Owino, Lavatsa in Harambee squad to Nigeria

No Rama this time

Defender David Owino and striker Edwin Lavatsa have been named by new Harambee stars coach Adel Amrouche. Lavatsa has been in sensational form recently for both club and country. He would be a perfect person to partner Dennis Oliech upfront.

Omitted from the team are several key players including Gor Mahia’s defensive midfielder Anthony Akumu. Yet Akumu is exactly the kind of defensive bulwark that Harambee stars would need when facing the defending Africa nations cup champions.

Other Kogalo players who previously featured for the national team like Rama Salim and Kevin Omondi have also been omitted.

Also missing from the squad are stalwarts like Jockins Atudo, Humphrey Mieno and of course MacDonald Mariga who has decided to boycott the national team. Based on current form, former Gor Mahia pass master Peter Opiyo should have also been included.

It will be a difficult outing for the national team. They always find it difficult to play Nigeria away and the score inevitably ends 3-0. And even at home, Kenya have yet to beat Nigeria. Heres hoping Amrouche can find the magic formula to end this particular jinx

The Squad

Goalkeepers: Arnold Origi, Duncan Ochieng

Defenders: Abdalla Juma, David Owino, Brian Mandela, Mark Odhiambo, Mulinge Ndeto

Midfielders: Victor Wanyama, George Owino, David Ochieng, Jamal Mohammed, David Gateri, Edwin Lavatsa, Paul Were, Francis Kahata, Johanna Omolo

Strikers: Christian Bwamy, Dennis Oliech, Jacob Keli.

14 thoughts on “Owino, Lavatsa in Harambee squad to Nigeria

  1. I’m urging Amrouche not to use Mulinge Ndeto in defense. Let him use David ‘Cheche’ Ochieng, David Owino, Joakins Atudo, Abdalla Juma and Brian Mandela in defense. As for mid-field, I’ve read that Victor Mugube has an injury. In such a case he could have used Peter Opiyo as a replacement. As for striking, I would still recomend Lavatsa and Kiongera to partner with Oliech. Anyway, the coach and the technical bench know better how they are arranging their squad so I can’t dictate. The worst mistake is if we play with one striker waiting for counter then you will never score against Nigerians; they are very steady at the back and any team waiting for a counter cannot beat them at all. On their case they have very swift strikers who are very good in counter so our defense has to be very alert.

    Let’s hope this time round Nigeria hawatatuchapa mabao matatu. My worry is that most of the players are not on-form

  2. let the coach do his work. i thnk it more a matter of tactics than wether sos and so is playing. if kenyan players continue to use poor technics in soccer then we are doomed. so wether ur favourite player is on the pitch or not will not matter. the two kenyan teams currently facing the egytptian clubs shud provide as good testimony for what i am trying to say. unfortnately the kenyan situation in nigeria is going to be predictable. but not all hope is lost. if adel amrouche cannot wake up kenyan soccer in six months then i will start to believe that the kenyan situation is getting hopeless. the kenyan situation lacks discipline more than anythng else. players can hardly concentrate and have no professional approach to the game apart from wailing for allowance. i do not mean to blast afc but those of u who watched the afc-w.stima can maybe relate to what i mean. what was displayed by these two teams is basically an embarassment to kenyan soccer. so how such players are included in harambee stars and expected to beat nigeria becomes one great mystery. …and tactics cannot improve without commitment.

  3. True, the tech bench have the final say on whoever is fielded. However much we may yap we expect them to think on our behalf and support the team unequivocally.

    Guys i remember the kind of players we will be missing in the line up are the same ones we’ve had on the pitch and see where we are!

    I also thought Atudo would be best suited at the defence and that Pinches fits the bill better than any other holding midfielder not just around but as wide as Africa..but remember the coach must decide, must perform and must accordingly TAKE RESPONSIBILTY.


    I take this opportunity to oppose an insinuation that GM tech bench to take lessons from Akwana. To me this is the most stinking rubbish i’ve ever heard of lately.

