute.
One goal in 90 minutes was hardly the true reflection of the game, a classic end-to-end affair that burst to life as early as the first whistle went off.
The visitors rarely threatened in the first half and should have been two goals down in the opening ten minutes as Jesse Were and Johanna both spurned clear-cut chances to hand Kenya the advantage.

Sweden-based striker Michael Olunga created the first chance for the home side, beating a left back Zeinadine Junior to an aerial ball before squaring the ball to an on-rushing Were but the Zesco United forward spilled his shot wide.

Moments later, a neat cross from winger Clifton Miheso – who plays for South African Premier Division side Golden Arrows – fell to Were but the former’s first-time hit was punched back into play by Mozambique custodian Jose Guirrego.

The rebound fell to Johanna but Guirrego got up quick enough to thwart a tame effort from the Mathare United midfielder.

The hosts came knocking just three minutes later with Captain Victor Wanyama skying a fierce shot from outside the box after a couple of blocked shots as the Mambas continued to survive.
The Stars were not to be kept out in the 17th minute when Johanna slammed home the opener.

It was all Miheso’s work, as he broke free of his marker and curving in a beautifully weighted cross. It troubled the Guirrego and his defence and Johanna was in the right place at the right time to fire into the top corner.

The visitors’ first chance fell to Absou Manjate but the striker headed wide from a 22nd minute free-kick.

At the half hour mark, Olunga – completely marked out of the game – put in a shift of defensive work for the Stars, heading clear from Elias Pelembe’s free-kick as the hosts desperately tried to find an opening.

It was only his second meaningful contribution of the first half, with the opposition defence swarming him out of the ball every time his teammates picked him out.

The pairing between Miheso and Gor Mahia sensation Eric Ouma was proving efficient as the two wreaked havoc down the left wing, and were both involved in a slick one-two that got home fans of their seats in excitement.

Ouma initiated the move, passing to Miheso who quickly returned the favor. Ouma then rolled the ball onto the feet of Miheso before storming downfield, calling back for the ball.

Miheso – who plays for South Africa’s Premier Soccer League side Golden Arrows – traced his path with the ball but Ouma’s cross was overhit.

Defender Anthony Akumu attempted a shot from long range but it sailed above the crossbar.

Stars took their 1-0 advantage into the break and nearly made it two after only 15 minutes into the second half.

Johanna teed up Were with a nice pass but the former failed to find the target with his shot.

The home side looked a little subdued in the second half but the defence remained flawless with Posta Rangers skipper Jockins Atudo impassable at right back.

Greece-based winger Paul Were – introduced in the place of Miheso – brought more attacking force for Okumbi’s charges but a second goal was barely in sight.

Struggling to reproduce their first half rhythm, the Stars lived dangerously with only a one-goal cushion and were almost pegged back as Joas Mussica’s glancing header beat goalkeeper Boniface Oluoch but missed the target.

Olunga spurned the chance to put the tie to bed in the dying minutes of the match, heading over from Ouma’s clever cross.

It was the first of two friendly matches lined up for the Stars who are set to play Liberia on Tuesday at the same venue.


25 thoughts on “Oluoch and Ouma in action as Kenya sinks Mozambique

  1. Can we start a candid discussion on our foreign legion in Kogalo.Who should go and who should be brought in.Ie Is Tuyisenge what we need? In our unbeaten year Olunga and Kagere each never failed to score in more than two games.Is Tuyisenge that good?

  2. @moses, I think Tuyisenge is just okey. It was the pairing with Kagere that did not seem to work. You can attest that in the last three matches when Kagere was taken out to the wing he clicked again and scored in two of those games. Karim is still valuable as is Walusimbi. Kagere and Sibomana in my opinion should still stay unless we can get a far superior holding midfielder out there to fill Aucho’s place then we may be forced to trade one of them. Sibomana is still key to Gor since Marcelo continues to drop hints of …..’my contract expires in December and I have offers locally and abroad and I dont know if I will be here next season…’. Someone needs to advise that lad!!!!!! Locally Johanna and Kamura whose contracts are expiring and maybe Calvin Odongo who though still raw, continues to impress could be valuable additions.@Ja’Asego over to you on Kamura and Calvin??

    1. Musymo you forget the matter of Thiaggo Da Silva whose been getting ready for next season,a foreign slot will have to be sacrificed,also only karim’s & sibomana’s contract are up for renewal.As regards the striking force,let me just painfully remind Kogalo fraternity that Simba SC in Tanzania is 10 points ahead of Azam and 7 ahead of Yanga heading into the mid-season break,a fete attributable to the lethal strike force spearheaded by none other than Mavugo laudit who i tooth & tail fought to land here in vain. A’way let the political temps settle then we embark on signings,though in my preferred list is Kamura Robinson, Ovella Ochieng, Eric Johanna, Amos Ekhalie from Sweden now unattached and with the National Team, a foreign holding mid either Pierro kwizera or baba Kizito (both willing to join),then there is this former Gor player still very decent in the holding mid role called Moses Otieno…Many might not want to hear it but he is still by far one of the best in the number 8 box to box available locally just that he plays for a club that can’t catapult him to the limelight like Gor can,i want him back…

