Rachier: Gor Mahia might not travel to Algiers

Gor Mahia chairman Ambrose Rachier has suggested that the club is in danger of not traveling to Algiers.

Courtesy of goal.com

The chairman has revealed what the team needs to cater for their logistics ahead of Sunday’s Caf CL game in North Africa

Gor Mahia chairman Ambrose Rachier has revealed the team might not honour their Caf Champions League match against USM Alger on Sunday.

The Kenyan Premier League (KPL) Champions are struggling to raise money for return tickets and accommodation for the traveling party, but until now their efforts have not paid dividends. The chairman admits the journey to North Africa is now hanging by a thread, and his team might be forced to pull out.

“As it stands, things are thick for us, we need about five million but what we have is less than 500,000 shillings,” Rachier told Goal on Thursday.

“What we got from our unsuccessful fundraiser was pledges and post-dated cheques. The team was supposed to leave for Algeria on Thursday night, however, with the current situation, it is impossible. We will have to push the departure date forward as we look for money to make the trip successful.

“I cannot guarantee whether we will make it or not, it is not within my control. I urge all stakeholders and lovers of this great club to come forth and help us get the money to help us travel,” he added.

K’Ogalo qualified for the second preliminary round after eliminating Burundi’s Aigle Noir.

12 thoughts on “Rachier: Gor Mahia might not travel to Algiers

  1. I have noticed this wazungu coaches plan long term. After seeing how things are run don’t be surprised to see Pollack not staying for long

  2. I am at peace. Harvesting time AR and second in command. (SIC)
    The quartet and the “SIC” you met your waterloo. Have you not? Now meet the other elected officials.

    1. @Original, what was the source of the tonight Qatar Airline flight because this story here from Goal.com quoted Rachier today Thursday.

  3. That’s no news at all because the same problem has been there even times that the club had sportpesa as the sole sponsor, I think there is something wrong with the office, we were knocked last season in quarter final by BERKANE because of money issue yet the office new very well that the target of the club is Champion group stages.Why couldn’t they planned in advanced to avoid all these embarrassing situations. Jasego whom I respect much kindly shed some light on this quagmire we are in.Reports in various sources has it that,the team may pull out from participating in CAF matches in Algiers, two or the office may put forward the date for departing. Awuoro weche Gor sometimes.

  4. Unforunately we are outrunning ourselves while the small “god” of some people here is yet to give us the latest update!! You all know who I am referring to. All in all, I still hope the team will travel tonight as earlier communicated. I hope Jakoyo actually met the challenge and I quote “Jakoyo, come to city hall with 10K during the fundraiser and shake my hand at the high table because you know me in person” And I continue ” each of (us) the official of the club will contribute 100K”. I hope all the referred officials each contributed the Ksh. 100K as communicated by Jasego. The last time I checked the EC had more than 7 people and with each contributing 100K, the club should have realizes a minimum of Ksh. 700K. Jakoyo please update us as I expected you to have picked up the challenge by your brother to contribute 10K at the city hall fundraiser and that you shook hands with Jasego and can confirm that all the “officials” each contributed 100K. Whoever has ears and eyes can today draw the marker on what and who to believe on matters Gor Mahia.

    1. I am in charge…Gor will travel…Lucky you who gets to critisize from the comfort of your home offering nothing but supper cooked by your wife while Jasego is up and down at the airport with players and coach asking him what time boarding flight is while my wife and children cannot reach me for I am too occupied. That Sir is the difference btn me and you in matters Gor Mahia…

  5. As I advised before, Gor Mahia should intentionally skip some if these CL seasons. Take the league but let some other club go. It’s obvious that we have a Chairman who is not fully in charge of club affairs. Too many people saying to many things, this page is not the official Gor Mahia site yet we tend to read ‘ official communication’ from here.
    Why are we doing Harambees yet the same Gor branches have made sure that most will not attend Gor matches.
    Gor matches are known bhang smoking sessions, haven for thieves and for those who would rather give 50/- bribes.
    Just why is Rachier holding harambees yet he has chased the fans away.
    Mr Rachier, wether you have the muscle or not, or is a mere coward, you happen to be the Gor Chair. You will take the fluck when things go wrong just as in the same measure as you have been praised when things have gone well.
    Meanwhile we continue donating the 500, 100 and doing this and that… fixing the roof and windows yet we all know that all along it’s the door which needs fixing. As much as I congratulate those who give, it shows in your hearts that you care, but is the solution really with Sonko or Sportpesa.
    Some years back when Gor was down, some ladies et guys led by C.Mutoka started a tuende study initiative which picked up so well that week-day matches were the in thing. I remember how City stadium could get packed for the evening matches, that is, until the bhang squad and the rest of hyenas moved in.
    Why did the Gor crowds run away? Start from there…

  6. Bloggers this is the time to mimick William Samoei Ruto in saying achana na kizungu mingi saizi lugha ni pesa tu. I am reading many ideas on how to professionalise GM and other theories on membership while you forget what is ideal and done elsewhere when localized to Gor Mahia scenario can’t work. The micro dynamics are very different and our situation unique since begging bowl began in 1968. I remember club fans used to choko pesa e ogudu at tok komwanda in 2003-2008 period for players to get fare. Ojomondi which officials are this you want us to work with…what money do they have to bailout Gor while some have No Fixed Abodes…We require 5 Million upwards and that is what I am working on tirelessly and frantically at the Airport…We shall overcome

    1. J’Asego may you find favour with God to crown your efforts with a successful flight of the squad to Algeria and back. True, hapa no pesa tu and not kizungi mingi.

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