    Let Loga hit the road with his bench and gauge themselves with the comensurate pressure accruing from this challenge then after they will learn how to improve or change altogether. I am only worried that it apperas as if some players who are equally good are being sidelined,(e.g carrying unwell players along leaving fit ones behind) but as i’m compelled to go back on my word that every tech bench decides and takes responsibility of their decisions.

  4. I have had misgivings with Amrouche’s attitude since his outburst about coach Logarusic; when he reasoned like a baby that the GM coach declined to release GM players for national duty out of bitterness with FKF for not giving him the job. Latest update is that Mieno and Pinches are late inclusions in the squad.

    I will not complain for the non-inclusion of some K’Ogalo players. I wish he never pickeed any so that all our players could prepare better for upcoming assignments. My heart however goes out to Rama. This is a player who, 8 months ago was being touted as the next Dennis Oliech yet is nowhere is national team list now. Seeing Rama spend most of his play time on his back rather than on his feet is so heartbreaking for some of us who know his actual capability.

  5. Amrouche’s attitude is not right for our national team at all. As long as he is being held hostage by the likes of Nandwa, Ken Odhiambo and new entrant Mulei Ghost, we fans should not expect a miracle soon.

  6. Mulinge Ndeto and Abdallah Juma ? This folks cannot deal with akina Obafemi. I know Kenya will loose but must Kenya loose by bad selections ?

  7. @walter blog 2 above pliz confirm and give source to me that Mugubi is injured. If this’ the case then Akumu was to be with the team. Mariga has been cornfimed unfit and so unavailable but i think at the momment Miano is better than Mariga even though he also might not be available. Now ithink playing 4-4-2 as some have proposed is good only for the last 5 minutes but i would prefer 4-5-1 we need to frustrate them by not giving a chance to the likes of Mikel and Mosses.the 4 deffenders should be static meaning hawapandi.two deffensive midfilder on left and right sides, one midfilder at the centre circle,two speedy attacking midfilders one being Lavatsa and finaly one main striker Deno. Incase we lose the ball it will be easier to win it back from the mid. Incase we score a goal before them, then we can switch to 4-4-2 because they will be frustrated open their deffence wakitafuta bao the likes of Ambrose and from that we can get a goal or more by counter attacks because watatoka wote waende kutafuta bao and from there we will attack more and more. What we need is to avoid the 3 goals which we are ever scored and also win the game. Mr. OKOTH JABILO how do you tell.so that we may beat these Super eagles.

  8. Let the new Coach and his Assistants do their work. There are these busybodies who think they know how to select the best team while they can’t even manage their own houses let alone village teams! Mr Alando take note.

  9. @ Odhiambo P, Let people express their views. That is exactly why blogs exist. No one is preventing Amrouche from doing his job and I am certain he does not come to gormahia.net to get viewpoints from fans.


    @ odhiambo p. owuor why do you sound so jittery and upset with independent comments as posted by all the bloggers above. The above post are just opinions are they will remain as such. Why cry foul?

    But all the same you have realized that we have people from all walks of life ,spread across the global sphere contributing on this blog just for the love of the game. Why try to silence them and for what reason? It is like you can not stomach any divergent view irrespective of the source however good it is.

    Harambee stars bench needs to get lay man advise, just the same way we tell LOGARUSIC with issue pertaining to K’Ogalo and he understands why we do so.

    I fail to understand why you are so much worked up and yet these individuals are very genuine stake-holders with issue’s pertaining to “HARAMBEE STARS”.

    Stop gagging bloggers and allow those of who are ready to read and digest there think-tank, to do so without your too much ado for nothing.

    This blog is meant for people who understand, think, talk and dream of football matters be it local, national or international. And hence forth you should desist from thinking that it is only the technical bench that understand players formation and coordination ,variable playing systems and the best applicable playing patterns required for a match.

    Let people debate freely however shallow there idea might appear but that is the beauty of this blog.

  11. @ 12 OGANGO TRAILER – you’ve made my day. This odhiambo p. owuor wants us to remain silent! he only wants to make suggestions/opinions after the match? Then he doesnt belong to this blog.

    @9 Omusala – initially from futaa.com (earlier reports) indicated Mugube had an injury but later on he came so we are good to go.

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