      1. @Ja’Asego, Thiago should only be retained if he can deliver. If he is retained at the expense of a better player and flops, someone will bear that responsibility. The EC and TB have the last word on this and we hope they make a decision that is for the benefit of the club. Have not watched Ekhalie but your assessment is always spot on so I will ‘give meeting weakness’. If Baba Kizito is available and willing you guys go get him. Finally Moses was in Gor and held so much promise only to fizzle out so unexpectedly. He sojourned at City Stars, Nakumatt and somewhere else before finding himself at P.Rangers where his career seems to have resurrected. I still have my doubts but the fact that he never gave up despite the disappointments and his recent call up by Okumbi says something positive about his character. Wont be mad if you snap him up as he will have to prove his mettle, but still wont mourn if he doesn’t come.

  3. Why win friendlies and lose serious matches miserably ?????? Okumbi cannot take Harambe stars anywhere he was given that job by Mwendwa because they are friends so that they eat but not to do anyhting good to kenyan football.

  4. @ Moses, how I wish we could convince salim shittu abdalla of Posta rangers , paul were and Rama salim to join kogallo.

    Not sure if there are any creative central midfilders in Kenya at the moment unless we nurture some from the lower leagues.

  5. My view is that Ze Maria(if he will be retained) needs to get out there and find players who fit his style (highly skilled/individually brilliant ball players) otherwise next year will be a repetition of 2016.

    Remember we are looking at players who can at least take us to the CAF group stages. Expanded from 8 to 16 teams.
    A man is as good as his word or actions.From the aspiring chairmen I get this:

    1. Dan Oketch -Oketch also said that he will ensure the club has its own stadium that will give them 100 per cent control over match day revenue, stadium naming rights, pitch side branding and hiring out the facility to other users to generate revenue and also set up different levels of youth structures beginning with the under-15 side.

    2. Chris Omondi-a. Adoption of merit based recruitment policies on players, technical bench members and other football team employees.

    3-Ambrose Rachier- Let’s go by past experience- From paid but non-playing Brazilians/Odulas to the Olungas and Auchos who left us without cover.

    Finally hapa mimi nimeweka macho to see if any team will be docked points by UEFA.

    Romania v Poland suspended after flare explodes near Robert Lewandowski


    1. Oduor12 my brother,wea is this Ze maria can go find players locally who suit his style of play other than the ones we all know are tachnically capable like Eric Johanna, Robinson Kamura and Softie Ndirangu of Ingwe who just by looking at fit his bill so well?We will recruit for him those we believe possess the technical know-how…He will observe them in training and approve/sign or reject.What is clear though is that No skill exists in any corner of this nation or lower leagues that we don’t know about and that can be unearthed by Ze Maria…

      1. Ja’Asego allow to me paraphrase “let him make the him have the final decision”. This though not a expert in coaching to me Ze Maria is the type of coach really needs skilled players “who can think and run at the same time.”
        The other thing don’t hold back on doing a “Pep Guardiola” surely without mentioning names time for “passengers” is over and isn’t not only no.27 remember Pep na “moyo”

  6. I like the way Ja’Asego responds and informs us of the issues. I have heard time to watch some NSL teams and surely there are lots of rough diamonds there. Has anyone watched Nzuki of Nakumatt? If it’s about control something that some players in Gor find problems with , he has it. Basically we have lots of players locally but for Gor to compete continentally we have to blend both local and international players.

    On the KPL-FKF stand-off of 18 teams I have a feeling that KPL is not being sincere. Is AR taking their FKF battle with Nick to another level. SportsPesa has agreed to add more money so do we need to continue the battle where we left several years ago. As it is we play fewer matches in Kenya. This means that some players never get time to play

    1. @ Dan,very True sentiments there,surely AR should see reason and benefits of expanding the Top Tier League to 18 Teams,what is he afraid of whenever that proposal comes up?Or is 16 Teams League Format cast in Stone that he cant accept?Expanding the top tier not only makes it more competitive but improves the overall quality of the league while presenting more players a chance to showcase their skills on the big stage.Surely on this our Chairman has erred and Must be compelled to see reason and benefits,we don’t need an endless tug of war on an issue that is straight forward…

  7. Something fishy abt this 18 vs 16 team,I hear of two certificates of shareholders one of 4 teams & the other of 16 teams.I listened to oguda at k24 the reasons that they oppose 18 team league is that players will be tired,prone to injuries and there will be no ample tym for stars preparation.thot stars was solely handled by kff.

