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Many thanks and appreciation to my worthy comrades @Barefoot Bandit, @Ogango Trailer,@Ochigah ,@Eric and @Erico Jarae for your prompt response and earliest understanding in our quest to turn this very “NEGATIVE PUBLICITY” on hooliganism as an opportunity to sympathize and show solidarity with our players who happens to be the actual suffering victims under the prevailing circumstances.

For us to be the role models and TRUE friends of Gor Mahia and in order to attain the highest level of integrity,transparency and accountability i have approached a well known media personality who also happen to be the pioneers who propelled the revival of Gor Mahia fan base by storm during those days when the team was in doldrums albeit minus hooliganism to propel our course.

He is none other than the famous “CEO” who is the managing editor of the fast growing NAIROBIAN weekly newspaper publication to not only provide both print and electronic coverage of our very worthy course; but also to be custodian of all donations that will be contributed towards the small token for thanking our players for their achievement whether they emerge TPL 2014 champions or NOT. But the most important issue at stake is to pass the message that “OPERATION LINDA GOR MAHIA” SAYS A BIG NO HOOLIGANISM & FOOTBALL POLITICS OF NEPOTISM.

I believe with help of “CEO” we can rope in CHURCHILL, JALASH, NYAMBANE,MAKOKHA and CAROLINE MOTUKO amongst many other celebrity to send the message home to all soccer stake holders to come to around table and find a lasting solution to this venom instead of passing the back and playing petty politics.

AS of now the pledges announced on this site is as shown below:
1. Okoth Jabilo 5000/= status not remitted
2. Ogango Trailer 2500/= status not remitted
3. Erico 5000/= status not remitted
4. Barefoot Bandit……..Promised
5. Erico Jarae…………Promised
6. Ochigah…………….Promised

Out target on this issue is to make our leaders understand that football is an industry and it can not economically thrive without adequate political goodwill and security stability.

Targeted day for media publicity will be either on Friday of 7th or 14 th of November depending on contributors decision; but definitely before the TPL 2014 last fixture at Gor Mahia training ground immediately after closing their morning session.

CEO can be officially contacted and reached on cellphone 0720323083 for official verification and you can quote my name “OKOTH JABILO” of Gormahia.net for authenticity.




  1. @ADMIN I hereby take this earliest opportunity to thank you a million times for providing this portal as a successful forum that has enable very meaningful engagement and interaction for the “TRUE” friends of this wonderful club.

    May i take this opportunity to declare the updated status of “OPERATION LINDA GOR MAHIA BRAND” individuals voluntary contributions.

    Below are the confirmed Mpesa Transactions by “CEO”
    1. @ OKOTH JABILO FW91IE 158 Confirmed kshs 5000 sent to CHARLES OTIENO 0720323083 sender George Okoth. 30/10/2014 AT 12.17 PM

    2. @ OGANGO TRAILER FW91IT994 confirmed kshs 2000 sent to CHARLES OTIENO 0720323083. Sender Nicholas Odipo 30/10/2014 AT 12.17 PM

    3. @ OGANGO TRAILER FW91O Confirmed kshs 500 sent to CHARLES OTIENO 0720323083 Sender Nicholas Odipo . 30/10/2014 AT 12.33 PM

    4. @ ERICO [SOUTH SUDAN] FW96BM485 CONFIRMED Kshs5150.00 sent to CHARLES OTIENO 0720323083 sender Newton Ochanda 30/10/14 AT 5.29 PM.



  2. 1)Jabilo-FW91IE158 Confirmed Kshs 5000 sent to CHARLES OTIENO 0720323083 on 12.15 PM.
    2) Ogango Trailer FW 91IT994 confirmed kSHS 2000 sent to CHARLES OTIENO 0720323083 ON 30/10/2014 at 12.17 PM
    Ogango Trailer FW 91OY633 confirmed Kshs 500 sent to CHARLES OTIENO on 30/10/2014 at 12.33 PM
    3)Eric-FW96BM485 CONFIRMED Ks5150.00 TO CHARLES OTIENO 0720323083 30/10/14 AT 5.29 PM

    Contributions to date to 0720323083= 5,000+2,500+5,150=12,650.00
    *Jabilo’s is equivalent to 10months Sacco contribution at rate of 500/month.
    *Ogango’s Trailer is 5months Sacco contribution at rate of 500/month
    *Eric’s is 10months Sacco contribution at the rate of 500/month.
    In the envisaged GM Sacco you would have been guaranteed at least some tangible benefits e.g discounted tickets, vantage/secured seats either terrace/VIP, special entrance gates and times e.g negating the need to arrive at 9.00am for a 3pm match.

