Due to lack of discipline in the team, Oluoch disciplined himself

Gor Mahia goalkeeper Boniface Oluoch has recently announced that it was he who opted out of the match against Chemelil Sugar. There were some reports that he was left out of the team as a disciplinary measure due to his scuffle with coach Frank Nuttall.

A report by goal.com suggests that Oluoch asked to be left out.

“The reason he was not started was purely because he asked the technical bench to leave him out as he was still disturbed by what happened between him and the coach on Saturday.”  said a source

Oluoch was also fearing for his life.

“Furthermore, he also feared for his life as some fans had threatened to beat him up over the incident with coach Nuttall,” revealed the source

Perhaps these threats could have been avoided if the coach was empowered to hand out his own disciplinary measures. Since there are no disciplinary measures, some irate fans have taken it upon themselves to met out discipline and threats.

At Gor Mahia recently a number of players besides Oluoch have fallen below the threshold required for professionalism: Some disappeared for almost two months. Several others came back late for pre-season training. Two others were engaged in a scuffle at the Mombasa aiport.

The Kenyan scene is a stark contrast to the scene in the English premier league where managers are empowered to met out disciplinary measures for the slightest of offences. Below is Arsene Wengers disciplinary sheet courtesy of the Daily mail.

Non attendance of unused players at Home matches without permission of manager £1000
Late for training < 15 mins £250, > 15 mins £500
Late for treatment/massage < 15 mins £250, > 15 mins £500
Late for travel £500
Late for match day meetings / meals £250
Wrong kit on match days £100
Inappropriate clothing outside of the dressing room £100
Outdoor shoes in the dressing room £100
Newspapers, laptops and phones in the medical room £100
Newspapers in dressing room £100
Non production of urine sample for two consecutive weeks £200
Phone calls in the building (texting allowed) £500
No participating in commercial activities (including Club Day)


This sets expectations among players and enforces a level of professionalism. It would be interesting to find out if Kogallo players still receive their full salaries for the month of January even if they missed half or all of it.

It is a stark contrast to previous years when chairmen like Zack Mbori suspended players for months and even years for indiscipline while coaches like Len Julians read the riot act to players for on the field incidents.

13 thoughts on “Due to lack of discipline in the team, Oluoch disciplined himself

  1. Boni stop all these .u see gor made u supa goalkeeper and plz stop issues that will compromise ur Quality. we cant see smoke when fire is not there when you here people say u have indiscipline issues then u must just change. please trace yourself to tusker and look at yourself plz we know u are the best now but plz change, this will make u lose form of your profession. kindly!!!

  2. There is nothing better that self introspection. You can then have yourself on the mend and get back on the right path. I am sure you know what this means to you as a person. This goes to all other team members, please ask yourselves where you are, where you want to be in future and how you get there. Take it from me for free as a son would from a father. Welcome Bonny, but only if you are telling the truth.

  3. My heart bleeds when I read about these indiscipline issues which only exposes how unprofessional our club is being ran & managed.Where there is no discipline people dwell carelessly.And where people dwell carelessly only averageness & pettiness are realised as results.

  4. As we admonish the players and EC for indiscipline let’s not forget the fans as well. In most cases the indiscipline from the fans causes more damage to the club than that of the players/EC/TB. I say this because indisciplined players/TB can be easily dealt with but that of the fans can be very difficult to deal with. Our fans are typical examples when things don’t go our way

    1. I beg to differ and rather i salute the fans for being vigilant by keeping EC members/players/coaches in check. Without GDC’s prompt disciplinary actions Zico would not have been ejected as coach hence the start of club’s revival, Dan “Flava” would have been let go midseason hence denying us the goals to end our league drought. Thx admin for serving the bloated EC advise on a silver plate, sasa swali ni WHAT THE HELL IS OUR BLOATED EC DOING IF AN ESTABLISHED CLUB LIKE GM HAS STRUCTURES. EC UNDER HAS NOT BEEN ABLE THE POTENTIAL AND MOMENTUM OF THE K’GALO FRATERNITY TO MOVE THIS UNIQUE TO THE LEVEL OF TP MAZEMBES & AL ALHYS. INSTEAD THEY WANT TO BELIEVE THAT IT GM THAT NEEDS THEM WHEN THE OPPOSITE IS THE TRUTH, AGAIN THANK-YOU FANS

  5. @ Jamigori let us not cast our blames on poor management. when there are wrangles in the Team does not mean that we have poor management , when people complain of individual players as indisciplined we should not say its becoz of management, that is stupid excuse we should not give. if we have a problem how are individual players conducting themselves or is there any policy that states when we have a lapse then one in a society should not be disciplined? . Boni has a problem and should change together with any other player or EC member in the trail b4 late otherwise discipline actions/ and rath will soon catch up with them. WE do not want to use History but Bonis issues can be trailed back to Tusker and be dealt with easily since no one is indispensable in Gor. There4 he should not spoil the performance of the club in the name of best goalkeeper . we want Bony to change and focus on his profession we want you to move to Europe becoz that is where you belong and likewise would want to here you have no problems with good foreign coaches who can help you reach to your dreams and heights .if anything you should be in good terms with Natull and stop those associations with Local members of Gors EC who cannot even take you to Tanzania.

    1. The jury is out there about EC. I do not need to write long sentences on this matter. The office exhibits high level of indiscipline as they are too busy with gate collections.

  6. I had said b4 that B.Oluoch needs to b benched. Bony has an ” i’m too gud attitude” n this does not augar well for the defence. During the cecafa finals he made a mistake n never bothered to save the free kick, he did the same with the first goal with CNAPS. This is not how a goalie shud behave. His temperent is basically non existent, you cannot contrl a defence on ‘wild mode’. Football needs ppl who inspire hope when all looks lost. I thnk this guy needs to be benched or leave the club all together. He is a gud goalie but lucks control. Jerry has sat out during this time n showed total control of his emotions, this is what Gor needs. These players dropped by Tusker were mainly discipline case issues. You have seen it with Aucho, Collins et now Bonnie. N why is EC hiding these discipline issues!! Does Gor have a displinary committee. If Aucho says that he needed time to cure his injury, but he gets to kenya then plays, so who is fooling who?

    1. @Dinga, aren’t we the same fans who castigate and ask Jerry to retire? One even had the audacity to say that instead of Jerry we have one of the other two goalies for the Chemelil game. I think it’s time we as fans let the TB do what they do best and we perform our role.

      Sorry for discussing players in the forum but I prefer we do it when we are praising them and not the other way round

      1. There only two goalies I personally felt could replace Jerry, Samuel Odhiambo who to me is best goalie in Kenya n Bonnie. Bonnie’s problem is discipline, but when he replaced Jerry I supported it all the same. Jerry however was hanged for a simple mistake that cost Gor the league. We have seen the best goalies in Europe make even worse mistakes. I also supported Aucho but I am totally against his violent Tz gimmicks n the latest injury he claims was still healing. My point is that even if we support players they r still unswerable to the greater club. In Jerry case, I supported when Nuttal gave Bonnie a chance but I never supported nor took part on how some ppl in this site went about in hounding him. I will openly critisize a player’s game n behaviour but NEVER insult.

  7. Jerry Jagoal is a consumate professional and was a decent captain. If coach thinks he played well on Saturday then he should be fielded again this weekend. and in Madagascar. Some players are becoming too self important. How does a player just casually report back to training several weeks late?

  8. Indiscipline.. this is what has hurt the futures of George blackberry, Danish oliech, and now victor at Southampton. He needs to watch out coz he will fall out of coaches favour just like he did with kimanzi at tusker.

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