  8. Me thinks that there are a lot of Eric Marcello Ouma in this country just that Gor Mahia as presently structured is not capable of identifying and tying down this players early enough , lets go a little bit down memory lane , John Bobby Ogolla( kisumu Technical-Kisumu Hotstars-Gor Mahia) , Hamisi Gedion ( kisumu day-kisumu hotstars-GM) , Tobias Ochola , Sammy Owino Kempes , Nashon Oluoch Lule , Eric Omonge , Allan Thigo not fotgettin the pool that came to Afc through kakamega high-MOW , my point is that any serious club with ambitions must have scouts scouring the country side for talent who are getting wasted bcoz of lack of this kind of systems , e.g George Blackberry Odhiambo if his school Thur Gem had not made it to the Nationals would anybody have seen him.
    Let the Ec get out there Ivory tower , get these boys before the agents get them bcoz if the agents get to them first we end up with a Marcello like situation where the agents insist on one year contracts ending in as not beneffiting from the club when they live , another e.g is Michael Olunga who was playing for as but with caveats from the agent.
    When we do what we should be doing then we are capable of tying down a school boy to a 5yr contract , paying affordable things like their school fees etc.
    We can do this by attaching them to a club like Kisumu Palos.
    I read somewhere today where it was put to AR that Gor’s Ec is Bloated and his answer was that he has tried to change it but it has been resisted , the question is by who , think his answer was dishonest to say the least and if not then does the proposed new constituion cure this.
    Lastly this issue that keeps being bandied about by contenders of owning a stadium , I am just wondering , in Europe where we have the biggest and richest clubs , how many of them own Stadiums , my
    advise to our leaders please respect our intelligence

  9. Sponsorship contract is between KPL and Sportpesa.FKF have the mandate from FIFA but no money to run a premier league yet they want it expanded. KPL have the money (but not the direct mandate from FIFA) and usually he who pays the piper calls the tune.What quality value will the additional 2 teams and the extra 34 games add to the premier league and i doubt SP has increased the sponsorship since it was for a specific period.2 extra teams means a reduced share per club yet currently players in the league have no medical insurance, delayed and poor wages are still common. Quite a number of clubs even opted out of GoTv because of financial constrainsts.

    1. Allow me to add, another aspect is fans. With the pathetic attendance at premier league matches why not use the funds on improving security or subsidizing match tickets to make matches cheaper and safer. Maintaining the football grounds or even increasing the league(s) prize money. I doubt the extra 2 teams have supporters worth writing home about less than 100 maybe 50. Just see nyayo stadium when City Stars vs Ushuru or even Brewkenge.

      1. Oduor12 i beg to disagree,i believe all Top League are consequently Big Leagues ranging from 18 to 20 Teams as is the norm in Europe and North-West Africa…Nigeria has 20, Egypt 20, Tunisia 18, Ivory Coast 18, DRC 18, and even nearby Zambia upgraded to 18 from the beginning of this season to mention but a few…A very real nexus exists btn more teams and better quality in a league due to increased competition.Change is always scary we know but KPL should know this is for the betterment of Kenyan Football…SportPesa shall cater for extra costs so no stress

        1. In my view when you also consider the following competitions
          1. Premier League,
          3.Top 8,
          5.CAF Tournaments upto Group stages

          1.The extra 2 teams bring no value to the league, it fact the Zesco and the Zambian league is a good example, Zesco had played almost 10 matches less the other teams by the time they were eliminated for CAF CL and are now playing catch though demotivated. They have to play on the weekend and mid week, week in week out while others are “resting” that’s fatigue. I believe Zesco a team that made it to the semis of CAF CL has been adversely affected by this.

          2.Tanzania backed out of hosting CECAFA on the ground that “fixture congestion” given that Yanga made it to the group stages of a CAF tournament.


          If we are looking at development in the local sense then it may pass, but in the regional and continental sense that those two extra matches are of very little value.
          Just my take but let’s agree to disagree.

    1. A person,contractual obligations sometimes hinder their offloading esp when there Godfathers-Agents prefer they remain dormant but salaried never even once appearing in 18 match day squad but this time they have to go time has surely come…

      1. That is good. Thank you Ja’sego for accommodating varied opinions. Even when we are hard on Gor officials, you still accommodate us. Sincerely your way of handling people including those who are kizungukali challenged is reason enough to convert them.

  10. @ODUOR12, FKF even agreed to forgo their 10m KES that KPL is supposed to remit to them annually in order to accommodate the 2 extra teams. And Sportspesa said they have no issue with 18 teams and are ready to add more money. I am sure with Azam broadcasting matches in the whole of East Africa apart from Kenya Supersport have no option but to play ball. On this issue of 18 to 16 KPL has very flimsy reasons like players will get tired, Harambee stars will not get enough time etc etc. It’s only in Kenya where players literally wait for a whole week before they play the next game. We have no matches like League Cup etc. Top8 is only like 4 matches extra and our teams get knocked out in the first round for Africa.
    So for the good of the game AR and Oguda must learn to give in sometimes in order to receive a lot. With Musyokiof Tusker coming in as the KPL Chair they better be prepared for a different administration.

  11. 18 team league not good , will not improve football in the country at all instead reduce the teams to 12 and play the Scotland way


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