Polack: We need better players and experience

Coach Steven Polack has indicated that the inability to win at home cost them against Motema Pembe. He also thinks Kogalo needs to add quality players.

Additional reporting from the Nation

Gor Mahia coach Steven Polack has conceded qualifying for Caf Confederation Cup group stage was a tall order after failing to beat DC Motema Pembe in Nairobi.

K’Ogalo, who were bundled out after losing 3-2 on aggregate, settled for a 1-1 draw in the first leg at Kasarani before falling 2-1 in the return leg in Kinshasa on Sunday.

Polack revealed that his players were disappointed after failing to qualify for the group stage of second tier continental club competition for the third season in a row.

“I’m disappointed that we didn’t win the game at home since that was the best way to eliminate Motema Pembe. The players are also disappointed they failed to convert a number of chances they created in the away leg which could have won us the match,” Polack told Nation Sport on Monday.

Despite scoring first in Kinshasa, Gor failed to hold on to their lead and Polack insists that the current squad is inexperienced and can’t effectively at such a stage.

“I’m not castigating the current players but Gor Mahia needs to sign top class players who can do well in continental matches. I have only stayed here for a few months and can’t name the players the club is supposed to buy but in future I will know who to sign,” he added.

23 thoughts on “Polack: We need better players and experience

  1. It’s not fair to say you need better players in the media thought it’s true…we also need a better coach…a bad worker quarrels with his tools…

  2. Coach is 100% right and should be supported on this, you can’t play continental matches with below par players, let’s UE prepare for more miseries on Sunday in the hand of AFC LEOPARD. On and off the pitch is killing Gor mahia club, the leaders are clueless and objective dimwits.

  3. This is exactly what I said when we finished our transfer business but I was labeled negative energy. Sometimes we say ‘negative’ opinions because we love the club and wants its success and not because we are Ingwe fans as some call us the moment we post anything unsavoury in their opinion.

  4. Polack Am active again on this blog- do you also mean, better paid players, better and better paid coach. First better organized Office, Better fans. What are the timelines for all these.
    Now that we are out of the international high pressure tournament can you work with the players you have and make them better. They are the best locally.
    Can you check for me if the current not so better players have been paid their salaries
    With the better, better, better …………..suggestion where do you rate yourself. you feel overqualified to handle Gor. I sense your ae doing some soul searching . Have you heard of late Wazito sacked their coaching team. you should have lamented a few days earlier before they filled the positions

  5. Agreed, coach was here only a few days and on to CAF matches. Let’s listen to what he says. But some people criticize non stop and ought to stay away from this site permanently.

  6. Heheheh…so is polack now an ingwe fan and officially a member of the negative energy branch ?

    I agree with @ musymo, positive criticism should be the foundation of intellectual arguments in gor mahia not constant sycomphancy laced with some blatant ignorance and a pinch of idiocy as displaced repeatedly by some very well known irritating bloggers. I care less and dont give a f#ck about such personalities.

    Lastly, for a coach to criticise his players just after exiting a major tournament makes mockery of fans who have been criticising his tactical acumen. I think he has just reinforced the fact …a coach is as good as his players but his players are also as good as the coach.

  7. I believe sycophancy and constant criticism without giving solutions fall in the same bracket. Expecting a Gor team with the current problems to beat a motivated Simba or Sundowns is actually a tall order, though not impossible. The truth is that part from Muguna and Lawi,the rest of our players have not improved from what there were a few months/years ago but being Gor players they will still deliver. So many factors make us champions, the name, the fans, the anger in our players, the expectations etc.
    So I believe we are still in it. I remember the last year we won the league unbeaten we had so many problems but we surmounted them and triumphed, and so shall we do it again.

  8. Football is very down in Kenya. I observed the Bandari match at Kasarani. Entry was free and only about 100 fans attended. KPL CEO is Jack Oguda. I don’t know how this guy is qualified. KPL needs someone who can promote the league. Get sponsors and get fans to the stadia. Without sponsors in the game, we will continue to lose to the likes of Motema Pembe

  9. Our average players have won 5 consecutive matches…let Polack try win his first and last league trophy he will ever win in his life with his mediocre tactics…nuttal won the league unbeaten ever since he left gor piny ogoe boxing…logarusic,ze Maria ,ker.. but bobby Williamson…they have never achieved anything in coaching since leaving the mighty kogalo…we build this coaches not vice versa…you can’t argue with facts

    1. Omera Gor Pod Pek…Wee atii tij Kibra komondi Imran okali e stronghold ekakoro walaw abandu kaa diek jumapili derby. 4-0 is the score to underscore that Simba akinyeshewa bado ni nini

  10. Respect Gor omera bloggers how can so.eone insinuate that ingwe will beat us on Sunday? Abandu wadhi lawo like Jokwoyee. It matters not that we performed below par in Caf which is sad but locally we are still a powerful force so let us not go crazy with comments. Pollack is a 4-3-3 tactical genius but gor has previously used a 4-4-2 system. 4-3-3 requiring highly technically gifted players like gift from God Kahata having proven difficult coach resulted to a variant 4-2-3-1.We will rebuild for Caf next season. Ponguruu pap Sunday uywago ang’o

