Rachier defends self against trophyless season

Under fire and under pressure Gor Mahia chairman, Ambrose Rachier is defending himself against critics who are blaming him for the fact that Kogalo ended the 2016 season trophyless.

“These things do happen worldwide in many leagues, not only in Kenya. K’Ogalo is not the only side that has failed to defend its title, and fail to win silverware after performing well in the previous season. Look at Chelsea, they won the league in 2014¬†and where did they finish after that? Talk of Leicester last season and now.” said Rachier to goal.com

Fans have blamed Rachier for the fiasco that ended with coach Frank Nuttall leaving the team in March. Many fans say the root cause of Gor Mahia’s poor performance was the instability that occurred when the club executive committee started to wage war against Frank Nuttall. This resulted in a poor start to the league and early elimination from the Africa champions league. His replacement , Ze Maria does not appear to be having the same success as Nuttall. Meanwhile Nuttall himself appeared headed to Zambian giants Zesco where he may team up with former Gor Mahia aces Anthony Akumu and David Owino “Calabar”.

But Rachier is adamant that the club will perform better in 2017.

“Gor Mahia is not an exception¬†but we will come back stronger next season and maybe win the league,” continued Rachier.

Interestingly, the elections were not held in 2015. Had they been held, Rachier would have run unopposed. Firstly no one would have wanted to run a club that has no sponsor. And secondly Rachier was credited with winning the league unbeaten despite difficult financial circumstances.

19 thoughts on “Rachier defends self against trophyless season

  1. One thing AR has failed to do is to put structures in Gor that can withstand any type of Chairman. He seems to prefer running the club as a one-man team. However his opponents do not have any records that we can quote on their leadership though that doesn’t mean anything.

    All the same may we get a good team. For SG I hear Giddy Giddy is running. I would support him. An active well-informed SG can do wonders for the club

  2. I hope that if and when AR loses, he will accord the new chairman maximum cooperation and goodwill.The lack of structures and opaque stranglehold Jakom has had on GMFC affairs will be an unneccessary distraction to the next chair (unless he retains his position). Infact I think the new negative tactic of “accumulated debts of previous years” that by his own admission is materially affecting the kes.63m/year SP sponsorship must be countered by the new office demanding financial statements be audited afresh by an audit firm of international repute. Sam Nyamweya hit new FKF office (tried) with a kes.30 million bill after their elections.

  3. I wholeheartedly agree with AR that not winning the league is something that can happen to any successful team e.g Chelsea and Barcelona too dont
    win the La Liga year In year out and AR’s winning of the league for 3yrs running is no mean achievement
    and congratulations for that , my major fundamental disagreement with AR is his spectacular failure to run the club like a corporate entity with established structures to outlast his tenure but it would also be dishonest for as critics not to appreciate the fact that AR has been the most successful boss in the Kpl in the last 4yrs and the best in Gor in the last 18yrs .
    AS for Chris Omondi I love your issue based ideas but am yet to be convinced of your ability to actualize them knowing the intrigues that is a day to day reality in Gor Mahia , as for Dan Okech , I honestly dont of any opinion of you apart from your ability to organize demonstrations.
    So despite AR’s obvious limitations if the elections were to be held today , for pragmatic reasons I would vote for him. @ Dan Original , I concur with your opinion on Giddy for SG

  4. Call me defeatist, rightist, leftist, racist, dictator, e.t.c. etc at the end of the day, AR is the MAN.

    AR for another term…in Kenya, better the devil than the many angels we just dont know – they show up with fake manifestos, strategies and blueprints masquarading as agents of development.

    Remove Sportpesa funding from the mix and this angels will flee the club like yesterday.

    1. Allow me to only call you Jakoyo. According to AR’s answer: “Huge debts of previous years” means that GMFC is still experiencing financial constrainsts despite SP sponsorship which can be anything between kshs.50m to kshs65(correction) per year.That means SP total sponsorship is max.kshs.325m for the 5 years.Now could the kshs.118M KRA fine,in 2014,(approx.40% of the 5 sponsorship) be part of the “huge debts”.Which are the other debts and what is the TOTAL DEBT. Remember upto, i think, 2012 there was Tuzo sponsorship not to mention gate collections.WHAT IS THE NET “SPONSORSHIP”/ PROJECTED INCOME ACCRUING TO GMFC OVER THE NEXT 4 YEARS AFTER FACTORING IN THESE “DEBTS”. WHAT( & TO WHOM) ARE THESE HUGE DEBTS OWED? ARE THE DEBTS THE REASON WHY WE CAN’T GET THE CAF LICENSE?

  5. If the club was not paying the debts during the time the club was without sponsorship, then we can still not pay even with the sponsorship. Now Rachier is talking crap about mara it is not a must to win the league chietha chietha my head has started paining me. And finally @Dan Original you once said Chris should not be elected because he has not achieved professionally, what has Ogidi achieved to make him fit for SG. Unless you count one hit as an achievement!!!!