    Jabilo I think the system is working since the Mpesa transactions 1-3 posted by bloggers have been independently verified by another/different person.

    That said the challenge as you can see is not in the ability or willingness of GM fraternity to mobilize funds but to ensure that these funds apart being raised in a consistently and sustainable manner are deposit in a vehicle where accountability and transparency can be legally enforced e.g a Sacco.
    Kudos to the top 3. Hope to forward my GM sacco contribution of 500/= tomorrow.

    *Jakoyo- FS15MV508 Confirmed. Ksh 10,000.00 sent to TONY ANELKA on 0716373503 on 30/10/14 at 7:42 PM- Cannot be verified under bloggers agreed system


    Our loud and incessant condemnation of every vice committed by FKF, KPL and the goons towards football management continues to go unheeded and in vain. Hardly a month had passed since the hoodlums visited terror and destructions at the City Stadium than they have struck again, this time at the Kenyatta Stadium in Machakos. The magnitude of destruction witnessed in Machakos is of a bigger proportion that it should alarm Mr. NYAMWEYA and his cohorts. Football managers in this country should have realized by now that only a fundamental shift in the way we manage our football will bring the desired results. Until then, hooliganism shall continue to eat at the very fabric that holds us together as a normal and civilized society. The Federation must make a deliberate and calculated effort to bring on board all football stake holders in this country. Their sole mission should be to try and find a permanent solution to the menace called hooliganism. As all of you may know, our clubs are registered as Social Welfare Clubs under the Societies Act and not under the companies act. They therefore do not have registered/paid up members/ supporters/fans. Because of this, its pretentious and preposterous to call the clubs to account for criminal activities committed by individuals based on the jersey on their backs. The National Police, with the help of clubs should charge these people as individuals for criminal acts. Our Clubs do not have the capacity to fight this vice on their own. These hooligans’ every action should arouse and warrant the interest and attention of the National Police. Does the Police need any invitation to arrest criminals? No is the answer. Therefore, their constant failure to do so leaves a lot to be desired. FKF, KPL and clubs have all failed to invest in modern training methods of their personnel hence the use of youths whose background in management of anything is non existent. FKF, KPL, Clubs and the Police MUST actively and collectively be involved in the training of personnel on crowd management with an emphasis on match days. This is where FKF/Nyamweya and KPL/Oguda comes in. Why can’t the football governing body in this Country-(FKF) work together with the NIS and the Police to infiltrate the camp of these thugs and bring them to book! The answer- CORRUPTION. Doing this will incur cost. Nyamweya and Oguda have an unwritten policy: do not spend money on anything if you can avoid it!! Are they waiting for more lives to be lost and more property to be destroyed, you ask yourself?? Mr Nyamweya and Mr Oguda, Please spare us this old and tired CRAP that “hosting clubs shall provide security during the matches”. Do you in your honest opinion think that our Clubs have the capacity to do this!! Mr Oguda and Mr Nyamweya, clubs provide STEWARDS whose roles are limited to giving directions and assisting with the sitting arrangements in and around the stadiums. The provision of POLICEMEN in and around the stadiums should be a joint responsibility of FKF, KPL, the National Police and the clubs. This is the practice world over. I highly recommend a fact finding tour of the English FA. They have successfully dealt with high voltage hooliganism and racism. The English FA works hand in hand with The National Police and the Clubs to curb any incidences of violence or misbehaviors in and around the football grounds in England. They have invested heavily in modern methods of personnel training, from the. FA Chairman to the Stewards. I wonder if any of our so Called Stewards is trained on anything, especially after watching one of them molest and man handle David Okelo, the Sofapaka goalkeeper. This incident alone brings into sharp focus the question of the qualification standards & criteria used to select these so called stewards. I hope the steward who molested Okelo is by now a guest of the State at one of our correctional facilities. Gor Mahia, whom this moron was allegedly representing should ensure this happens.

    Compare this:- Most if not all the retired players both for The English FA or the German DFB do get employed by the Federation at various levels. Either as coaches, stewards or even commentators. What about in Kenya? They are observers who shouldn’t be heard but only seen. Why you ask? CORRUPTION! The situation obtaining in Kenya is so sad and deplorable. Former players continue to suffer the ignominy of having to look at things from the position of outside in. They have been relegated to playing peripheral roles while the money bags buy their ways into various posts in the National Federation. In developed countries, Most of the elections whether at Club level or the National Association passes on without the kind of shenanigans we witness in our football elections & management. Look at Barcelona and Real Madrid elections and compare it with the past Efusi and Gor Mahia elections!!!