    1. @Jasego, you know I always hold you in high regard but sometimes be humble enough to admit that this window you went wrong on most of the signings. You keep praising the two West Africans but I have seen enough of them to prophesy that they are not going to help Gor much. This time I admit I am a prophet of doom and am not being sarcastic. I pray that am proven wrong and should that happen I will come here to offer my apologies. Of the two Tanzanians, I said from the beginning and will repeat, we have better quality locally. I am not just criticizing without offering solutions. Go back to the scouts who brought in foreigners we could not find locally…..the Kizitos, Sibomanas, Mapundas, Walus, Karims etc. In the last two windows we have bought Guikan, Ssekisambu and Mustafa who had to be released for non perfomance and now our two Westies who end of season will give us a good look at thier quality. In as much as I dont agree mostly with the sentiments of the guy who said they were recruited through YouTube he has a point because much of their previous stats were very scanty. They are already here and we have to live with them but let us do our due diligence in future. And I know some will say we dont have money but we got the likes of Kizito and other quality foreigners when we never had a sponsor.

  11. J’Asego I have to sincerely pray for you about the two tricky situations you find yourself in. Kibra is a banana skin and so is our derby game on Sunday. May you emerge tops in both. Have you watched Ogwang’ of late? Don’t be so sure of the 4-0 that you are talking about. Ogwang’ has the best defence in the league currently. When is the last time we scored two goals in one match? When is the last time DR Mapigano kept a clean sheet? Please tell the team not to be blinded by our recent past record over Efusi.

    Finally coach SGP should keep to his lane. He is talking too much to the press. Let him leave that to us. That is our lane. His lane is in the pitch with the boys. We want results the economic situation not withstanding.

  12. Barefoot bandit am surprised that you can be cheaply deceived with the jubilee rallies. Let me school you for free……. the jubilee numbers you see are ferried supporters from Kariobangi, Dagorretti, Kawangware etc just to fill the stadium and show might.

    The coach is right to criticize his squad when they create chances and fail to convert them into goals. He is doing his job. The bloggers here are going overboard and should stick to their lanes. The coach is the technical manager.

    See you on Sunday. Wabiro luoki gi omo.

  13. Admin please post Oliech’s story that Gor can only manage position 3 this season I would like to comment on it

  14. Kenneth by asking coach SGP to stick to his lane, I am in effect telling him to keep his cards close to his chest. He is giving so much away to our opponents in the name of answering journalists’ questions.

    I have checked my post and I can’t see anywhere I have mentioned anything about players being criticized by the coach. I want the coach to show his potential. Let us see him transform Dennis Oalo into a top notch striker as we wait for the transfer window to open. He is a good coach no doubt, but giving excuses after excuses to the press is not helping. Let him leave that to us. That is our lane: talking, talking, talking.

    Kenneth, Coach SGP was hired to do his magic on the pitch and I believe he has a great potential there. Let him censor what he tells the press and it should be the skeleton. The press people that are now eating so much of his time are the same chaps who will dig his grave. They are the same people who very soon, will start writing that he has run out of ideas. Kindly note that I can only point out and that is what I am doing. Sticking to my lane.

    As for Kibra I want Mariga to lose for the simple reason that he is associating with people like Didimus Baraza and one William. He should have stuck to his lane.

  15. Musymo Osiepa…I hear and fill you pain in regards to signings done. I do not want to blame or badmouth anyone but just know we lost put on most if not all of our intended prospects. Situation became that Wazito and Ricardo Badoer went on a spying spree using his TM Eric Alubala to dash and quickly give a standardized 2 Million sign on fees cheque before hand and contract of 120k monthly to ant player Gor wanted to sign. On the contrary we only offered promises and cheques that players knowing out history with signing fees were sceptical and opted for the former. In so doing we lost out on Messrs:
    Duke Abuya- mwendwa wanted 8 Million
    John Avire-scandal involving Tata of Egypt
    Derrick Otanga- Wazito capture
    Bernard Ochieng- Wazito capture
    Djabel Imanishimwe-Rayon Apr Aduda scandal
    Cliff Nyakeya-Masr FC Egypt
    Nelson Ssenkatuka-No money to bring
    Idriss Mbombo-No money to bring
    Options being what they were I brought Afriyie and Gnamien who were patient and wanted to revive their plating days offer long lay-offs but I believe they will come good. The local season will bear me out they will perform.

    1. I also hope they perform seeing that Kip7 seems to be having confidence issues. But I opt not to write his obituary yet knowing that in a big match like Sunday he may just explode and terrorize!!!@What do you think of Oalo? During CECAFA, i watched him for 2 matches and thought he could be our hidden gem….he is a runner in the mould of Tuyisenge and fights for every ball ‘agoko’ style!!! Your thoughts?

    2. So the EC brought unattached players looking to revive their careers…and we expected to advance in Caf and retain the league. I see the Ghanaian contributing 7-10 goals only and the Ivorian some 5-8 goals which is way below what should be expected of foreign players.
      One question, on what did the club spend the 15 million for Tuyisenge transfer and the 1 million Shakava transfer…or the Chairman decided to repay himself the amounts he has been advancing to the club

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