Pascal Ochieng weighing options


Pascal Ochieng’ says that he is keenly thinking of his future with his exit at Rangers FC now definite. Pascal says that he has been approached by two teams and he is keenly thinking to know which of the two he will sign for in the June transfer window.

“I am definitely leaving Rangers. Life has been tough at the club. Right now, I am thinking about my future because that is the most important thing. You have to look at which side of your bread is buttered,” he says.

“Several teams have approached me and we have held talks with them. I am still thinking on which of them to sign for. It is a tough decision because they are two very good teams and I have to make the correct decisions,” adds the Harambee Stars deputy skipper.

Gor Mahia have openly declared their interest in the solid man and as the June transfer window is almost opening, fans will be keen to see whether they indeed put their money on the highly experienced defender whom just like good wine has been getting better with age.

Former Champions Sofapaka have also been highly interested in the defender as well as AFC Leopards who have been on Ochieng’s heels from June last year.

Earlier on in the season, a frustrated Pascal quit the club citing hard working conditions coupled with the financial struggles the club has been facing. However, he was convinced  by the players and the team’s technical bench to comeback  and help the club.

25 thoughts on “Pascal Ochieng weighing options

  1. Pascal kuja nyumbani bwana ko,galo wanakungoja hata masika alirudi kwao omera wariti kendo warwaki.

  2. welcome back Pascal come and wind up your career where it all started,we are waiting ………with bated breath the bread is buttered here…………at kogalo.

  3. He has already shown his other side of football. I think we should concentrate on younger players. We already have experience in that defence. I fear he may negatively affect the balance of the team.

  4. This is my suggestion regarding all transfers that we’ll undertake – Mr. Secretary General/Chairman, do all the negotiations under the curtain and only go to press when the deal is 100% done. We are tired of speculations that never come to pass or rather wishful thinking. Pascal is a good defender and we need 3 key signings – one defender, one mid fielder and a very lethal striker…

  5. Without fear or favour I dont think Gor need any defender. We actually have one of the beast defence in KPL and all we need to do is identify what each player is good at. David Owino is as good as Pascal. The full backs are the best look at Musa yawa. What about Wekesa and Nasio? Please let us not just buy for he sake. It will take the team another 6 months to gell and this can even lead to relegation. At the begining of this season every football fan in the country thought Gor would win every match because of the talents recruited.But this never happened as almost every player in the team ws new from Goal keeper to the strikers. Anguyo is doing a greatjob in the defense but trust me he will be better then Owino in position 6 and Owino better in Central defense. Wekesa and Yusuf will really excel in position 11 because of their speed and creativity. Let us think the only problem we have is in the midfield but I believe just like Mieno of the Sofapaka, Moses Otieno will do a very good job in Kogalo. I am therefore advising the team management not to buy any player during this transfer window.

  6. we dont need such players in the team.this is how we ended up with average players who helped us sink to the levels we were .the backline we have is okay as they are swift in recovery save for anguyo who makes up for this with his aerial prowess.those who watched kenyas match against mozambique in maputo and the friendly we had against cameroon at kasarani know how vulnerable pascal is when faced with swift strickers who keep the ball down-sserunkuma or bageya.the man will be turned inside out and we will regret why we signed him in the first place.we only need another offensive midfielder like innocent mutiso or francis kahata who can be moulded to a finished product.sserunkuma or mathares jesse were will also add bite to our attack.the problem with some of our fans is that they reason like ingwes fans who think any big luo players should automatically play for gor as if its his birthright.this is what has caused chaos in the leopards high table where some idiots cannot differentiate between a community club and a tribal club leading to primitive talk of -HII CLUB INA WENYEWe!!!!!!!!!!


    With the transfer window about to open, speculation is rife as to who will join K’Ogalo next.

    I note with great pride that many players around Africa are eyeing to join Gor Mahia thanks to SuperSports and other online channels. Players like Pascal Ochieng and many others will not hide their interest and admiration to the most successful club in East Africa.

    Names of probable call-ups are already being floated around which could jeopardise the whole process. I am pleading to my comrades to allow our two departments to consult extensively and buy players without coercion and undue pressure from fans. The vote be taken by our fans at gormahiafc., to determine who should be signed is equally welcome.

    Gor Mahia is also outgrowing their founders.
    Ochieng must not join Gor Mahia because he is a Luo. Instead, he must be talented, experienced and fit our strategic plan for the season. Those of you who are wooing the player just because he is a Luo, clearly belong to the wrong side of history.
    They say there is nothing difficult to open like a closed mind.

  8. Everything has its pros and cons. Pascal is a good defender on his day but he may not be a solution for our immediate problems. Besides, he appears to be a player who would wish to make his mind known. Such a player may not co-exist with our current coach because they both have big egos.