    Mr. NYAMWEYA, imagine you’re serving your 2nd last year in office and you’re still fighting corruption cases, both real and imagined filled against you by your competitors!!l!! It is a high time we elected into office persons based on their integrity, abilities, interest, talent and intelligence. FKF, KPL and other football related bodies in this country are still patronized and owned by the CORRUPT, INEPT, TIRED and UNQUALIFIED persons who buy their ways into these posts. Until we learn to elect the right people to the right offices, we will always end up with people whose only achievements are mismanagements, failed blue Prints, stagnated football growth both on and off the field, hooliganism, crippling debts, corruption and endless court cases. It is these kind of people who resort to employing primitive and untrained STEWARDS like the one captured on TV assaulting a Player. To eradicate racism and hooliganism from their football grounds, the English FA had to use tact, intelligence discipline and training of all the stake holders. What is Mr Oguda and Mr. Nyamweya using to help wipe out hooliganism from our stadiums? Nothing!! They have abandoned the Clubs and abdicated their roles of working together with the police, clubs in Providing and coordinating Security during and after matches.. How, you ask? The few Policemen are informed of the match and the match venue on the day of the match, or a day before. As unprepared as they are, they sre driven into the stadium and given orders to keep order!!,! This is courting disaster when the crowd is big. I have not mentioned tht most of these policemen have no background training or knowledge on crowd management, more so football fans. What they know is queling riots where they usually employ excessive force by use of rungus and tear gas. Let FKF, KPL and the Clubs spend some good money in hiring adequate Policemen. Let them conduct joint trainings with the police on crowd management. CORRUPTION will ensure there is no money available for this.

    Mr. NYAMWEYA, Imposing heavy fines and sanctions on these financially struggling and handicapped clubs like Gor Mahia and Efusi will not help reduce the cases of hooliganism in our stadiums. Kindly assume your rightful roles as a Federation and we will crack this Puzzle called hooliganism. These fines and sanctions are supposed to act as a deterrent, but until now, the omens does not Look good for you. More often than not these fines are never paid due to non availability of funds or non cooperation from the sanctioned clubs. Their non cooperation or non payment of these fines is understandable. It emanates from the fact that- its the duty and responsibility of the football governing body (FKF) to organize football and all tht pertains to football in this country- including SECURITY.

    Why has the Federation, (FKF) abdicated her role of running the football league in this Country, you ask! The answer is endemic CORRUPTION. Why have they allowed a company called KPL to run the football League in this Country? The answer: CORRUPTION. This wouldn’t Have happened if FKF was more transparent, responsive, accountable and judicious to those tht have elected them. Don’t forget that Shikanda. (Nairobi Branch Chairman) and Sholei (national vice chairman) having failed to play ball now finds themselves expelled from FKF. We are still speculating why Hussein Terry buried the hatchet and has quickly been re integrated into the FKF fold. This doesn’t mean that KPL is clean. No, they are not. They are also just as corrupt as their bedfellows- the FKF.

    Wa Kenya, Tunadanganywa Na tunachezewa Na hawa mabwenyenye. They are only serving their selfish interest at the expense of developing football in this country. Its not in their interest to fight hooliganism and to end it. During the next National Elections, I beseech the to vote wisely: 1. Elect those who will be accountable to those that have elected them and to the people of Kenya. 2. Elect leaders and not bosses. 3. Elect persons of high integrity, not tainted with corruption, real or imagined. 4. Elect persons with relevant knowledge in the field of football management. 5. Never elect anyone because he/she has given you lots of money. Thank you. The writer is a football enthusiast with a wide knowledge in management and coaching in Africa.

  4. @let Pastre, you said it all. in black &white. very insightful, true, real, educative. I can’t a agree with you any more. football in Kenya is rotten from club level to national office. it’s being governed by fools, inept, corrupt …that’s why until today you wouldn’t find the national team Jersey in any shop in world. compare to rugby? we still playing with fake ones with the name Kenya written on them. useless indeed

  5. Oduor12 please check with the CEO. I have remitted 2027 confirmed FX08FO081. Sent to Charles Otieno at 3.40 PM.


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