    1. If winning the league is now a maybe then is there any hope about making any impact in CAF, (or even CECAFA again).Hata hiyo CAF license we can’t get because of “hizo huge debts”. Wacha we build a stadium na club house, that’s more realistic and achievable!

  6. @oduor 12 , this huge debts refer to some kshs 7 million hotel accommodation, kshs 3.5 million city stadium usage, kshs 4 million transport and KRA tax obligations. Remember KRA waived part of the dues meaning we have some close to 45 million to clear with KRA alone. …….now you see why AR is the man to get us out of this mess.

    Some of the debt obligations AR paid out of his own pocket , we need a chairperson with deep pockets who can dig us out of this mess NOT dig us into more debts. Some of this names proposed are as fake as our MCA’s.

    1. That’s refreshing & sincerely thank-you. Now the accomodation,transport & stadium hire total kshs.14.5M which more/ess are taken care of by gate collections,infact collections for one year is enough.The KRA debt as i predicted is a big headache (total administrative failure of EC especially if as it claims the financial records are being audited by an audit firm worth its salt. Hope EC is remitting NHIF & NSSF) but am sure a payment plan has been agreed with KRA that does not put GMFC under financial stress.That leaves the “huge debt” as being what is owed to AR. HOW MUCH IS IT AND FOR WHAT IS IT? KRA IS WATCHING ANY AMOUNT GENUINELY ADVANCED TO GMFC MUST HAVE BEEN INCOME FROM AR OR HIS FIRM.AR USUALLY RECOVERS THESE BY RETAINING GATE COLLECTIONS INTACT. Remember,check the archives,when he refused to accept a “reimbusement” using gate collections from a match @ city stadium because it was not “intact”.However, what is important how much does GMFC OWE AR AND FOR WHAT?

  7. Hehe uyenyo omera,aspirants are likened to Members of County Assemblies who are at Best Rogues masquerading as leaders yawa?Aol

  8. I am not a fan of Rachier either. He has failed to transform the club. For one thing we should already have a new constitution that calls for the club to be run by qualified professionals on performance contracts.

    However we have no credible candidates. This is the same Chris Omondi who quit unceremoniously when he was SG. How do we know he will act professionally this time.

    We need accomplished professionals to step forward and offer themselves for the chairmanship

  9. When you u hear fans saying they want a chair with deep pockets more than often they refer to handouts given regularly,these fans know of the clubs debt than the records. I shuld have hoped by now all the GM accounts are clear hence be the first team to apply for the cert.I think the chair wants to do a nyamweya debts incase he loses.The chair has done his best jamaneni bt I think change is always gives u chance to grow faster.Luk at what is happening with KFF,some maybe skeptical bt it is something different. Am curious what was the criteria that guys used to give AR chairman ship apart from ability to dish out handouts. My view let’s elect one coz of his ideas/vision & not money.

    1. Change with who? All the candidates for the chairman’s position are novice and they can’t be trusted with leadership of this great club. Unless we have other credible candidates, I will still support AR with Giddy as Secretary General.

  10. r people have no idea neither do you think wisely. Rachier must go. Kenya got new constitution when Moi was voted out and Rachier is our Moi at this moment

  11. This Devil we know mentality is quite unfortunate. That is the reason we have Mugabe leaders in this world. People must be ready to embrace change. However, from what I read here it seems some of us are beneficiaries of cheap chicken change handouts. Why are they not talking about accountability with regards to Kogallo income. Kwani Rachier is a god in Gor Mahia club? Such bloggers are keen on maintaining the status quo for their own personal gains.As for me, I would rather we had new structures at Kogalo and move the club forward. I really care less about these side shows. By the way don’t we have a term limit in these positions. Constitutional experts worldwide do understand that leaders should have term Limits and they don’t believe in this devil we know rhetoric. The issue of deep or shallow pockets should be non of our business. We expect Gor officials to steer the club to greater heights, get their salaries and show their deep pockets to their friends and relatives.

  12. And why couldn’t we apply this “Devil we know” thing to FN. I thought AR took a risk in order to try a new person. This is what I call double standards. The incumbent can influence the outcome of elections but we will still remain where we are, only shouting about sportpesa sponsorship while it is rather obvious that all the other projects have failed. After all, we all understand that SP are in business. AR should not think that special was such an achievement.

  13. A credible person: 1)VOLUNTARILY abides by the constitution of the club by holding an AGM annually,not when forced upon him by elections, 2)presents annually proper audited accounts at the AGM,as stipulated by the constitution. A person with “deep pockets” consistently bailing out the club, will be shown clearly as a lender,if not refunded by end year,in the audited financial statements from year to year together with other “huge debts”.A competent corporate CEO does not fail to fulfil a CAF licensing deadline that was set 10 years ago,fail to set up structures e.g functional secretariat for a whole +8 years or fail to pay statutory deductions resulting in crippling penalties. #ARLISTTHEHUGEDEBTS

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