Ottamax back in technical bench

Will peace reign on the training ground?
Will peace reign on the training ground?

Gor Mahia’s goalkeeping coach Mathew Owino Ottamax has resumed his position on the technical bench. According to the Nation, Ottamax posted about his return on his social media pages.

“The hunger and passion for winning and glory drive CHAMPIONS to the point of fist fights, verbal wars but not hatred! We are on a mission and our house is in order. Respect Zee Maria. Respect Gor Mahia,” said Ottamax.

Last Friday Ottamax had announced on the very same page that he had been fired by coach Ze Maria. But the Brazilian tactician denied firing Ottamax saying it was simply a disagreement. The Gor Mahia EC led by Chairman Ambrose Rachier also denied that Ottamax had been fired.

Ottamax now says that his outburst was due to intense pressure.

“Sometimes things happen because of pressure to win and regrettably it portrayed a bad picture to the public. However, I am happy it has been settled and we are now focused on helping the team. Everybody is contented with the decision made and as the season nears a close, we are ready to bounce back.

“We have the Kenyan Premier League and KPL Top 8 titles to fight for, and that is what we are aiming.” he said according to

Ottamax had a similar outburst when he was dropped from the Harambee stars technical bench.

And Ottamax is not the first Gor Mahia official to react this way.  Chris Omondi who had just been elected to the position of secretary general had a similar outburst when he ranted against the rest of the Executive Committee and announced he was resigning. He is among those who have declared candidacy for the club Chairman position.

Ottamax will now need to mend fences with the coach for the sake of the club which has not registered a good result in eight games.

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  1. Ottamax, you have apologised but lost all the trust. I am not sure if it will be business as usual. Your post on social media was so unfortunate. How can you now puport to want to work with the manager you so belittled. Will you be comfortable in his company?


    1. @Vincent Owino, that’s a perfect suggestion. Coach must have control over all football matters!! He must decide who to work with be it TB or the playing unit!! He must decide who’s contract is renewed and who’s to be let go!!

  3. Ottomax forget it. You are killing the morale of this team.

    You must be placing Bets and winning. That’s why you want to stay close and manipulate things.

    Your apology NOT accepted by me. Until you win the title.

  4. The only thing the matters is retaining the league IF YOU CAN. Like O.T says how you do it is no longer of interest.
    The rest are sideshows from the Chairman & EC, TB and some players.

    Am no longer calling for the ouster of so and so as Chairman or supporting so and so.

    I will support whoever makes a written commitment to a written yearly performance contract with these minimums.

    I suggest that from now on members during each AGM MUST commit aspirants to yearly performance contracts or targets. Failure to meet these targets should result in the automatic resignation of officials.

    1. Gor Mahia MUST qualify for a continental tournament,

    2. GMFC MUST reach at least the semi-final of CECAFA tournaments it participates in.

    3. GMFC MUST qualify for the group stages of CAF tournaments.

    THREE SIMPLE CONDITIONS OR TARGETS IF YOU WANT TO BE A GOR MAHIA OFFICIAL. Those lavish manifestos and promises are just extras.



  5. Four consecutive draws and a humiliating loss to Nzoia united is not some experience that our management would have cheaply erased from the memory of Kogallo fraternity. A sacrificial saga had to be unveiled to unseat the memory of the Nzoia loss from our unforgiving brains. However, this time round, the saga unfolded in 3 phases:
    i] Ottamax taking to social media to spew venom and falsely accuse Ze Maria;
    ii] AR distancing himself from the saga and rubbishing such allegations;
    iii] Our prodigal Ottamax returning to the fold, apologizing to the fans then AR unconditionally welcomes him home!

    All this tom and jerry episode was meant to replace the Nzoia loss from our gullible brains guys.

  6. Some interesting comments here by Boniface Ambani “……..”It’s not about the coach only. Let’s not lie to ourselves. The coach does very very little for a team to win. Everybody has to play his part. That’s from the top to the bottom. Even a kit boy has a say on the team. That’s why it’s called A TEAM. Everybody has to work. I rest my case. Coach Ivan (Minnaert) wish you well.”

  7. OTTAMAX OWINO i know you very well but let me tell you something, stop behaving like a politician , and stop jokes at Gor Mahia, if you have nothing to do , dont do it at Gor Mahia, learn to solve things diplomatically, aman must learn on how to manage preasure, we expect a lot from the team now that we have sponsors,think a bout the Gor Mahia players a partments, sports house, stadium, good salary and allowances for players and no ping pong game which were used to cover the corruption in the club.

