Rachier says Gor Mahia did not call SGM

In the latest saga regarding the much awaited Gor Mahia elections, constitutional reform and special general meeting, Chairman Ambrose Rachier has categorically stated that the SGM which was scheduled for last Sunday but failed to take off, was not called by the club.
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K’Ogalo chairman Ambrose Rachier reveals to Goal that they did not convene for SGM saying it was done by branches

Gor Mahia chairman Ambrose Rachier has distanced himself from Sunday meeting which was reportedly interrupted by ‘goons’.

Branch officials and club’s aspirants in upcoming elections assembled in order to scrutinize the draft constitution but their mission was not accomplished due to unavailability of draft’s copies.

Chairmanship aspirant Dan Oketch categorically told Goal that the incumbent chairman (Ambrose Rachier) deliberately failed to avail the document and instead sent ‘goons’ to interrupt proceedings forcing the meeting to abort.

Chaos as Gor Mahia SGM aborts

However, in his response, Rachier has asserted that the club’s administration did not call for an SGM and that the meeting held on Sunday was purely called by branch officials with the aim of going through the draft constitution. Rachier added that the club is keen on setting up a proper road map towards elections with SGM being the main agenda on the table.

“Sunday meeting that aborted was not an SGM as was widely misunderstood. Branch officials are the ones, who saw it prudent to convene a meeting so as to scrutinize our draft constitution ahead of SGM. We are working round the clock to set a date for the SGM after we postponed it,” he told Goal.

11 thoughts on “Rachier says Gor Mahia did not call SGM

  1. If the meeting was not yours, yet you acknowledge they were Gor Mahia chairmen who just wanted to evaluate your proposed constution, THEN THE GOONS ARE YOUR SUPPORTERS. IF IT’S NOT A BOY IT’S A GIRL, USUALLY. Lol, Joseph Kabila tactics. What is this in Gor Mahia that Rachier can’t and won’t risk loosing?

  2. Is it now rocket science getting a venue,making photocopies of the proposed/draft constitution and discussing it? Everything is always last minute and chaotic.Hata list to CAF is submitted without key players year in year out, Odulas, Thiagos, GKs no.4 “signed never to play but to be paid”. I refuse to believe its incompetence but deliberate and clever scheming!No not with an experience of 8 years as Chairman, 8 years as Org. Sec/V.Chairman and 8 years as Ass.Sec giving a combined total experience of 24 YEARS of soccer administration.

  3. Rachier tosha, where were these others when there were no sponsors, hatutaki watu wa kukula nyama hapa, wacha tukae na mugabe wetu

    1. If you’re keen you will note that Sportpesa is sponsoring every sports that matters Mighty Gor Mahia, SPL league, Rugby,even AFC paka. Its just a windfall from a betting company to tap into the fan base of soccer fraternity very little to do with the chairmen of the clubs.

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