13 Oct 16

Gor Mahia club chairman Ambrose Rachier says the executive committe has settled on December 11 as the date for the club’s annual general meeting of which club elections will be part of the agenda.

Rachier suggested that he wanted to first settle on a new constitution that will comply with the Kenya Sports Act and CAF licensing regulations. But he is being hurried into elections.

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  • Musymo says:

    Its show time.#Osecharegaming’a#. Aspirants the date you have been demanding is out. Campaign and convince the voters you can do one better than Rachier. I wont be suprised if i hear them whine that they were not consulted over the date….

  • Jakoyo says:

    Now we have let all the hyenas loose ….can’t wait for fake candidates to start making fake promises !

  • bob says:

    Give others a chance, GM is not ones personal property to cling into. AR has done his best of which we appreciate and thank him for, but that’s not a ticket to frustrate potential candidates

  • Erico Jarae says:

    Bother Bob no one is frustrated here Rachier as GOR chair has the obligation to call for both AGM and Elections,so now let no one cry foul when you are defeated at the ballot,me what i know is that everyone already has a candidate including me and am going to vote him that day but what i can assure you here if CHRIS and DAN present themselves for the chairmanship Rachier is going to be re elected chairman of GOR MAHIA and if you doubt this you can wait for the result.

  • ODUOR12 says:

    Don’t you as a member, fan or stakeholder know what you want GMFC to achieve? Why be fooled by empty promises AGAIN? Aren’t there like minded K’Ogalians who can identify common goals & commit aspirants to these. Here I go again to me its very simple: FOOTBALL IS ABOUT WINNING TROPHIES NATIONALLY, REGIONALLY & CONTINENTALLY. ANY ASPIRANT (BE IT AR, CHRIS, DAN OR EVEN AN HYENA) WILLING TO THIS TIME SIGN & PRESENT BEFORE THE AGM A WRITTEN LEGALLY BINDING PERFORMANCE CONTRACT THAT BY YEAR 2 & IN THE SUBSEQUENT YEARS HE/SHE WILL ENSURE THAT GMFC WILL ACHIEVE THE FOLLOWING MINIMUM YEARLY TARGETS 1) QUALIFY FOR EITHER OF THE CAF TOURNAMENTS 2) REACH AT LEAST THE SEMIS OF CECAFA 3) REACH AT LEAST THE 3RD ROUND/ GROUP STAGE OF THE CAF TOURNAMENT. FAILURE OF WHICH YOUR TERM IS AUTOMATICALLY TERMINATED.Whoever presents such a contract has my VOTE.Why shouldn’t serious aspirants not put down their promises into a legally binding contract within a specific timeline. The ball is actually in the members court.

  • ODUOR12 says:

    LET PROMISES HAVE CONSEQUENCES starting with this and future GMFC elections. I.e each aspirant MUST crystalize their promises into a legally binding performance contract, signed at the AGM and witnessed by an advocate and a club member, with a timeline and a automatic termination/recall clause for failure to meet minimum targets. THIS IS BETTER THAN CHASING OFFICIALS UP & DOWN AS EC WILL BE MORE SERIOUS AND TAKE STEPS TO AVOID FAILURE AND THIS WILL TRICKLE DOWN TO TB AND PLAYERS ETC,ETC.

  • Jamigori says:

    Running Gor Mahia is not a walk into the park. Let all aspirants come forward and be thoroughly vetted by branches and members. Let us get new names for all positions. The two names that have come out are not materials for chairmanship position but I suggest they look for other positions. I still have issue with Chris Omondi who resigned from the position he was elected instead of championing the desired change that we have been looking for in this great club. The same guy once elected will again abandon the club and run away. These are not materials for leadership in this great club. I know he has been doing well at the youth but let him run for the youth chairmanship. Chris is a great guy but a coward.

    On Dan, I know little about him as husband to one of the officials that does not qualify someone to be a chairman of the club. I think he can be a good replacement for either Ngala or Kilo.

    These are my personal opinions about the two candidates.

  • Erico Jarae says:

    Jamigori don’t crucify me but let me go off a bit,when Raila Odinga resigned from being MP for Langata was it a sign of being coward? since he felt what he stands for was not being championed by FORD KENYA He decided to call it quit and i strongly believe this is what Chris did,why should you be in a place where what you stand for can not be implemented,Am not campaigning fo him but last time when he was campaigning for SG position he was very clear that if Rachier will be elected and will not be in a position to accept change on how the club is suppose to run he better quit than wait for the election to be called names so if that is what you called being coward then i dont know.