    1. Jamriambo me i am at loss of words on this Kogalo deuces, deceptions, backstabbing and incompetency. Am considered out of the real power triumvirate in the EC due to my opposite stand on matters that usually are for the betterment of the team. I called for a truce from the word go but everyone decided to do what they wanted and so here we are. Now my take & solution is simple and listen well all Ye kogalo fans

      1. We maintain the TB as is since any drastic move will just lead to a FIFA Appeal as Ivan Minnaert has done, Ze maria has a running contract til June so let him finish it albeit with a Clear Copy of the Riot Act handed to him which simply reads that with his continued insistence of a style of play better suited for European Academies and in which our Senior Players totally reject at heart but have no choice other than to implement,should he not retain the SPL then come November it is Goodbye God Be With Him

      2. That good counsel dictates that he should re-instate Gattuso, Abouba and Wafula in the first team or atleast 18 man match day squads for we all know there capabilities-If anything he has been forced to work with Ottamax with whom he had a fall-out just the other day so working with Gattuso for the betterment of the team will not kill him (I repeat and using my Fifa Pro-B License Qualification-Ze Maria outclasses me with Only 1 course which is the Pro-A License) We cannot, will Not and MIght Not play any meaningful football for the remainder of the season with Wendo as the defensive midfielder and Kahata assuming the overwhelming number 8 box to box role and Nondi on the wing..Bring back Gattuso then partner him with Odula or Baggio and Kahata plays Creative Number 10 behind either Tuyisenge or Kagere,results will only trickle in then

      3. Finally, elections are overdue in December and the Annual AGM Must produce independent audited accounts of the 2016 Sponsorship funds in details of what was done, where and how

      I Rest My Case Jodhot…

      3. That

        1. @Ja Asego, I had pointed out in a previous post that Gor has flourished for the last many seasons by playing with two defensive minded midfielders. Gatusso/ Teddy, Gatusso/ Kizito, Gatusso Aucho, Aucho/ Wendo etc. Why cant our coach try the same and see if it works. If it does not work with his philosophy he can discard it then. There is no harm in trying. If anything whichever philosophy he adopts, the bottom line is that it should produce results. As it is, his current philosophy is breaking so many hearts. I love Gor so much the anguish I am currently undergoing is indescribable. In fact it is the only team I support after Arsenal proved to me they are no longer interested in trophies. I looked forward to weekends when Gor would play, traveled land and sea to watch my team but lately that anticipation is so gone. May God have mercy on our hapless Kogallo souls.

        2. Kumbengato nono nafikir tu naona tu ati Jasego coch halaf ni kweli. Sasa Musyom Omin pia tajitambulise kama yeye pia nasasomea coch. Othews no wards. Things hevy in gor. God to help them.

          1. Arudhi an pod a kidoro e weche mag coach gi. Wan wangiye mana gi angoch tiang. Opirabe ma wahero to koro isewacho ni things heavy ka ang ne watim nango

      1. Ja’sego, Ja’sego I’m telling you for free with 100% certainity. 1)This bloated EC will not produce any independent audited accounts! NEVER HAS & NEVER WILL! 2) With the “war chest” built up from gate collection etc be certain that unless geniune members turn out in adequate numbers “paid members” will be brought in to ensure some seats are not lost. Hence my suggestion the AGM commits each aspirant / official to a WRITTEN yearly signed performance contract that every year the EC must individually and collectively ensure that GMFC MUST 1) QUALIFY FOR A CONTINENTAL TOURNAMENT 2) REACH AT LEAST THE SEMI-FINAL OF CECAFA TOURNAMENT WE PARTICIPATE IN 3) REACH THE GROUP STAGES OR 3RD ROUND OF CAF TOURNAMENT WE PARTICIPATE IN. We hire coaches yearly the same can apply to EC.Gor Mahia is a football club so we must PUT football targets/achievements first. If officials / aspirants can’t commit to these minimums then what do they want in GMFC, ENRICH THEMSELVES? These targets will then trickle down to TB, players etc.

  8. Okewkanango and your friend Collins , give us your humorous views so that we laugh abit when things are elephant as they are now. Ze maria, please do the honorable thing and resign…please. have some dignity. Resign as early as yesterday.

    1. @Jamriambo, did you read Ambani’s article on what a TEAM is? Ze Maria resigning will not be the beginning of us winning games. Taking pain killers does not cure you. The source of the pain is what needs to be treated

    2. Omera thank for kufikir sisi. Wechego pek sisi sasaa naweka tu eyes. Tena napima vile opepo naruka. watu ya Lejo Maria wangeomba kwa gor lakini hata ao napigana huko god kwer. Nangangana kuhus mawamama. Mungu menyewe sasa sii aruke hapa gor asaidie kutoka ju binguni.Si ndiyo.

  9. Barding wins the schools ‘CECAFA’ football tournament without conceding a single goal. Does Gor need to look any further for future/current players?

    1. Dan i think the bulk of those barding boys being 17 and 18 should join Gor Under 20 team after O Levels without further delay from wea we can monitor and nurture their talents…

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