Rachier Appeals to government over betting companies

Now that Kenya government has seen how lucrative the betting industry is, they are looking to muscle in and create their own Sports fund. They are thus in the process of levying a significant tax on all bettin companies. The government claims that the Sports fund will be used to fund all sporting activities in Kenya. The trouble with this is that the Kenya government has a track record of mismanaging, missapropriating and embezzling funds. And it will use the Sports Fund for political purposes.

Story courtesy of the Standard.

Gor Mahia charman Ambrose Rachier has called on the government to re-consider their stand on the 35 per cent tax on betting companies.

As one of the beneficiary of sponsorship offered by one of the gaming companies – SportPesa, Gor Mahia hugely depends on sponsorships and the chairman said: “The sports fraternity has been plunged into chaos as its key investors – gaming companies, face a bleak future in a new era of excessively high tax.”

“While we are appreciative of the fact that the government wants to set up a Sports Fund with the increased revenue from these companies, we are wary of implementation and modalities of this fund.

“It’s for this reason that we would like to implore the government to rethink this move which will be more harmful than helpful. Gor Mahia has been through thick and thin over the years. Before SportPesa, we struggled. We went from selling bread to raise funds for the club to remain operational and pay players’ salaries, to setting up an M-Pesa PayBill number,” Rachier told The Standard Sports.

“To have sponsors like SportPesa who not only offer financial support, but also capacity building is a big plus for any club not just Gor Mahia. SportPesa has gone the extra mile to ensure the club and its players as well as other Kenyan football players get several opportunities.

“Continental matches which are a source of pride for the nation are coming and traversing the continent to honour our fixtures is an expensive affair,” Rachier said.

14 thoughts on “Rachier Appeals to government over betting companies

  1. Almigty Legendary Chair put structures in place that can sustain primary activities of the club without totally relying ob sponsorship.As it stands should Sportpesa wind up wadoke secho…

  2. The much touted 30th january 2018 is just 3 weeks away, i think we should be talking cessation ! how about exploring the possibility of relocating the club’s exploits to either Uganda , Tanzania or Rwanda football leagues.

    History is littered with such success stories – swansea and cardiff (wales ) playing in the EPL, Canadian teams playing in the US League, German teams playing in switzerland league, Italian teams playing in switzerland league …with whereabouts of 2018 FKF premier league and our champions league matches unknown, its time to talk tough !

  3. @ jasego, almighty legendary chair can only do what is humanly possible. dok secho is just one of the many options at the table but it appears we are doomed if we do nothing !!!

  4. @jakoyo..your suggestion of relocating is not workable.systems in Africa and Europe work differently.
    For the sake of argument,if indeed it was workable ,how will that solve our finances?the team must run and must still compete,where will we get the finances to do that?

  5. So, the government says it wants to discourage youths from gambling by introducing taxes . May I ask what the government is doing to prevent corruption in Kenya? As a matter of fact, the youth are heavily impacted (in a negative way) by corruption more than gambling

    1. Ingo i totally concur…Furthermore saying the 35% tax will be administered in a government run sports fund is myopic given that so far direct disbursement by sportpesa to clubs and federations has been successful.This is a case of wanting a piece of the pie to continue greasing the wheels of corruption

  6. Sponsorship is gone but Fans are still there, lets rally behind GMFC before we get a sponsor, GODNEVERFAILSUS mighty Kogalo forever

  7. Sad state of affairs but now is the time for the two clubs to think outside the box. Why cant the four counties of Migori/siaya/Kisumu and Homa Bay sponsor Gor. Then Busia, Vihiga, KK and Bungoma sponsor Ingwe. In that case we will be assured of both financial and fans support

    1. This is great proposal. I think Gor Mahia has monthly exoenditure of about Kshs.10 million. If the four counties Thai Migori, Homa Bay, Kisumu and Siaya can allocate each Kshs.2.5 million in support of this great team, we can achieve positive results. Their contributions can go along way in promoting sports tourism in these regions as well as creation of employment for the youths and people.

  8. @oswozo, it is possible if both efusi and Gor declare themselves ‘free agents’, CECAFA can take up their case under constitutional Act Chapter 5.51

    Counties are a den of die hard politicians and ruthlessly corrupt officials……..might not be a feasible option for the big branded clubs who have national and international appeal.

    Since KPL league 2018 has also been differed indefinately (earliest kick off – April 2018) , this gives us more time to focus on attempting to honour champions league matches….how about we kick off the newly approved barcelona membership recruitment model simultaneously in Kenya, uganda , tanzania and rwanda and then compliment this with Gor mahia SACCO funding as we work on long term solution ?

  9. Musa following Muguna to Albania as a free agent. Let’s wish him all the best. As it is we still have the best squad locally able to crush any team

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