Polack confident ahead of derby

Muguna was on target in the last mashemeji derby

Gor Mahia will be seeking to put their campaign back in track this Sunday as they take on arch rivals AFC Leopards in the first Mashemeji derby of the 2019-2020 season.

After dispiriting losses to Mathare on Wednesday and to DC Motema Pembe last Sunday, Gor Mahia need a confidence booster. A win in the derby is precisely the medicine that the team and the fan base needs to inject the much needed confidence.

But it will not come easily against AFC who are determined to continue their resurgence. They are also keen to win given that they havent won in this derby since 2016. They sense this as their best chance to break their losing streak

But coach Polack is not concerned.

“I’m not worried about the derby. A good win would have given us confidence going into the match on Sunday but on the flipside, a loss is also a wakeup call – we have to go out there and show people who we are on Sunday,” Polack said to the Nation.

Polack will need to settle and re-energize a playing unit that appeats demoralized. The office will need to find ways to motivate the players as a third succesive loss could prove disastrous. A win in this derby is exactly what Kogalo needs at this point.

Sally Bolo unhappy with ticketing scheme

Chairman Ambrose Rachier announced earlier in the week that the club has abandoned e-ticketing.

“We have noticed a very big drop in revenue collection since we started using it. It is sad that we have never collected more than Sh1 million even in matches which are attended by our fans in numbers,” said Rachier.

“The system was good but its main disadvantage was in the verification process where the club lost a lot of money. Even in the normal matches we ended banking very little money compared to what we collected in the past,” he added.

Club Treasurer Sally Bolo however feels this is backward move. She however urges fans to get tickets in good time and turn out in large numbers to cheer the team.

“Everyone, even the local grocery shop is collecting revenue using digital means and I wonder why Gor Mahia, the biggest club in Kenya, would opt to go back to traditional means of selling tickets. We had tested the system and fans had already embraced it. We even launched a USSD code to ensure even those with fans that cannot access the internet would still purchase their tickets in a simplified process,” she lamented to the Nation.

“For instance the Soweto Derby in South Africa – the tickets are already sold out. We need to embrace change and work on improving our ticketing and the match day experience for the fans,” she added.

Tickets will go on sale on match day at the match venue outside gates 12 and 2, opposite Safari Park Hotel and Gomongo Police Station. This will be the 88th league meeting between the two rivals.

12 thoughts on “Polack confident ahead of derby

  1. Hapa, hatutatoboa. The players are not in the same mindset as in the previous recent derbies…….tutajaribu lakin mambo ngumu on Sunday.

  2. @Gor player(fake) I think you are the most idle person I know.. The sooner you start using what is between your ears the better for you. Your nonsense is chronic and needs serious help!!

  3. J’Asego you stated after the Mathare loss that you had two objectives in the week. You have bagged the first. Congratulations for putting Mariga where he belongs. You and Kenneth proved you knew better.

    Now bag this derby wuo’Asego. Do your thing. Coach SGP is willing to work, but the players are hungry.

    Sad that our blog must never read from the same script. That is why no one is coming up with a parallel initiative to raise funds to motivate the players ahead of the derby. You can bet Ogwang’ fans are doing that quietly for their players. Blogger’s for once let each one of you arise to be counted. Let us do an overnight fundraiser for the players’ bus fare. Dan or Oswozo Moziek or Joe Riaga or even J’Asego can receive the money and present to the players in the presence of some team officials. This is doable. We have done it before and presented the proceeds to Jerry Jagoal.

    Johny my boy. I have heard your appeal for fans to attend in drives. I will be there and looking forward to meeting you. JTGJ you have told fans to not only come, but PAY as well. I hope that is clear to all.

    1. Thank you sir. If our EC cannot lead from the front with regard to transparency and accountabilty, then we should lead the way.

      Fellow bloggers the club at hand is what kills the snake. We have wailed over this T and A from EC for long, but our cries have always fallen in dead ears. Let us turn the tables. Let us show EC how it is done.

      Pragmatism is the word. Let us begin small. One day our effort shall scale up to levels of sponsoring scouting and signing of new players or taking care of the coaches’ salaries or even the air tickets.

      All in all we have to start somewhere and I propose we start here and tonight. Our funds will be in our control. I am sure I can count on 4 bloggers already (Oswozo Moziek, Johny, Jagem Oremo and I, Barefoot Bandit). It will require another eleven bloggers and we hit at least 50,000/- to motivate our boys for the derby. Only eleven more for the same opinion to say “aye” and Oswozo Moziek will give us a number to M-PESA our love offering.

        1. Thank you Johny. You are among the four that I can be sure to count on. Let another eleven confirm and we are ready to set sail. Oswozo Moziek is waiting for that magic number of eleven to make at least 15 then he will give us directions.

      1. Congrats Barefoot for taking this bold step…now this is positive. Enough of the noise…pls let more fans know beyond the 11 so the rest of us give what we can qt this time. Thanks once again.

  4. @BB I would rather someone else closer to the admin to coordinate the same. Being away from Nairobi for this weekend limits me in so many ways. However am in support of the course 100%.. Very noble idea here. As you say we just need another 11 plus any other willing contributor and we shall get there.

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