  9. Just like any employee who has several choices to join a company he/she wishes Pascal is very right. He is actually at his peak and can only go downhill so he must choose his career very very carefully. GM and some of our fans can be career-breakers. Look at Balotelli, just when he thought he landed at a place to create his career we dump him off. A two year contact ended in six months!!! Same to Hugo and the rest. So Pascal is right to weigh his options. My take is that we should encourage Mosoti and Anguyo and let them feel loved, appreciated and we will not have to look for players to fill that defence. Even looking at the log we are not doing that badly in defence but in the midfield and striking. Our problem is that we don’t appreciate what we have. Players like Moses Otieno (30), Rama and Vierra can do a good midfield job. All they need is to be supported by the fans and the tech bench. As fans we obviously put ‘undue’ pressure on our young players which can at times be counter productive. Let’s support them even when they are off-form as that is normal in footy. While we have to leave the transfer issue to the relevant technical team I wouldn’t having the likes of Pascal, Sserumuka and Aswani in our team for the next leg.

  10. A teams defence must be thoroughly efficient especially when the midfield is not clicking.Mosoti is good in physique for defensive duty but his ability to deliver above board is a bit questionable.He does some schoolboy mistakes too many times.Owino was our defence kingpin with great prospects in that position untill he was switched to midfield i guess due to his ability to hold onto the ball and good passing.Midenyo and Ngwa are very good strikers but the quality balls to our forwards is hugely lacking.On many occassions you will notice our sriker making a good run but no midfielder takes notice of the opportunity for a cunning pass to result into goals.

  11. Omera your age may prove to be a barrier in joining gor or any premier league side..”last time I watched your game you have become very slow and hardly engages in tackles. Your best bet would be to join a division one side did work your way back to the premier league and retire as a player-
    Coach. You deserve it !

  12. Pascal GOR MAHIA FC is for players who can run with the ball and think at the same time. I am sorry your current standards are not of that calibre; please just go to SOFAPAKA. or EFUSI where you will peacefully retire earning good money with less playing time.

  13. Let’s tone down our comments. What if Logarithm thinks that Pascal is the type of player GM is missing in defence. We would have no choice but the support all of them. Let’s not be coaches or soocer advicers while our best attempt at soccer might not be something to write home about. We ‘forced’ the EC and former coaches to sign Felixhino, Balotelli etc even when they had objections and now look at the results. Is it so hard for us to learn? The fact that we can communicate on this blog makes our reasoning better that most GM fans. Let’s therefore use that to look at things rationally and know that the stone the builders rejected ended up being the corner stone

  14. Yeah! That is why we are paying Lugarisic to do, identify players he can work with sot that when he fails we blame him in equal measure! Lets not do his work! Yeah fans are the best coaches so they say!

  15. I’ve quietly observed comments regarding Pascal and I would agree with a few of us that we should leave the issue of transfer to the technical bench. On another note I’ll not concur with my colleagues who feel Pascal may not be a good defender because we’ve witnessed him score so many goals unlike other defenders and even for Harambee Stars(National team)he has been outstanding in defence and we don’t have issues with him. He’s one of the best defenders we have in Kenya and this we have to admit. As to which club he wants to join, the choice is his – let him choose according to his conscience. We may struggle to get/sign him then he comes and fails to make any impact if he comes for wrong reasons and this will make him leave GM a frustrated man.

  16. With reference to coach Logarithm last observation; his concern was on beefing up the midfield and striking department of which he had already identified his perfect choices to fit in those roles in the current transfer window recruitment.

    My personal take is that this debate of Pascal is null and void. The coach now knows what is in stock for the second leg of KPL 2012 and as such he has taken a rest to do his homework remotely while enjoying his holiday with his family and am sure once he jets back he will roll up his sleeves and bring over players that will fit in his game plan.

    As a matter of fact some of his target might not be premier league players but rather the lower tier league where he can identify natural skills and football talents worth moulding into a complete outfit as opposes to the overrated KPL players.

  17. I wonder why we find it very easy to ridicule people and demonise them as if they’re lesser humans. We all heard that Gm could not afford him as at January, how comes he’s now of low standards,old and a bad player! Lets respect what Dan has said herein above.

  18. I don’t think we have the financial muscle to compete for a player with Sofapaka and AFC. If indeed the said teams have approached him we should try to identify other better players while trying to convince him but we should also understand him because at his age he knows he has few years to play active football and therefore he has to join a team that will make him financial stable within this few years before he steps out of active football.

  19. Hi kogalo, why dont you use what you have. New acquisitions will definitely demoralize the current players and hence the team take more time to gell. I thought that Gor has now recovered from poor perfomances and the only thing required now is to build on the momentum. Wait until season end and then make changes then. Lets trust what we have now

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